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The Bodysex Women

Wed, 02/22/2012 - 16:05
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Eric Francis asked me to grab some stills from Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop.  Watching the video I fell in love with these women all over again. 

The experience with Betty, Sheila, Marisa, Sayaka, D and our crew was magical.  These women are just amazing.  I decided to post each woman's introduction - who she is - in the film.  Helen aka Liandra Dahl wrote about her "bodysex effect" being in the circle changed her life.  The rest of the women will follow with their posts.  I guess I'll have to write mine too.

The Bodysex DVD is Here

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 16:59
Submitted by Carlin Ross

It seems like yesterday that we all gathered in the circle and answered the question, "how do you feel about your body and how do you feel about your orgasm". 

My favorite part of the film is genital show and tell.  It was the second scene we shot that day and it was flawless from beginning to end.  We didn't make one editorial change.  It flowed, the images were captivating, and the stories were moving.  

That's the healing power of looking at real images of real vulvas.  I tear up every time I watch it.