When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!

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Mon, 11/10/2008 - 12:48
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dr. Betty-

I really hope you can help because I've never been able to find any info about this or even find someone who believes me. When I orgasm, I poop a little. I don't know if I'm actually pushing without realizing it or just loosening my sphincter, but it happens every time. I don't have any continence issues and go to the bathroom before I get busy, so it's not an issue of nature calling. Now I'm so self concious about it that when I even get close to orgasm I start to worry and end up stopping before I hit the finish line. I've tried to just not care and just clean up after, but it's frankly gross. Why does this happen, and how can I stop it?

Dear L,

While urinary incontinence is quite common, fecal or bowel incontinence is not. Since I have no information or experience with this, I Googled fecal incontinence. There is a lot of info available but I ended up on the Mayo Clinic website. This is what they had to say:

"Fecal incontinence is the inability to control your bowel movements, causing stool (feces) to leak unexpectedly from your rectum. Also called bowel incontinence, fecal incontinence ranges from an occasional leakage of stool while passing gas to a complete loss of bowel control.

Common causes of fecal incontinence include constipation, diarrhea, and muscle or nerve damage. Fecal incontinence may be due to a weakened anal sphincter associated with aging or to injury to the nerves and muscles of the rectum and anus from giving birth.

Whatever the cause, fecal incontinence can be embarrassing. But don't shy away from talking to your doctor. Many treatments - some of them simple - are available that can improve, if not correct, fecal incontinence."

Since I'm a sexologist and not an MD, my information is limited. However, my first thought was doing Kegel exercises and improving your pelvic floor muscle tone. Check out my information under Betty's Vaginal Barbell that works for women with urinary incontinence while also improving their orgasms. Until you find a solution, by all means continue to enjoy your orgasms alone. It's your poop so it's no big deal. Stop thinking this is "gross." Just get baby mattress pads and wet wipes to keep by your bedside. I'm also a big believer in paying attention to what we eat and how our bowels are eliminating. How about a colonic? If none of this works, then it's time to look for a doctor you trust. This is an opportunity to become your own health care advocate. PLease let me know what you discover.

Dr. Betty

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Poop during orgasm

Mon, 07/06/2015 - 10:25
TMA (not verified)

I never used to have a problem but I am finding with my new boyfriend the orgasms are so intense that I poop during orgasms. He keeps telling me it's no big deal but it is very embrassing and of course causes an interupption duing the heat of the moment. We tried a butt plug but I shot that right across the room! I've tried upping my fiber to bulk up my bowels and it didn't help. Have you learned anything new about this since the 2008 post?
I desperately want to solve this.

fecal incontinence during orgasms

Sat, 07/18/2015 - 23:37
kathie (not verified)

A few months ago, I developed spontaneous orgasms. During sex, I can keep having orgasms every few seconds for HOURS...a fun situation, but unfortunately, the intensity of these spasms cause a bit of poo to pass out of my butt...I wish I had found an answer on this site. I will try kegels, but if my orgasms get any stronger, I don't know what might happen...as it is, I can shoot fluid a couple of feet into the air...seriously. I have become quite preoccupied with sex, so this is a constant annoyance. Any further advice besides kegels?

I'd like to know what kind of sexual stimulation is taking place

Betty Dodson's picture
Mon, 07/20/2015 - 09:57
Betty Dodson

to expell poop or cause fliuid to shoot a couple of feet in the air. I need this info with details. That would help me better undersand what might be causing this since both women say it isn't a weak pelvic floor muscle.

Dr. Betty

I thought I was alone!

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 01:59
Sh (not verified)

This just recently started happening to me too! And it's super embarrassing! My boyfriend is the first guy to ever to be able to actually make me cum, which is a plus, but it's so intense that the past few times I've ended up pooping a little. Could it be the way he's making me cum? He just shakes his fingers side to side inside me and it almost instantly makes me climax. Could it be that he's doing it so hard that he's stimulating the rectal wall right behind the vaginal wall? I thought about a previous comment about nerve damage "back there" and that doesn't relate because nothing's been back there for me to have damaged nerves in my rear end. He doesn't make a big deal out of it, but it's still extremely embarrassing. He can literally f*** the sh** out of me. I can't find any info about this and feel like it's extremely weird and abnormal. Help me please.

pooping siring orgasm

Sat, 11/07/2015 - 23:16
DB (not verified)

All my life I've had difficulty reaching climax. However, I started squirting just after turning 50. Since then my orgasms have become incredibly frequent and intense. So, instense it pushes out poop. By husband tells me, when he is inside, that my vaginal wall squeezes much harder than ever before, it has actually been too tight during climax. I can tell a difference, too. I reach multiple orgasms without much effort at all.

