My girlfriend was using my apartment for some casual sex - when I walked in she was crying.  Her date was spanking her too hard.  I told him to stop turned to hang my jacket and he jumped me from behind.  I dropped to the floor and hit him with my shovel kick right to his nose.  He started to bleed and I felt badly.

Couple in Love

pen/ink/spray paint

14" x 10.5"


This is a sketch showing the couple has their heads in the sky of illusion.  Their heads are completely detached from the body.

Sexless Marriage

38" x 46"


This really illustrates my emotional state when I realized I was looking at a basically sexless marriage with a premature ejaculating husband. 


13" x 10"


This was a sketch for a large canvas that got sold (I don't think I have a photo of it).