Online Erotic Recess
I've been hosting a weekly online erotic recess and we decided to share our orgasm sounds. Thank you to all our amazing Bodysex women.
The Fuck Bar 2
Another erotic podcast focused on fantasy. This episode is clit-centric with plenty of cunnilingus, vibrators, and our favorite patrons.
The Fuck Bar
This is a fantasy we've spoken out loud during erotic recess in our Bodysex workshops. You can have this playing in the background if you need help shutting off your brain and getting in to your body.
Betty's Rock 'n Roll Orgasm Technique
A guided session taking you through Betty's Rock 'n Roll orgasm technique. You'll need almond oil, your hand or vibrator and a mirror.
Vulva Massage
A guided session taking you through vulva massage....you just need some almond oil and your hands.
Betty Kicks Off NOW's Sexuality Conference Circa 1973
Betty keeps everything.  When I found the transcript from NOW's first and only sexuality conference in 1973, I knew we had to read it on camera because Betty's talk was beyond amazing.  An archivist found that clip and forwarded this audio taping of the speech.  The cheers...Betty's voice...it sends chills down my spine. 
How to Best Use a Vibrator
Betty's writing an essay "How to Best Use a Vibrator" - it's not intuitive. We decided to pour a "Dodson" and chat about it. 
Common Issues as a Bodysex Leader
The circle runs itself but as the leader you set the tone. In this podcast, we talk about the types of women who can cause problems: the reluctant participant, the overtalker, the comforting mother, the rejected girl crush, the cry baby and the professional victim. In rare circumstances, women can be asked to leave the room. Most often, simply moving on does the trick. Be honest, direct and firm.
The Sounds of Erotic Recess Part I
During our last Bodysexworkshop, the women asked me to document their authentic orgasms. I audio-recorded erotic recess. This is part I.
The Sounds of Erotic Recess Part II
During our last Bodysexworkshop, the women asked me to document their authentic orgasms. I audio-recorded erotic recess. This is part II.
Genital Show & Tell
Betty has looked at 1,000s and 1,000s of vulvas. We decided to go through her sex coaching process blow by blow. We started with genital show & tell and then got into the story of how Betty's mom had a porn pussy. Highlights: sometimes she has to do a bit of grooming to get to the clit, dangling inner lips skip a generation, and you must claim your sex organ.
Split Beaver Slideshow for Feminists
It's summer...time to take off your panties, let your pussy breathe, and listen to the story of Betty's Split Beaver Slideshow for Femininists & Sex Machine workshop at NOW's Sexuality Conference back in '73. Oh, and we invented the Dodson & Ross pussy cup vibrator during the podcast ;)
Nude Masturbation Workshops for Women
For 25 years, Betty Dodson ran nude masturbation workshops for women. They were the outgrowth of group sex and feminist consciousness raising groups. She was paid to listen to women's sex lives, view their genitals, and share their orgasms. Having "sex with the natives" earned her a PhD in sexology.
The Women's Sex Hit Squad
We started with why gay male porn is hot and hit on sexual power dynamics, how Betty became the first feminist pornographer, and whether feminist politics and sexual pleasure can exist side-by-side.

And then we had the idea for the Women's Sex Hit Squad. Betty says I can wear leather thigh-high boots ;)
You F*cked for Fun
In the 60's "hooking up" was called casual sex. Betty thought that if men could have casual sex and orgasms then a woman could do the same. Her decision to simply f*ck for fun but also have her own orgasm too, lead to her the enunciation of the feminist notion that a woman is responsible for her own orgasms. Thank you clit stim with vaginal penetration.
Non-possessive Sex
Hedonism is the philosophy that pleasure is the highest good. The year was 1966 and the sexual revolution had begun....listen to Betty describe her first orgy, how new panties are a must, and why we fantasize about Centaurs (half man/half horse).
The Love Picture Exhibition
Here's the image: Betty in a gold trench coat, black laced-up boots, and a riding crop hailing a cab on the way to her debut art exhibition - The Love Picture show. The inspiration was the amazing mutually-orgasmic sex she was having. She just had to capture some of it.
The Cock in the Hole
Betty took on genital shame back in the 70s when she presented her vulva slideshow at the NOW Sexuality Conference (1973). Then, she took on genital shame once again in the 90s with her online genital art gallery. It's time to embrace our sex organ and our "pussy power".
The Clitoral Truth
Becky Chalker (author of the Clitoral Truth) stopped by Betty's and she told us the story of how the clitoris got lost. The Greeks knew that men and women shared similar genital anatomy...Leonardo Di Vinci drew detailed illustrations of the clitoris...it wasn't until the 18th Century that the clitoris disappeared from the textbooks.

