I’m the “pleasure mama” at Bodysex Cleveland and Joyfully Orgasmic. Facilitating Bodysex Workshops feels so right after spending over 35 years in the field of education as a first grade teacher and college professor.  It’s my passion to provide opportunities for women/vulva-owners to explore their sexuality, heal body shame, and maximize pleasure.  I create a warm, safe space for self-exploration. I’m comfortable with sexual preferences such as BDSM, swinging, polyamory, and LGBTQK.

I first learned of Betty’s work over 25 years ago when I discovered Betty’s homage to self-love, Sex for One.  Her book guided me back to my masturbation practice and reconnected me to my sexuality while in therapy after a difficult break up.  In May 2016, I attended my first Bodysex Workshop with Betty and Carlin which launched me on a journey to heal a lifetime of shame that I felt in my plus-sized body.  My capacity for experiencing pleasure continues to grow as I facilitate workshops and share Bodysex magic with other women.

For information and workshop dates, visit my websites: and

You can also find me on Instagram @JoyfullyOrgasmic and on Facebook @JoyfullyO


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