Oral Sex

Posted on the Dec 02, 2010 by Anonymous
I take any "quote" especially a celebrity quote, with a grain of salt, but this one is pretty good and covers a subject that needs to get more press. Not to mention it's from an actor who I believe...
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Posted on the Nov 27, 2010 by Anonymous
Has a dream ever ruined something for you that you thought was awesome? If not... Then, I guess I'm just weird. I had a dream that I finally went through with completing oral sex (on the same guy)...
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Posted on the Nov 24, 2010 by Carlin Ross
Who doesn't like an after-dinner orgasm?  Three cheers for table cloths. via Copyranter
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Posted on the Nov 23, 2010 by Carlin Ross
What better way to train for cunnilingus than with a plum flavored Pussy Lolly?  Their site is all in German but here's the translated copy: "The pussy lolly is an extraordinary and quite grown...
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Posted on the Nov 15, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr.Betty, When I have regular penetrative sex I am able to last a substantial amount of time. However, I have a weakness and that's receiving oral sex from any woman that I have sex with....
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Posted on the Nov 15, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi Dr. Betty, A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes. My Girlfriend is informed about this, and we are very open about it. In an attempt to not spread this to her, She does not...
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Posted on the Nov 13, 2010 by Carlin Ross
I kind of don't get this entirely...but I love it.  Any time you come across irreverent abortion humor it's a wonderful moment. via It's Just Sex
Posted on the Oct 22, 2010 by Anonymous
I'm extremely curious about different pussy flavors. Since the semester started and I've fallen so madly in love with Dr. Sexy, I've been a mental lesbian. Not a heterosexual thought has entered my...
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Posted on the Oct 19, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
Here's part three of the Red Riding Hood fantasy erotica co-written by Claudia, a fan of mine, and me based on her fantasy sex with me. Here is part two of the series, which has a link to part one....
Posted on the Oct 13, 2010 by admin
Indiana University released their national sex survey - we had to review their findings. It seems that the clitoris still reigns supreme.
Posted on the Oct 10, 2010 by sdrunner0123
What do you make of a husband who loves his wife, tries to please her in every way he can, except he won't go down on her even though she has asked him, and she tastes and smells clean and sweet?  He...
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Posted on the Sep 28, 2010 by Betty Dodson
I LOVE my girlfriend of one year, and we have a healthy sexlife. However I find it difficult to come to terms with her not being into oral sex. I've never been with another woman who wasn't, and it'...
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Posted on the Sep 18, 2010 by Marisa Black
"Do you miss having sex with men?" he flirted, the corners of his mouth hinting toward a smile. "Do you miss dick?" "Nah," I said lazily and licked salt from the rim of my margarita glass. "I like...
Posted on the Aug 19, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, You've mentioned in several videos on youtube, that one should enjoy the smell of sex..and the smell of their own "situation." I agree....until it comes to me receiving oral sex. I am a...
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Posted on the Jul 16, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
Laura sent us a message on facebook asking for first time blow job advice. Here are the ABCs.
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