How to Enhance Your Orgasms

Posted on the Jun 04, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
You asked and we answered. Any woman can have multiple orgasms - know that there's a build up between each one. Ride the wave, baby.
Posted on the May 14, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
Last week I admitted only having tension orgasms during masturbation. I tried Betty's Rock n' Roll technique and here are the orgasmic results. 
Posted on the May 07, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
If you can only orgasm tensing your muscles or fully relaxed, it's time to learn how to "rock n' roll"
Posted on the Apr 28, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I do have a problem and I don't know if I'm able to describe it in all it's complex details. I am able to orgasm by clitoral stimulation both by myself and my boyfriend. It sure feels...
Posted on the Mar 29, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hi, I had a comment about the following statement in one of your posts: "There is nothing 'definite' about our orgasms. Furthermore, no two orgasms are ever alike. And the intensity will vary with...
Posted on the Mar 09, 2010 by Carlin Ross
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Posted on the Feb 11, 2010 by Anonymous
I've discovered that I can identify/define my orgasms. I almost have a glossary (I fucking love glossaries, dude) running in my head: The "Hm..." Orgasm: These happen when I'm trying to get a quickie...
Posted on the Dec 24, 2009 by Betty Dodson
Okay, so I can have sex for a really long time, endurance is not an issue HOWEVER... once I've had that first orgasm I am TOTALLY OVER IT! I feel so bad about it when I'm with a partner because the...
Posted on the Dec 06, 2009 by Betty Dodson
My dear husband and I were having some fun this afternoon. My question is that when he orgasmed, I was working my PC muscles at the same time which caused him to start laughing uncontrollably. He...
Posted on the Nov 16, 2009 by Anonymous
Don’t we all love orgasms? I know I do. And so do these two beautiful women – Carlin Ross and Betty Dodson.What's so interesting is that the orgasms they describe are unlike those I experience. For...
Posted on the Sep 29, 2009 by Betty and Carlin
Last week's video got a ton of comments - yes, we know that you can orgasm in 2-5 minutes BUT it's about riding the wave of pleasure. Fast orgasms are like fast food. There's not much nourishment....
Posted on the Sep 23, 2009 by Betty and Carlin
A woman's sexual rhythm is much different than a man's sexual rhythm. We take longer. View penetration sex as the warm up to your orgasm.
Posted on the Aug 13, 2009 by Betty Dodson
I'm 23 and unable to orgasm. My story is a little different from most women who cannot orgasm. I've been masturbating my entire life--and that's where I think the problem is. Ever since I can...
Posted on the Jun 18, 2009 by Betty Dodson
I'm sure this question has been brought up several times but I have to ask for myself...I spent 2.5 years in an abusive relationship when the main goal of sex was for my boyfriend to orgasm, not me....
Posted on the Mar 06, 2009 by Carlin Ross
This week we answered your questions on female orgasm, vibrators, and enhancing libido.