Posted on the Aug 14, 2012 by Betty Dodson
In the early seventies after getting involved in feminism, I began to think about teaching sex to women in practical terms. Instead of sitting around complaining about men as we’d been doing in my...
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Posted on the Jul 13, 2012 by Betty Dodson
Hello Betty! It's T again with another update and some questions from Ball State's Feminists for Action. We (the ladies in FA and myself) have had several, lovely, successful, absolutely beautiful...
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Posted on the Jul 06, 2012 by Carlin Ross
Love these women....makes me want to get naked with a group of women, look at each other's vulvas, and share group masturbation.
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Posted on the May 27, 2012 by Carlin Ross
May is masturbation month and what better way to celebrate then watch Betty, me, Marisa, Liandra, Sheila, Sayaka and D masturbate "in the circle".  Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop DVD  is...
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Posted on the May 12, 2012 by Anonymous
One of my coworkers was a cheerleader throughout college, and she went to one of those football-obsessed southern universities on a cheerleading scholarship. She is fond of telling the story about...
Posted on the May 09, 2012 by Carlin Ross
This is one of my favorite pics from Caitlin's blog tobeaslut.  She's been throwing modified bodysex groups - what she calls body pride parties. Love women who celebrate their nudity.
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Posted on the Mar 29, 2012 by Marisa Black
Many a writing teacher told me to limit my number of sentences and paragraphs beginning with "I." Since posting here and on my own site, I've tossed that directive aside, embracing I-statements...
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Posted on the Mar 26, 2012 by Carlin Ross
My eyes filled up with tears as I read this fan letter.  We put everything we had into Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop.  So happy: Dear BAD, I got your "Bodysex Workshop" video a few weeks...
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Posted on the Mar 21, 2012 by Betty Dodson
I just got this email that Carlin sent to all the women in our Bodysex documentary. It's a perfect example of how fortunate I am to have the kind of real caring quality she brings to D&R: "We're...
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Posted on the Mar 09, 2012 by Carlin Ross
Here are some tips on having your own Bodysex viewing party.
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Posted on the Mar 08, 2012 by Marisa Black
With the lights dimmed, I sat at the back of the room. Flickering light and shadow were flung across the faces of eight women sitting on couches and chairs in an arc around the screen. It was my...
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bw thick
Posted on the Mar 06, 2012 by Marisa Black
Yes, yes, I've heard it before. Sex is active, it's physical.  So if you're in good shape, the sex will be better. There are a couple of things, though, that we should clear up.  First of...
Posted on the Mar 04, 2012 by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, Marion here- i had a session with you in january (from australia) well- well- as my subject title suggests i'm feeling quite despondent re the overall response from my women friends to...
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Posted on the Mar 01, 2012 by Anonymous
I wrote a very emotional peice on My BodySex effect a couple of weeks back but I've found I'm experiencing more still. On my last blog post FondCare left a comment regarding shared masturbation...
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Posted on the Feb 24, 2012 by Betty Dodson
The wisdom of Consciousness Raising Groups began with 70’s feminism. It was based on the concept that, “The personal is political.” When women talk about our personal lives, we are describing the...
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