When I'm Aroused My Clitoris Swells to the Size of My Thumb

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty.

I am a bit worried about my clitoris. Recently when aroused my clitoris swells to be huge. Similar in size to a my thumb, to the point I can feel it very obviously when I walk and very visible from the outer lips. I have never noticed this before and has only been happening the last 2-3 months. Is this something I should get checked out or is it normal? If I should get it checked out who should I go to for this type of problem?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Dear S,

Celebrate the fact that you have a big clitoris. We are all quite unique and there is no one size fits all. Besides, what are you comparing your clitoris to? Actual Images or just an idea in your mind?

A recent client of mine also had a thumb sized clitoris and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Not that we want to become size queens, but really, it's quite a beautiful sight. When you said, "it's only been happening the last 2-3 months" if you are entering puberty then your hormones have just kicked in. A good wank to orgasm will drain the blood from your turgid clitoris. Forget seeing a doctor. They get very little sex education and most are too pron to surgery. Your doctor might be so jealous he'd suggest reducing it surgically which would also reduce or eliminate your orgasms. The solution is to take pride and enjoy your clitoris. You will make some future lover VERY happy.

Dr. Betty

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