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The best partner sex is consistent orgasms together. 


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Posted at 3:34 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
I love this picture of 18 year old "Geek" Betty.  It was taken when she worked at the local news paper - the Wichita Beacon - doing commerical art and illustration.
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Posted at 12:31 PM Mon by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I have been looking around google to try and find something that tells me exactly what goes on in your body to make you feel that climax sensation. I have had no luck, for one website...
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Posted at 10:55 AM Sun by Carlin Ross
I thought this beautiful post by Kristen Tea about her labor experience was the right way to mark this holiday of life and rebirth. Here is my favorite passage: "I was completely in my animal self...
Posted at 9:39 AM Sun by Carlin Ross
I couldn't resist.
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Posted at 10:27 AM Sat by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty and Carlin, Thank you so much for your transformative work. I am so grateful. What does sexual leadership look like in partner sex when the woman learns so much from your work that she...
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Posted at 9:16 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
Finland just released these official country stamps featuring the work of homoerotic artist Tom of Finland.  When discussing his process, he admitted that it he doesn't get an erection when he's...
Posted at 9:07 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Betty, I just wanted to tell you that I'm 28 years old and up until I started watching your YouTube videos I thought there was something wrong with me, turns out it's ok not to orgasm whilst having...
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Posted at 4:50 PM Thu by Carlin Ross
I came across these drawings while we were going through old photos and artwork for the re-release of Betty's memoir (there's a new final chapter and a ton of new photos). When she first came to New...
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Posted at 9:42 AM Thu by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I don't get it. Doctors admit there are few nerve endings in the vaginal walls; yet after they take us apart during a full hysterectomy, that's all we have left: the clit and the...
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Posted at 9:35 AM Thu by Bjorn Bjorn
Mastery means we lead a life of choice. We choose. We don’t control. For life’s unpredictable, and only controllable at times - and for how long? who knows? We no longer scan shelves, ads, tv...
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Posted at 9:34 AM Wed by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I have a sexual fantasy of a gangbang which I have shared with my partner recently. He has made several suggestions that we should put this fantasy into practise. My issue is that...
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Posted at 8:50 AM Wed by Helen Betty
Hello, let me reintroduce myself. I'm Helen formerly known as Liandra Dahl. I'm on a hiatus from making films of sexy times but the sexy times continue nonetheless albeit in a heretofore unpredicted...
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Posted at 3:46 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
This cover of Benedicte Martin's book La Femme was censored by Apple pursuant to Steve Job's admitted policy of "no porn on the iPhone". They pulled her ebook from iTunes due to explicit imagery -...
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Posted at 9:37 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, My wife and I have been together since High School and we are also each others first and only sexual partners. Over the years I have done what I can to try to learn how to bring her...
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Posted at 9:27 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
Spent my morning looking at John Willie's bondage art on pinterest. There's something about woman on woman bondage that's super sexy.   And I love his vintage 1920's style.
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