Can I Go Back And Forth From Anal Sex To Vaginal Penetration?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I have been enjoying anal sex for some time but I won't let my partner go from my anus to my vagina so my sex sessions tend to end after any anal (sad day). I have always been concerned that I could somehow get an infection in my vagina if I bring toys or a penis from my ass to my pussy.

I keep my booty clean with enemas but it still concerns me. I would like to be able to go back and forth. Is this a real concern or can I do what I want in this respect?

Dear C,

Yes, it's generally agreed that going from anus to vagina will most likely cause a UTI (urinary tract infection). Also anal sex can result in a UTI if any fecal matter in the lube drips down into the urethra. I must admit I love the fantasy of going from vaginal to anal but don't want to pay the price of getting a UTI. It's not fun to experience a burning sensation during urination. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics but unless you're in dire pain, I prefer a natural remedy. The antibiotics can cause their own set of problems.

I've been through this many times in the past. I'd get a prescription for an antibiotic to deal with a UTI which would then cause some kind of vaginal discharge due to the antibiotic disturbing the balance of flora and fauna that keeps the vagina healthy. Natural remedies like D-Manose is a simple sugar in powder form that our bodies can't use for energy so it flushes out the urinary tract. Same with using cranberry concentrated in pill form. Also it's a good idea to urinate after all forms of penetration. Urine is an anti-septic product.

Dr. Betty

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