heart pendant necklace

Vulvaheart by Betty Dodson


All our vulvahearts are also availabe on etsy including our vulvaheart rings and vulvaheart styles with opals, white topaz and pink tourmaline stones.

I've launched a line of vulvaheart pendants & bracelets to teach women about the beauty of their sex organ. The heart symbolizes the inner & outer labia with a stone for the clitoris. Just like nature our vulvaheart is slightly asymmetrical.

My design is based on a quick sketch I did for her best-selling film Selfloving which documented my bodysex workshops.

The vulvaheart measures 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches, comprised of half an ounce of non-tarnish sterling silver. It won't blacken in your jewelry box and need constant polishing. Our garnet is AA-rated.