My Sexual Beginnings: Robert

Thu, 09/06/2007 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Betty,

I have been enjoying your site for about a month and want to let you know that my masturbation sessions have increased. I am a married male, 62 years old, with a wife who doesn't enjoy sex much anymore. But I will now take myself in hand much more often.

Now to get to the subject above. I remember vividly my first try at masturbation. I was 12 years old and heard about it through some older boys. I locked myself in the bathroom and was using soap as my lubricant as per their suggestions. As my penis became harder and harder and my feelings spiraled all of a sudden there was this very vivid feeling down low. It was so unexpected it scared me and I stopped. However, happily, it did not stop me for long. The next time I went to ejaculation and haven't looked back since.

When I was in the 11th and 12th grades in high school I had a very close friend. I was staying over at his house as my parents were out of town. We stayed up to watch the late show on TV. His parents were not late night people and went to bed early.

As we sat on the couch next to each other he reached over and squeezed my crotch. I was a little surprised but not turned off. Before long we both had our pants down and were stroking each others cocks with no self consciousness at all. We decided to go to bed in the nude and caressed each other all night long but never went to orgasm.

It was a most exciting experience. We got together many times thereafter but never sucked each other or ever went to orgasm other than when we had our mutual masturbation sessions.

After high school he went his way and I went mine. He, I later learned, turned entirely to the gay side. I never had, or wanted to have gay sex with anyone else. I have been with a number of women and only had one bad experience with any of them until my wife's recent disinterest.

I thought, and think, of my friend often and always got very excited and very hard when I did/do. I wish to this day that our relationship had gone to the limit. I would love to feel his hard dick in my mouth and taste his cum as it shoots into my throat.

Now guess what! We are once again in touch so it is not impossible that it could happen. Though I love my wife I now, as does he, know that we loved each other way back and still do. It is great to not deny any side of your sexuality unless it is hurtful.

Thanks for listening to an old man's ramblings.