As much as I like finally having easy orgasm, I don't like pooping as a result. I have actually kept myself from climaxing since this has started. I feel like I'm never going to get to experience a normal sexual response.

Why not hop out of bed and go to the bathroom?

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 01:26
Lizzie Smith (not verified)

Dear DB,
you worry about maybe never getting to experience something you call a normal sexual response.
Three things come to mind.
1) Why don't you start pursuing the goal by learning to masturbate privately, without a partner, to full orgasm according to instructions in the left hand side-bar of this webpage? 
Make independent practice by yourself a regular part of your routines daily, or with a few days in between.
There is no better way to learn a normal sexual response than getting familiar with your body without other sources of focus competing for your attention at the same time.
So, get started and learn how clever and adaptable instrument your body-mind is.
You will be able to put in perspective squirting and other irrelevant, unwanted incidents as you get comfortable with experiencing your body day by day. My guess is the unnecessary phenomena will disappear by themselves.
Squirting is not a standard component of an orgasm, you will find out, I'm sure.
In the course of weeks and months the muscle innervation gets accustomed to the self-stimulation that you can administer and manage better as you practice.
You will be able to control the speed and the stages of your arousal and also better control the partially involuntary reflexes in the pelvic area.
2) The second thing is, look up 'edging' which is, delaying of orgasm during the arousal. You get closer over and over, up until the verge of the point of no return, but, refrain from the release for as long as you please. You push the point of coming further in order to prolong the pleasure. 
You will learn invaluable skills of body-mind control, which only contributes favorably to the partnered sex sessions with husband.
3) A simple, astonishingly useful piece of advice is what Carlin said in a video some time ago:
During partnered sex it is totally acceptable (for any one of the partners) to interrupt the play, excuse oneself and hop into the bathroom. Nothing wrong with that. Tried and true. 
The arousal comes back easily when back in bedroom with an empty bladder, relieved of distracting self-consciousness.   
Good luck with practice!

My doc told me that it's due

Sun, 11/29/2015 - 21:22
Anonm (not verified)

My doc told me that it's due to a slight post-pregnancy hernia. Muscle floor is great (if anything I get complaints) but penetrative sex caused by strong muscle floor means the 'pocket hernia' gets compressed and hence the poo.

Definitely un-fun cleanup and post-sex but short of surgery I will have to live with it. Good luck y'all!

my girlfriend

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 03:55
Joshua (not verified)

From a male point of veiw for you all.  My girlfriend squirts when she orgasms and has occasionally pooped a little during some of those orgasms.  I can feel her bearing down very hard whenever she comes to that point, and I really enjoy the feeling of her reaching that point, but I'm also concerned that she is beginning to feel self conscious about what happens when she has a strong orgasm.   I love her deeply and I really don't have a problem if that is sometimes a part of her orgasm.  All I really care about is the fact that she is getting to the same point that I am.  It is not unnatural or weird, it is just, while admittedly different from any experience I've had before, it is just a function of the only body in this world that I want to be close to in that way.  I tell her every day that she is sexy beyond all measure, even when the unexpected  happens.  I can only hope that she knows I'm telling her the truth and that you all accept that truth from the men in your lives too.

