Carlin: My Orgasm Part 1-5

I wanted to share my sex history and my masturbation practice taking you through Betty's orgasm technique.


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Thanks for sharing these videos! After watching several I ordered the barbell and vibrator and today after naming my vulva Nymph I used them for the first time. It was such a difference from my regular vibrator, much better. I coached myself to relax as best I could and then just kept going past the first and second orgasms and suddenly I was having a continuous orgasm. Or one right after another, I couldn’t tell. Oh my goodness! My legs were still quivering an hour later as I was walking! Excellent information, thanks!
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After so many years of not knowing how to take care of my vulva and body shaming, am so happy to listen to this. As a child I didn’t get the positive body images and explanations from my mum, which plays a huge role in our lives. I want my daughter to know her body and have positive body images thanks for sharing this. I’m in my 30’s and so happy to have this knowledge available so I can name my vulva finally and not feel any shame in the pleasures I can give myself, take out the mirror and live!