Posted on the Nov 04, 2008 by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty Dodson, I am a gyn/obs specialist, senior consultant at the University of Copenhagen Hospital Frederiksberg. During the last few years I have had an increasing number of women (young and...
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Posted on the Nov 03, 2008 by Betty Dodson
hi there, i'm not sure what i'm hoping you'll tell me but i think i'll feel better with your advice. i noticed in my early teens that one of my labia was slightly larger than the other and...
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Posted on the Oct 29, 2008 by Betty Dodson
My labia minora is longer than my labia majora. I am a little self concious and have been told it's abnormal. I am to embarrased to see a doctor and it really affects my love life... Is it abnormal...
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Posted on the Sep 30, 2008 by Betty Dodson
As you know from my previous emails, I am now successful in achieving orgasm where I was not before. I now have another question. I know you say every woman's pussy is unique, but I have not yet seen...
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Posted on the May 31, 2008 by Betty Dodson
Hello, I am quite young and I have had sex with quite the variety of people and never had a problem until recently. I have used the same condoms, switched brands and materials multiple times, had an...
Posted on the Apr 21, 1987 by Betty Dodson
  We will be more civilized and humane  when beautiful genital imagery  along with a positive attitude about masturbation is part of the sex education