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Gay or straight we're not responsible for our partner's orgasm.


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Posted at 8:26 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty and Carlin, This September 27th will mark the twentieth year since my mom died. She was 44; I was 13. I’ve just recently come across your Web site. All I’ve been able to think for the...
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Posted at 8:15 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
Sometimes I think we're paranoid and there isn't a worldwide conspiracy to keep women ignorant of their sexuality and ashamed of their bodies until I read studies like this one. According to The Eve...
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Posted at 8:17 AM Mon by Betty Dodson
Dear Doctors Betty & Carlin, How can I learn to best cope with the public humiliation for having lesbian mothers? Please reply, I am in desperate need for advise! R Dear R, You need to be...
Posted at 8:13 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
I googled "Labor Day" because I had no idea how this whole holiday started.  Labor Day was declared a federal holiday by President Grover Cleveland after his failed attempt to break up a...
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Posted at 9:27 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I am a male teenager. But getting that out of the way, I live in a small, conservative, town in Midwest Nowhere-land. I'm a theater guy and, therefore, have mainly female...
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Posted at 9:22 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
From the Guardian to Huffington Post to Elle UK, we've had a bodysex PR run that still has us tingling.  Not only are these articles sex positive, but the women who wrote them experienced...
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Posted at 7:41 AM Thu by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, What is your take on Nicole Daedone and OM? S Dear S, Some people seem to enjoy the Om meditation and why not? Do I support Nicole's work and organization? I don't recommend it and I...
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Posted at 8:19 AM Wed by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I'm a 39 yr old woman who is happily engaged to the most incredible lover anyone could imagine. He is sexy kind extremely in tune with my body and sexual needs. For the first time...
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Posted at 8:18 AM Wed by bila kolbe
I have decided to push the envelope today…I am going to the gym in a pair of athletic shorts sans underwear. The outline of my frenulum will be evident to anyone who decides to look and take notice...
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Posted at 8:20 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I am a 44-year-old woman who has been with my husband for 25 years. We have always had great sex and he has always put my pleasure first. I recently began having trouble reaching...
Posted at 8:13 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has the biggest clit out there. She hails from Egypt and describes herself as a feminist blogger protesting the strict nature of Islam and a “society which promotes violence,...
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Posted at 8:12 AM Mon by Carlin Ross
Most of us don't perceive "kink" as an orientation but that's exactly what Jillian Keenan believes...the parallel she draws between kink and love is quite compelling:
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Posted at 8:04 AM Mon by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, This is a big dilemma I have been facing for a very long time. I'm an 18 year old virgin and I think there might be something wrong with me. I have a very weird way (I think) of...
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Posted at 9:14 AM Sun by Carlin Ross
Betty Dodson has been on the planet for 85 years today...teaching, creating, leading, and keeping it real. She's enjoying the last few days of her vacation and will be back in nyc next week. ...
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