Fantasy is the Heart of the Creative Process

Fri, 05/20/2016 - 13:35
Submitted by Carlin Ross

We can imagine how we want to live & what we want to create.

What I would like to manifest (with other's help)

Sat, 11/26/2016 - 21:28

In answer to the questions you ladies asked, in your "Fantasy is the Heart of the Creative Process" video from May 2016:

One thing that I would personally like to "manifest" goes something like this:

(A.)  You ladies set up an email address, for people to email in written fantasy stories ...

(B.)  People like me write stuff up, and send it in to that "hot fantasy at" email address -- with the understanding that "you guys" would have the rights to "run with it" but (if a particular writer wanted to) they would also retain the right to use those stories, in other ways -- in other words, the writers wouldn't be in trouble for sharing, while also using it for other purposes ...

(C.)  "You guys" look it over. If you feel it is good enough as-is, on the page, you get someone with an appropriate voice to read those written words, out loud; and record that session -- thus altering the form of those thoughts, from visual to audible, which I think would work a lot better for a lot of people who'd be wanting to hear such things ...

(D.)  If someone sends something in that has potential, but maybe isn't quite ready for final web publication just yet, you could edit it yourself and/or send it (with personal identifiers removed, of course) to writer-types that, over time, you learn to trust with editing work; and they send it back to you guys, and it bounces back and forth until it's ready for publication ...

(E.)  You publish the audio recordings, as "Fuel For Fantasy" for people's self-loving sessions.

The benefits, as I see them:

People who visit the site could download some well-written, well-spoken fantasy stories, that they could listen to while enjoying some personal time.

People like me could "scratch the writing itch" in a way that we don't ever really get to, but perhaps would really like to.

If listeners have great masturbation sessions from such material, and if they said so via this site or whatever, that would presumably cause writer types to want to "do it, more often" since their efforts are aiming at your site's goals -- "Better Orgasms. Better World".

Summing up:

If some people don't fantasize, or feel they can't, let others write and speak those words.

If some have some hot stories to share, but can't write them up, let others help them out. Those of us with a writerly "jerk ethic" could make some adjustments, on their behalf.

I can't speak for the "voice talent" ends of things, but such "scripts" sound like they would be fun to write. People like me, write, all of the time. It's in our blood. We can't help it. (And in some cases, we get published, whenever we want to -- for other kinds of written projects, anyway. And get paid for it, when we want to. Etc.)

For self-loving sessions, the standard "Fuel For Fantasy" is porn -- which is really set up for "quickees" in a sense. And it's a pre-packaged audio/visual experience. No room for letting your mind wander, or to let yourself see things differently than writers / publishers wanted.

I'm sort of calling for a return to radio, in a sense ... but what's wrong with that, at times?

Any interest, out there, amongst you site-running folks? Or amongst other site readers?