My Sexual Beginnings: B

Sun, 05/21/2006 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

One of the single most important events in my life was discovering how to pleasure myself. I had just turned eleven and had begun to grow pubic hair. I had recently found some of my father's porn magazines by accident. I enjoyed the feelings I got when looking though them whenever I had a chance. I got really horny, but had no idea how to unload my tension. My only sexual outlets had been through wet dreams and nocturnal emissions.

I woke up for school one cold, rainy February morning with a hard-on. The warmth of my body against my really hard pecker felt good. I peed and my erection went down. I then turned on the hot water and got naked to shower.

Again, the warmth of my body and hot water gave my rod new sensations I had never felt before. I started soaping myself up and got a semi. Then one of the streams from the shower hit me right on my cock head. My penis got stiff. I began breathing hard. I continued soaping my sac and boner-not to jerk off (for I did not know about it), but to complete my hygienic routine. It felt fantastic! I began massaging my nuts. Slowly, I pulled my fore-skin back and washed myself. I was now fully engorged and very excited. The feeling of hot water and my soapy hand rubbing up and down my glans and coronal ridge was overwhelming.

Instinctively, I went from merely stroking my shaft to really pumping my pole wildly. I couldn't have lasted for more than one and a half minutes when suddenly-boom! I came! My first explosive orgasm! My legs shook, my knees weakened and my dick throbbed as I shot off my load. Mesmerized over this new unknown thrill I dropped the soap and was in ecstasy at seeing globs of my thick, creamy ejaculate dripping for the first time out of my schlong, through my fingers and down my hand. Finally, sexual release was at hands' reach.

After that, I played with myself after school, after dinner, before sleeping, whenever-four to five times a day! I didn't just stick to handjobs. I began to experiment rubbing my eager dong with Vaseline, baby oil, butter, inserting it into any hole, pillow, using fruits, meats, and fucking everything available to me. I ejaculated only in facial tissue, dirty socks, or T-shirts to avoid leaving any suspicious stains. Although that doesn't matter anymore, I occasionally use condoms to unload in.

I am now 27. I masturbate to orgasm each morning and before going to sleep. I like to shoot semen into the air and rub it all over my body and face. I enjoy sex with women, especially going at it orally. However, the relief I produce from whacking off solo just can't be beat. With 16 years of experience wanking and yanking under my belt, I think I can be proud to rank myself a pro in the art of self-loving.

B., Los Angeles, CA

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My Sexual Beginnings, thanks

Fri, 09/30/2011 - 09:28
Manuel Palma (not verified)

Hey, thi is MY story!!!  I had originially submitted it for publication for "In Touch" - magazine specializing in male masturbation. I got it published there.  Unfortunately, that periodical is no longer in publication.  I then submitted it on, but it got deleted.  
Well I don't know who or where they found it, but I am sooo honored and happy to find it and know that somebody appreciates it.
Thank you.
Los Angeles, CA

your story...

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 18:28
David Tapscott (not verified)

It seems we have very similar cuming of age stories. I also went thru the learning curve of once it got hard what to do with this throbbing thing in my pants. I discovered my release by humping the bed. I slept on my stomach at night which led to many a woody. I loved feeling the pressure of the bed against me but the pumping and rubbing friction made it more than I could stand. That 1st time I came in less than a minute. My underwater were full of my jizz and I felt that true sense of relief. I cleaned up and changed undies in the middle of the night. After that I used dirty towels and dirty socks to plug just like you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.