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These drawings were inspired by photographs of Betty and her girlfriend's vulvas that she later presented at NOW's Sexuality Conference in 1973.
Your cross-legged style of masturbation is quite common among women.
The orgasms you have with yourself are usually the best, but every now and then when the stars line up in the just the right way, partnersex can be profound.
Betty’s eyes lit up when I pulled off my jeans and pranced around in my Tarzan thong tailored with fringe.
I thought that everything has to do with orgasm but the orgasm itself.
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Each vulva is unique and beautiful. View the most common "styles" sketched by Betty and used by Planned Parenthood and educators all over the world.
All women have an internal clitoris. Our sex organ is very complex.
All women can orgasm with the right kind of clitoral stimulation. Practice these steps and enjoy multiple orgasms.
Every woman should penetrate her own vagina for the first time. Clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration - the combination orgasm - is orgasmic bliss.
Women get erections just like men but they're internal. With adequate clitoral stimulation - direct or indirect - we can experience multiple orgasms.
This article is for women with both numb and hypersensitive clitorises. With a simple clit workout, you can get to full pleasure.