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The Barbell & Betty Dodson DVDs on Amazon

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 13:12
Submitted by Carlin Ross

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Barbell by Betty Dodson

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Celebrating Orgasm
13 Selfloving Divas
The Orgasm Dr.
Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop

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Happy Orgasms!

Celebrating Orgasm: Women's Private Selfloving Sessions


This DVD is also available on Amazon.

Running time 60 minutes

Observe five uniquely different women, ages 26 to 62, practice and achieve the ecstasy of orgasm during a private session with Betty Dodson.

See her encourage a client to speak lovingly about the beauty of her vaginal flower. Watch each woman practice masturbation while Betty sits alongside doing actual hands on coaching as she teaches slow penetration, rhythmic squeezing of the PC muscle, rocking the pelvis, breathing outloud, and making sounds of pleasure while using different forms of clitoral stimulation that include fingers and electric vibrators.