Erections: ED & Lasting Longer

Posted on the Jun 26, 2010 by Anonymous
Posted on the Jun 25, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
You have to train your penis for sex. So whether you're experiencing a loss in erection or premature ejaculation there's a solution.  Erections for our 100th Episode!
Posted on the Jun 21, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Dear Ask Betty, My girlfriend and I have been having sex now for about three months, and dating for six. We're both early 20's, in shape, similar height/weight. I am the first person she has ever had...
Posted on the Jun 11, 2010 by Betty Dodson
Hello Dr. Betty, I'm a 30 year old man, and have been with my girlfriend for 9 months now. From the very beginning, and up until very recently, we have had the most amazing, uninhibited and intense...
Posted on the May 28, 2010 by Betty and Carlin
The brutal truth on penis size. What we really want is a man with sex skills ;) 
Posted on the May 25, 2010 by Carlin Ross
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Posted on the May 24, 2010 by Betty Dodson
I've been trying to find a website where I can ask the question "How big does a man's penis have to be before he is able to say he is big?" I know it is a matter of opinion, but from a woman's point...
Posted on the Apr 28, 2010 by Carlin Ross
There's a new pill on the market that alters the serotonin levels in your brain; thereby, preventing premature ejaculation.  Why work on your masturbation habits to improve your "longevity" in the...
Posted on the Apr 24, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
In my last blog post, I describe my lover Billie's wonderful vagina as the best I've ever felt. The two reasons for that is her big and hard erectile tissue ring (gspot, ps-spot, & the two...
Posted on the Mar 29, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
We took a long break after shooting the intercourse with the Aneros Prostate Massager clip with Eve and me. I still had the Levitra running through my veins, which like I said, makes it very easy to...
Posted on the Mar 26, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
Before I begin part three, here is a good comment I made on one of VirginMonoblogger's posts dealing with what I do to make dirty talk like slut and whore sweeter along with the erotic sting, or what...
Posted on the Mar 22, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
Will be starting my third day of shooting on Betty's newest erotic sex ed videos and so far, I'm very pleased. In more ways than the obvious. Yes, I am the male model in these new productions. Same...
Posted on the Mar 22, 2010 by Eric Amaranth
The day before we started the shoot we got a small prescription amount of the ED drug, Levitra. It would be my first time using a drug to treat ED for... erection loss possibilities when in front of...
Posted on the Mar 18, 2010 by Carlin Ross
via Copyranter I guess she's going to deep throat the shoe.  Sex sells baby.
Posted on the Mar 18, 2010 by Carlin Ross
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