Sexual Desire Comes From Within

Sun, 07/08/2018 - 14:09
Submitted by Carlin Ross

If you want to have great sex, you have to go within and masturbate regularly.

I so agree and science and experience so confirms that

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Wed, 07/11/2018 - 18:05

Betty and Carlin,
Another great and honest message and i'm so glad you put it on youtube to be sure your essential message gets out. The art and practice of masturbation, when right, conditions our body for sex, nurturing and developing our orgasm and our very need and desire for it as well. By doing it right, it means masturbating regularly, often, and slowing down- extending it out so we can appreciate the journey to our orgasm when we do. It's in the literature and a method for ED treatment and couple sex therapy. It wasn't until I followed your guidance many years ago and embraced a highly masturbator lifestyle that I became multi-orgasmic and my sexual urge and appetite grew.  I masturbated more and longer and, as you teach, eventually put it at the center of my being. 
Confessing that to men whom I would date sometimes drove them away but it's something we must do when finding a true soulmate. Men don't like to admit their need as perhaps they think it shows weakness and so I always encouraged my boyfriends to losen up and masturbate more, not as a substitute for our sex but to enhance it, in addition to it, and as an activity we can both share and talk about.
A few have embraced a masturbation lifestyle along the way which I found quite rewarding for me as it I am sure it does for you. I was suprised by a few boyfriends who confessed they edged for hours at a time and masturbated often but always ashamed to admit that. Knowing they did not have to hide this from me was so liberating and self-affirming for them. Sex was the best with them actually.  I finally met a soul mate of course, and we both are avid masturbators and have the most wonderful sex. For him, he edges for hours a day, ejaculating multiple times.  He just needs that so much and so do I. We save our intercourse for each weekend and it is always special and meaningful and satisfying.  As y


Developing and keeping the desire from within

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 15:58

I love this discussion on more than one level.
I have a number of healthy guy friends (around 50 yrs old) who take great care of themselves through diet and excercise who have directly or indirectly indicated a gradual loss of desire in recent years.  I have experienced no such drop, and the only thing I am aware of that I am doing differently, is my continued very frequest (every day) and (multiple times a day) long duration (an hour or more each) edging masturbation sessions.  I have zero doubt that this has not only given me amazing pleasure, but has maintained a level of desire that is very high and no doubt made me a much better lover in the process.  I don't substitute masturbation for partner sex, but I desire more pleasure than any partner can satisfy in today's messed up busy world.  This way, I am ready for it when the situation permits, but don't fail to meet my needs along the way.
Marti, I totally relate to some potential partners being scared away from someone who has adopted a masturbatory lifestyle.  The flip side is how wonderful it can be when you sift through enough people to find someone who gets it!  It's worth all the rejections and is such a find!