How Can I Squirt Across the Room?

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Wed, 10/07/2009 - 12:35
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I'm 19 and have been dating a phenomenal (a bit older) guy for a little more than 9 months. We have decided to postpone intercourse until we both feel ready (he doesn't yet and I don't either). The sex we have is really incredible, he is very patient and we are always learning from each other.

My question is about female ejaculation.I have been masturbating since I was 12 or 13 and have only made myself ejaculate twice (to my knowledge, my detachable shower head and I have always been quite close). When I'm with him, ejaculating is a pretty regular thing.

He seems very concerned and I think feels inadequate that I don't "squirt" the way women in porn do, like men and across the room. When I do its just lots and lots of clear fluid that comes pouring out of me, not propelled out of me like something from an aerosol can or a garden hose. I'm assuming that what I do is normal and what happens in porn is mostly special effects? I guess I'm wondering what is normal for other women? I kind of want to shut him up because its starting to give us both an inferiority complex.

Thanks so much for everything you do.

P.S. I have a hitachi magic wand in the mail now on your recommendation.

Hi M,

Tell your lover he is on the road to ruining a good thing by making comparisons between how you respond to the gals in porn! That's all ego on his part! (If I'm a fabulous lover she'll shoot across the room). This has little to do with your pleasure. Porn is NOT sex education, it's entertainment and even a lot of sex education is based upon each authors own experience although most of us make an effort to be as honest and helpful as we possibly can.
For instance, I'm not an ejaculator and have no desire to learn.

I'm totally devoted to my clitoris as my primary sex organ and vaginal penetration as a secondary form of pleasure. This blended orgasm also uses the PC or pelvic floor muscle. Check out my information under Betty's Vaginal Barbell. Also read the G-spot Revisited. So now it's up to you to communicate to him that he must stop making comparisons and simply enjoy what's taking place. There is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to sexual pleasure. We are marvelously individual in our tastes and responses. Variety will always be the spice of life. Now relax and enjoy yourselves.

Dr. Betty

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Wed, 10/07/2009 - 22:49
Mark I. (not verified)

....Betty is right........he is on the road to ruining it for both of you.

...sounds like he is more concerned with having HIS ego stroked than being an equal partner in mutual lovemaking, M. isn't competition.....he should stop doing things TO you and learn how to do things FOR the both of you.

...Betty's last sentence is goood advice......heed it.

Mark I.

i'm virgin, n i masturbate, plz i need ur help!

Tue, 10/27/2009 - 19:28
hebah (not verified)

hi dr

i'm 25 year old, n i'm still virgin due to religious reasons, my question is: i masturbated of course by clitoral stimulations, when i reach an orgasm sometimes i tend to continue rubbing n i feel like urinatin' bt i keep on doing that untill i burst n a hot gush come out of me! n it smells like urine, is that squirting?? n can a virgin squirt or only by penetration n g-spot stimulation????

plz i've been wonderin about this for a loong time


Squirting shouldn't smell

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 07:15
Anonymous squirt (not verified)

Squirting shouldn't smell like urine , but if you are continuing the rubbing that's definitely squirting! It's amazing. You can have no penitration and squirt.. We all get horny.. Sometimes to the point of blowing up, by just rubbing your clit hard and fast, you will