Chantal Azulay

When I turned 30 existential questions began to overwhelm me and I needed a change. I left everything, career, my apartment, my lover and friends and went to look for answers by traveling the world. After six years of traveling, I returned to Tel Aviv with a few more existential questions and a two-year-old baby

Despite social pressure, I chose not to get married and still have a child. So 27 years ago it was not very common in Israel, but I opposed these romantic conceptions of marriage. Too many married women around me were frustrated by the lack of sexual pleasure in their lives, but they did not have the courage to break the marriage. Women began to turn to me for help. I realized that my mission in life would now be to work with women to change traditional perceptions of sexual pleasure and to claim sexual rights.

Chantal Azouly Speaker,coach and sex educator with expertise in Women's Sexuality

Conducts experiential workshops for women to shed inhibitions and to overcome negative body image.

Conducts workshops for mothers and daughters "Let's talk about Sex"

Maintains a private coaching practice for women Licensed in "Meged Psychotherapy School" in sex Counselling Licensed in International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in sex education Certified by Betty to conduct Betty Dodson Bodysex Workshops Business and Economics graduate from Tel Aviv University.


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