Me too

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 08:22
Tayler (not verified)

I'm 18 and have only had sex with a man once and didn't reach climax but I masturbate with a penetrative vibrator and I find that occasionally I unintentionally let out a little bit off poo when I orgasm... I also squirt and can squirt large amounts if I continue to stimulate and have multiple or stronger orgasms. It makes me really nervous to enter into any kind of sexual relationship with anyone...

re: "poop during orgasm"

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 08:30
Jane@ (not verified)

Not common. Not rare either, but rarely talked about because of embarrassment. Some women have such forceful muscle contractions with orgasm that any poo in their low sigmoid colon and rectum can be pushed out at the time of climaxing. I'd strongly recommend these women get some specialised help with their Kegel exercises (in Australia, this is usually pelvic floor physiotherapists, but may be another profession where you live). This is because the vast majority are not doing as good a job with their exercises as they think they are. Also, magnetic chair therapy (sounds sci fi but it really works!) can really help some women. With time, you can learn to separately control each of your pelvic muscles and this makes all the difference. For example, lifting your pelvic floor without clenching your buttocks. Also, I'd recommend taking a look at all the advice on the internet for preparing for anal sex because there's lots of great advice about how to keep your rectum and low colon clear of poop. Even if you continue to have anal sphincter contractions at the time of orgasm, if there's no poop down low, nothing should come out. Hope this helps.

Tried enema?

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 07:29
Anonymouss (not verified)

To all who have this issue, while this isn't a true solution, did you try having an enemy and clean yourself out before sex? The same way one would do before anal sex. So there really won't be anything to come out.

But ask an MD about this because I know having enemas too foten, especially if you use tapwater which contains chlorine and fluorine can damage the intestinal bacterium-flora.

I have this issue and have

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 02:24
Anonymousalso (not verified)

I have this issue and have becomes horrified.my husband doesn't get upset but I do and it has affected our sex life. I believe it's from or at least  contributed from a rectocele. In simple terms this is a weakening of the wall between the rectum and vagina and the rectum slightly herniates into the vagina. Between the powerful contractions and the penisagainst the wall it pushes bit out. If you have this problem you should go to a urogynecologist. I have had a few pelvic surgeries and parts haVe unfortunately shifted. Maybe this will help someone does. Also the malfunction can be attributed to pelvic floor dysfunction PFD.This is sort not a umbrella term.

I keep pooping on my bf's "gun"

Sun, 08/07/2016 - 04:43
Mary J Tocashima (not verified)

So I have this problem when me and my boyfriend are engaging in intercourse and it just feels so good but right as I am about to orgasm I poop all over his shaft and it has really embarrassed me since it has happened a couple of times now. We even tried anal to see if maybe we could stop the poop by having his penis in there and, well, that didn't go so well for either of us. He got crap on his dick and I got crap all over my backside and didn't leave the house for a week. I NEED HELP! I just want a normal sex life and for me not to crap all over my boyfriends penis. WHY CANT I STOP POOPING WHILE HAVING ORGASMS?!?!?!

I just started having this issue..

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 00:04
A Rodriguez (not verified)

 I have been sexually active for 18 years and never had this issue before BUT I also never reached climax. In the last few months I was finally able to reach an orgasm through masturbation with a vibrator. Woot! In order to cum I have to tighten my walls hard, to the point only the tip can be in me. Unfortunately..now that poop is coming out when I do this..I've stopped even trying to reach an orgasm when I'm with a partner..then I run into him getting restless cause he's trying so hard to make me cum but I'm just not gonna allow it because of embarrassment..
Makes me not want to have sex. 

I read the previous comments..I don't see how kegals can benefit us because it's my understanding that's for our vaginal walls. Which if these ladies are anything like me they're strong and we tighten our vaginal walls so much during an orgasm that they're anything but weak! 

I personally think I'm going to have to take this to my doctor..I have had very rough anal sex and I wouldn't be surprised if my rectal walls have been torn..

God luck ladies! At least we know we're not alone!!

This is happening to me too...and it's embarrassing

Thu, 10/13/2016 - 13:10
Funny Girl (not verified)

I bear down when I'm close to orgasming or squirting. It's when i feel the most intense, when it feels so good.... out comes poop. I do have bowel incontenance though. It started about two years ago and is escalating. My doctor wants to insert a electronic device made by Pacemaker that will control the nerves having to do with my spincter muscle. hmmmmm. I feel relieved to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. It is really really embarrassing.

