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Posted on the Dec 07, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi, This is a ridiculous question but I'm new to the self-awareness and masturbation stuff. Is it possible for my clitoris to be beneath where my labia minora join (at the top)? Or am I confusing it...
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Posted on the Dec 01, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, My partner is a woman, a beautiful woman, just she gets very aroused during any kind of sex, i.e. oral touching and gets to a certain point and just cannot come...I can feel her coming but...
Posted on the Nov 29, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi doctor, I am 26 years old female. I had Circumcision when I was 6 and I have been suffering since then. I heard about the procedures that you perform in Clitoraid and I want it desperately....
Posted on the Nov 17, 2010 by Betty Dodson
I was thrilled when I heard Michael Moore say "clitoris" on Bill Maher's show.  First, he said it softly and then he got so tickled that he said it 2 more times - each time more loudly.  My...
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Posted on the Nov 15, 2010 by Betty Dodson
I have a serious question. I am a 21 years old and have been sexually active for 2 years. I enjoy sex but I can only orgasm with G-spot stimulation. I have tried clitoral stimulation and I don't...
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Posted on the Oct 18, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi Dr. Betty, I knew there had to be a way for women to enjoy sex just as much as men but couldn't figure out how until I found your website. Thank you. I am in my early 20's, my partner and I have...
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Posted on the Oct 15, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
Here is the link to an article I wrote on some of what I teach for clitoral stimulation for a site I'm a part of called
Posted on the Oct 13, 2010 by admin
Indiana University released their national sex survey - we had to review their findings. It seems that the clitoris still reigns supreme.
Posted on the Oct 06, 2010 by Anonymous
I love to stimulate my clit during any kind of penetration. Don't be afraid to do it! Many men find it hot and will love to see and feel you getting off. If he wants to help, show him how to do it....
Posted on the Oct 05, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, My problem is something on which I've done a lot of internet research, and I've yet to find a satisfying answer to my problem. I began attempting masturbation (with my fingers) at the...
Posted on the Sep 23, 2010 by Carlin Ross
If you're a regular D&R reader, you know that Betty and I took a ton of heat from several feminists for our work with Clitoraid: an organization funding reconstructive genital surgeries. Here in...
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Posted on the Aug 24, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
You asked...we answered.
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Posted on the Aug 23, 2010 by demecat
Hi, I have an issue that is stopping me from having an orgasm. My clit is very very sensitive. While the pleasure builds and I naturally lubricate, my clit gets more and more sensitive to the point...
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Posted on the Aug 16, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hey Dr Betty, I'm a 22 year old female and I don't have a clitoris. I was circumcised as a baby so find masturbation very uneventful. It is frustrating for me to say the least because I feel like I'...
Posted on the Aug 13, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
  We get this question all the time - here's Betty's answer.
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