If We "Open" Our Relationship, Will it Change Things?

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Dr. Betty,

My boyfriend and I have been together now for four years. Our sex life is more than satisfying, and he knows how to please me in a way that makes me orgasm when and how I want. We were both virgins when we met, and have only had any sexual experience with each other. Recently, he mentioned to me that he thinks it could be beneficial to the relationship if each of us were able to explore other people sexually. I think that it sounds great, but I fear that after the fact I will be emotionally confused, or things will change between us in a negative way. I am curious about what you think,


Dear V,

I totally agree with your boyfriend. As for you becoming emotionally confused, or worried that things will change between you in a negative way, that may or may not happen. I feel it's worth the risk because if you don't, either one might wonder later on if you should have had more experiences before settling down.

If I could, I'd pass a rule that no young people can marry until they've been sexual with at least five to ten other people, especially if you are going to agree to be monogamous. Otherwise couples end up practicing serial monogamy by getting divorced and remarried which becomes costly and stressful especially if children are involved. If either of you find someone you like better, then now is the time to discover that. The marital vow "til death do you part" is a long time.

Dr. Betty

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