I Don't Think I Have a Clitoris!

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Wed, 12/03/2008 - 08:48
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I have recently bought your book, Sex for One, and I'm really glad to have read it. In the book, you described a woman who was convinced that she didn't have a clitoris, but of course she did, and you called it an embedded clitoris. I have had the same problem as this woman, but have not been able to find any further information about the embedded clitoris. Would you be able to give me some more information about embedded clitorises, and any advice on what to do about this problem. I've been trying all the techniques in your book, but seeing as I don't appear to have a clitoris, I don't know how to go any further. Thanks so much, I'm really determined to start making some changes in my life and start masturbating to orgasm. :)

Dear KS,

I'm really sorry I used the term "embedded" clitoris. It's just a clit that has a thick hood covering it but when stimulated manages to appear. Some clits pop right out easy. Others clits are shy and hide under the hood. Believe me when I say you have a perfectly fine functioning clitoris. If you didn't, then you are a candidate for Ripleys' Believe it or Not. Although I don't know you age or sexual situation, I recommend you get the Magic Wand vibrator and use it where you think your clit is hiding. Follow my directions under First Time Orgasm by using our search engine, that little hard to see box in the upper right hand corner that will soon be fixed. Then get back to me with your good news.

Dr. Betty




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I have to agree with the

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 08:04
Catherine Missin (not verified)

I have to agree with the original poster my clitoris is embedded also. 
I definitely have one because a wand will stimulate it but it will not come from under the hood. Like some foreskin is so tight it will not pull back, well my clitoral hood will not pull back and let the little beggar out, not even enough to just see it or feel it a tiny bit. 
I am pretty sure I cannot be the only person with a fully covered hood. I have asked about partial circumcision just to release the hood, (loosen the would be opening) but because it has no other function but to give pleasure it cannot be done in the UK under the NHS and I can't afford to pay privately to get it done. 
Yes, why would I bother if the wand will work, well the simple answer is I may not always be at home when I get the urge.