What to do if You Didn't get an Email

Occasionally the big names in free webmail accounting (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, aol, etc) get ruthless with their email blacklisting, and there is unfortunately no way for us to petition them to remove our domain from the blacklist.

If you recently signed up for an account with Dodson & Ross, or you recently purchased something, and didnt get the followup email that our site claimed to have sent you, then you may need to add our site to a whitelist in your email account settings.

Step 1: Whitelist our domain

Follow the directions for whitelisting the dodsonandross.com domain on our whitlist instructions page for your specific webmail host.

Step 2: Resend the correspondence email


If you've registered but didnt get the email, then go to the Reset Password page, enter your email and hit submit. If you've completed Step 1 above according to the specific instructions for your email provider, the mail should go through, and contain information on your new password. Once you log in you can change your password to anything you wish.


If you've recently made a purchase and the checkout notification email did not arrive, then please call us at 1-866-877-9676.