The Bodysex Effect Deepens & Grows the Longer You Do the Work

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This past weekend's workshop added eleven more women to our certification team or, as Betty calls it, her "All Woman Orgasm Army".

Usually, I can write up the workshop within a day or two but this time I needed almost a week to process everything that happened, everything that I felt. It was the most profound circle we've ever had....ever. What I came to realize, is that the Bodysex effect deepens and grows the longer you do the work.

There were several women there from the retreat, who'd already taken a certification workshop, but wanted to have the experience again. It was like the family holiday you've always wanted filled with love, laughter and connection. The word that kept being expressed was "gratitude". All women should feel this kind of complete support and acceptance by others.

This is why the nudity component is so important - why you can't do a Bodysex circle clothed. When we strip ourselves of our fashion and jewelry, all the things that separate us by class and means, we are free to truly express ourselves and receive the expression of others as they truly are, not as we perceive them. It frees us from the shame and guilt and judgment that permeates the female experience. We are enough. We are perfection.

Future Bodysex leaders are most intimidated by the genital show & tell ritual. During Day 1, we pair the women up and have each take a turn displaying her vulva and witnessing the other's display as Betty looks on to offer insight and support.

Betty shared that she was overwhelmed by the process, the visual looking down on such healing and selflove. To be doing this work for 40 years and still be moved is a testiment to the depth of the experience. One of the women remarked that she'd never heard other women describe how they pleasured themselves. Even when it's a "mock" genital show & tell - when you've done it several times before - it still changes you. Remarkable.

Day 1 is about sharing and acceptance. Day 2 is about celebration and pleasure. As I demonstrated Betty's Rock 'n Roll orgasm technique, I looked over at Betty. Her face was beaming. It was genuine joy. We've shared so many circles...teaching...loving...healing. I took a moment to reflect on our achievements, to let go of my ambition and feel the peace that comes with living fully. It's been a crazy ride and I've loved it all - the ups and downs, the highs and the lows.

If I had to pick one word for the erotic recess that followed, it would be "waves". Betty kicked off the orgasms and they flowed through all of us. After several orgasms, I found myself jumping on the orgasm waves of the other women. I would think that I was done but when I heard those authentic sounds of pleasure I'd jump back in, riding the crest until I was sweaty and out of breath. This is what true female pleasure looks like:



We came....we snacked...we talked...we swapped out toys. I snapped this picture and had to share. Nothing like several dildos, strawberries and cheese to kick off a good party:

The temple tray


I used to worry about the future - how long we'd keep doing workshops, how long Betty would be with us. Something shifted this past workshop for both Betty and me. We have this quiet understanding and renewed respect for each other. As I stood outside her apartment in front of the elevator, Betty opened the door, looked at me and said, "thank you". I welled up with tears and replied, "thank you, Betty, for everything".

Betty & Carlin


It was a beautiful weekend. Thank you

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