Take it as a compliment

Sat, 11/26/2016 - 12:59
Bryan (not verified)

The girl I'm currently with has had this happen a few times with me. She gets embarrassed for obvious reasons but I try to explain to her it's because the orgasm is so incredibly intense that the vaginal muscles contract so hard that a by product of this act is squeezing out a little poo. It doesn't bother me because it really is a compliment at its finest if that makes sense. It's never happened to her before which is another reason it's a compliment. Along with the poo issue she squirts so much which she said is also new with me, as she explained that in the past she has squirted on occasion but not even remotely with the frequency with us.

I also have bowel

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 06:12
Anneava (not verified)

I also have bowel incontinence and the dr suggested this electronic device too. I have yet to poop during a vaginal orgasm but have a few times with anal. Just when it feels so good and I'm relaxed and starting to climax, the poop comes out. Would love to know if you do get this implant and what you think. Thanks and good luck

Poop during sex

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 14:40
Jamil (not verified)

I'm a man and I've had this happen with my woman. She had never had multiple orgasms or squirted in rivers, without the assistance of digits, before me. The night before last she squeezed out a milkdud from nowhere...she had used the bathroom before we had sex. I think this can just be a normal occurrence, given  that there are no known pre-existing medical conditions. She is coming soooo intensely that her contractions sometimes hurt me! Besides...I am honored that I'm able to bring that much pleasure and intensity...makes me feel super manly! Real men don't care about a lil poop that washes off with soap and water....has anyone ever changed a diaper? For me it's more important that my girl is thoroughly satisfied....she can poop all that she wants! I love her.

Poop during sex

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 02:31
Jayfatcat (not verified)

When my wife orgasms she would bear down, I guess it intensifies her feeling. I also notice when she orgasms during oral sex her anus pulses pretty intensely. As time went on, I found I could make her orgasms more intense when I pressed my thumb on her anus or inserted a finger in her butt during oral sex. This would make her bear down more and sometimes she would fart or start to pass a little poop(turtle head)! I know it really embarrassed her, but I could tell how this ass play was so arousing for her. One time while we were having sex, I had my finger in her vagina and I could feel through her vagina she had a big, hard turd in her rectum. I started pushing down on her back wall of her vagina. This slowly started pushing the poop out of her ass. When an inch or two passed out of her butt, she exploded in orgasm. All the while I used my thumb to resist her from passing all the poop. Afterwards she pooped. I told her if she likes that feeling of pooping during orgasm, it's okay. We just keep some towels in a dresser by the bed and lay them under her hips during sex. She is more comfortable now with her funny orgasms. She likes it so much and that I'm so understanding that she holds it in all day until we have sex. What we do know is have inter course and she's learned to control her bowels to poop just as her orgasm is starting.

Poop during oral sex

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 09:57
Patndavie (not verified)

Phew I am so happy to read these other posts on this subject
To the degree I am going to talk to my new male friend about this because I have been so embarrassed it's stopped an orgasm
Never happened before

My colon specialist told me

Sun, 03/12/2017 - 16:03
Heather Reed (not verified)

My colon specialist told me to take anti-diarrhea medication for my issue. Ive had problems for years since delivering my daughter. It help even when I only have a slight problem. I take only one pill though. I only need enough to firm my stool a bit.

Poop During Anal Sex

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 19:34
Ashely (not verified)

Okay, so I had recently had anal sex. When he pulled out though there was poop. I felt so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. I'm at home feeling all embarrassed and so bad. He told me it was okay but I'm still embarrassed this has never happened.

its a natural reaction to an

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 01:01
poop causer (not verified)

its a natural reaction to an intense orgasm like squirting from a gspot orgasm. There's is nothing wrong medical with any woman this happens to also believe it or not it's a huge compliment for a guy to know he can make you orgasm that intense. Most common ways is with a woman on top and adding a little lean back or doggystyle and the guy raises up and comes in hot at a downward angle. If this happens to you as a woman then you know that it was well worth it. If the guys not an asshole or an absolute moron then he won't be grossed out or make fun. It's a natural body movement, there's even a book called "everybody poops" so your not some kind of weirdo if it happens. You just had a really good time. It's a regular occurrence for me with many different women so again I can assure you that you're not some kind of freak if this has happened to you.


Wed, 10/25/2017 - 15:33
Sabina naggy (not verified)

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