My Sexual Beginnings: Wes

Sat, 07/22/2006 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

I grew up in a small, rural town in the northwest and during summer break it was a boy's paradise. It was the summer between sixth and seventh grade and before then I had played with my cock for several years, but had never cum before. My best friend, Bill, lived across the road from me and was a year ahead of me in school.
Well, on this particular day, we had talked my mom into dropping me, Bill and Donny, another guy from our neighborhood off within an half-hour walk of one of the local swimming holes. We spent a good part of the afternoon swimming and cannonballing off a rope hung from a tree about 15 feet up the bank from the river.

When we finally took a break along the sandy riverbank, the talk turned to girls and sex. Bill asked us if we liked beating off. Hell, there was no reason to lie about it, so I said yes and Donny did too. But for me then beating off meant playing with my pecker. I knew about cumming but it hadn't happened to me yet. Then, Bill revealed that he had fucked his girl cousin a couple of weeks earlier, while they were alone together at her house. Despite having recently come from the cold water, the talk about sex had given me a raging boner, which was snaking down the leg of my cutoffs, but I noticed that the other two had hard-ons too, so what the hell. Anyway, Bill described how it happedned and how good it felt. We talked about girls and sex and jacking-off for a little bit longer before going back into the water.

After I got back home that evening, I went to my room and dug out the most erotic thing I could find in the house at time--the Summer Sears Catalog. I peeled off my still damp cutoffs, lay down naked on my bed and started thumbing through the bra and pa

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nty section, while stroking my now hard cock. I was determined to take my jacking off farther than I ever had before and see if I could ejaculate for the first time.

It took about 10-15 minutes, but a kind of electric tickling began to zing through the head of my dick and from there on I was on auto-pilot. By now my eyes were closed as I visualized the naked bodies of several girls in school. My hips were bucking up and down on the bed as I sped up my stroking and tightened my grip on my cock to increase the delicious electricity coursing through my groin. Suddenly, my entire body tensed and I opened my eyes in time to see the first shot of hot, white cum shoot out of the end of my cock and land all the way up on my chest.

All these years later, I still imagine that first orgasm and how intense it was. I didn't cum a whole lot that first time, only about three spurts, but it was the best thing I had ever felt in my life. I lay there for a few minutes to let my breathing get back to normal. I trailed my finger through the white cum on my chest before bringing a little up to my nose to find out what it smelled like. It turned to be one of the most distinctive and musky smells in the world.

I jacked off to orgasm twice more that day, once after dinner when I was back in my room again and once more in the shower that night. Since that day, I've jacked off almost every day at least once and often two or three times. It's very seldom that I go a day with out masturbating, even though I have sex with my wife very regularly. When was going to school my teachers at the time tried to convice us that masturbating was wrong, but I NEVER bought it. Something so pleasurable was given to us for a reason was my thought then and remains that today. Anyway, that was my first cum. It wasn't but a couple week's later that I had sex for the first time, with my best friend's cousin, and that was absolutely fabulous too.