Any Natural Hormones/Herbs to Boost Libido?

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Dear Betty

Just read your book "Sex for One" and it was brilliant - thank you for writing it!  On page 159 of the book you mentioned "natural hormones" that you took to counteract your drop in libido. Could you advise what they were and the sort of dosage you took. I really would appreciate it, as I live in the United Kingdom and have to endure a National Health service that is strapped for cash and politically motivate which means my situation is not going to receive the best possible response. I desperately want to have my orgasms back, even though I am in my early fifties. I don't believe its the best for me to loose them just yet, if at all. I do appreciate they won't be at the same rate of knots that they used to be when I was young.

I should be so grateful for your help.

Thank you, one frustrated Jane!

Dear Jane,

I recently posted an essay on the website that answers most of your questions about menopause. My current understanding of "libido" is to forget it! We need another word to describe our desire to have an orgasm...something more like, "Just do it!" After a few minutes of clitoral stimulation with my electric vibrator, sexual arousal or interest or libido always returns.

While the bio-identical form of estrogen from the soy bean plant revived my vagina, finding a person I wanted to have intercourse with remained. After I found one, I still needed my vibrator on my clitoris in order to have an orgasm during intercourse. Eventually the problem of breaking up comes next and I'm going through that now. New essay being posted soon.

Throughout all of the ups and downs inherent in my heterosexual and lesbian relationships, the love affair I have with myself has always been the most reliable. However, it's necessary to include a good electric vibrator. The vibrator is to women what Viagra is to men!!! Unfortunately I cannot sell the Hitachi in the UK. But you could get the right kind of current by ordering the online that has 220 volts. Or maybe there is some other kind of good electric vibrator that could be purchased there. if you find one, please let me know and I'll share the information.

Happy Orgasms,
Dr. Betty

I wonder if my hormones source, The Women's International Pharmacy (800-279-5708) here in the US would work with someone in UK or at least recommend another resource. They require a doctor's prescription. See if your gynecologist will work with you. I'm sure something like this is available there.

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