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The Incidental Orgasm

Mon, 12/08/2008 - 10:08
Submitted by Betty Dodson

This is an eye-opening  study on The Presence of Clitoral Knowledge and the Absence of Orgasm for Women. I stumbled across it over the weekend and I had to post it. So worth the read:

ABSTRACT. Women report anorgasmia and other difficulties achieving orgasm. One approach to alleviating this problem is to teach women about the clitoris. This assumes that women lack information about the clitoris and that knowledge about the clitoris is correlated with orgasm.

Using a non-random sample of 833 undergraduate students, our study investigates both assumptions. First, we test the amount of knowledge about the clitoris, the reported sources of this knowledge, and the correlation between citing a source and actual knowledge. Second, we measure the correlation between clitoral knowledge and orgasm in both masturbation and partnered sex.