Why Do I Pull Away From Clitoral Stimulation?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

How come i can give myself back to back orgasms while masturbating but yet i pull away from my partner when he tries pleasing me. It feels awesome but before i can orgasm i pull away or push myself away from him like it feels so good i cant handle it, can you help me?

Dear S,

When we pull away from some form of clitoral stimulation it can mean

1. You have already had a small orgasm and the clitoris needs to calm down for a few moments before continuing.

Or 2. The type of clit stim you are receiving becomes too intense for your clitoris to manage. This means you must communicate to your lover that they need to lighten up. If you want him (or her) to do your clitoris, then you must take the time to show them how you to do it when you masturbate. You can demonstrate on their arm the degree of pressure you use yourself.

BEST solution: Do your own clitoris during sex with a partner. It's your sex organ not your lovers. Claim it and own it.

Dr. Betty