Our clitoral system is very complete. We get erections just like you guys ;)
Partner Assisted Orgasms
As Betty said, "it's about my finger on my clit". Partners only enhance your orgasm because no one knows your sex organ better than you. But we do love their fingers and there's nothing like staying at the opening ;) Did I mention that Betty shared her new fantasy game?
Liberating Masturbation
Betty's life is her finest work of art. When she self-published Liberating Masturbation, all she had was 15 cunt drawings. She figured out the rest at the Castro with the help of several friends - who knew it would sell 1 million copies. The conversation turned to talking dirty, Robocock, and the Boom Boom Room. And the Cajun Sausage got a shout out ;)
Sex on Our Terms
We all need to know what this means for us. For Betty and I, it means devoting our lives to liberating female sexuality (that's alot of clit stim)
If All Women Were Orgasmic
I asked Betty what would happen if all women were orgasmic - then they would know that they were ok. Betty shared how she lost her virginity...her favorite sex game Just-Put-It-In-A-Little, and her first porn drawing in 8th grade.
No Person Has One Exclusive Sexual Pattern
Rae Larson came by and I had to turn on the microphones. She founded SISTER (Seattle Institute for Sexual Therapy, Education & Research) and after treating victims of sexual abuse decided to find out what makes a sex offender. She discovered that no person has one exclusive sexual pattern and that she could treat sex offenders by helping them discover a healthy sexual pattern.

Then the conversation turned to ephebephilia, women's cyclic sexual interest, reflex ovulation, and embracing sexual freedom.
What Women Want Sexually
Betty has watched 1000s of women orgasm in her Bodysex groups and her private sessions. I asked Betty to break down her process step-by-step. Her words of wisdom: keep going. Women have an infinite capacity for pleasure.
Sitting Down with Two Sexual Revolutionaries
Betty and I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Downer - the mother of the abortion movement. She was jailed...she was censored but she never stopped teaching women how to take control of their own bodies. From contraception to menstrual extraction, she did it all. This is one of my favorite podcasts :)
Introducing Sheila Shea
Sheila Shea is the woman who started the bodysex groups with Betty. She was in town and I had to turn on the microphones. From group sex to how they started the genital show & tell ritual, we hit it all. And we all agreed: everyone liked Hustler's split beaver the best.
The Orgasm Warm Up
We know how to have sex for procreation but we don't know how to have sex for pleasure. Betty bottom lined S&M, we came up with the idea of sex badges & we planned out our sexual practice documentary.
Coming Out in Marie Claire
It was a big week - I came out about my sexual past with Marie Claire and posed for a evocative photoshoot. Betty's response, "now I know how my mother felt".

It was my sexual "coming out". I'm so glad I did it.
From Feminism to Female Ejaculation: Our Interview with Deborah Sundahl
Betty is the mother of masturbation - Deborah Sundahl is the mother of female ejaculation. Betty and Deborah go way back to the feminist movement. Deborah described her first experience ejaculating - and we talked about her latest area of interest: chronic pelvic floor tension.
The Group Orgasm
We needed to "flesh" out the group orgasm ritual so we broke out the microphones. It's really all about social bonding between women. Getting past modesty and genital shame - being comfortable in our own skin "titty to titty, pussy to pussy". Ultimately, it's feminism.
Joan Price & Ageless Sexuality
Joan Price - author of Naked at Our Age - stopped by and we turned on the microphones. Betty wrote the forward and we can't say enough wonderful things about this book.

Sex changes as you age but sex is life long (what Joan calls "ageless sexuality"). And, as women, we can look forward to "menopausal zest". Joan met the love of her life when she was 57....a time when you can break all the rules and discover your sexual fluidity.
Talking with Barbara Carrellas
Barbara calls herself an orgasm expansionist - we sat down to talk about thinking off (remember that Strange Sex episode) - and how you can have energy and breath orgasms.

There are an infinite number of erotic possibilities. It's about breathing, squeezing your pc muscles, rocking your pelvis, using your imagination and making sound.
The Bodysex Transformation
We finally had a minute to sit down and talk about the Bodysex documentary. All the women experienced a transformation. The nudity...the group orgasm were a big healing for the cast and the crew. Women must claim their sexual power.