At the age of 19, I moved to Kenya and lived with the Maasai tribe on and off for 5 years. I witnessed a clitordectomy firsthand and saw that a woman’s power comes from her right to pleasure. Still unsure and afraid of my own power, I dedicated myself to practicing Attachment Parenting, with my 5 children, as I had learnt from the Maasai women.

After years of touching, paying attention and listening to my children I discovered that I lacked intimacy with myself and my own body. I began exploring myself with touch and looking at my own stories in the hopes of finding the place where my sexuality lies. Through these explorations I stumbled upon Betty’s book Sex For One, and knew that I'd found my calling. I became certified as a Betty Dodson Bodysex facilitator and Orgasm Coach in April 2015, and I am currently completing a diploma in Sex and Intimacy Counselling.

I believe that our primary sexual relationship is with ourselves and it is the base from which all other relationships can grow. Through my Bodysex Workshops I provide space and dialogue encouraging women to shed their physical and emotional masks, learn about and accept their bodies, develop intimacy with self and celebrate their pleasure.

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