Is the G-spot Part of the Clitoris?

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Mon, 04/06/2009 - 07:39
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I found an article in Discovery Health that referred to the g-spot as part of the clit. Since then I have found two more sources that support this claim; "I *heart* Female Orgasm" by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, and "She Comes First" by Ian Kerner. I'm so frustrated, because I'd like to believe these are reputable sources! Is this misinformation leftover from when the g-spot became popular, a case of overzealous clit-pride, or is there some truth to it?

Dear R,

Both authors are friends of mine and yes, they are reliable sources. Go to our site and search 3D Vulva. It will show a side view where you can see the urinary tract surrounded by what looks like a bundle of seaweed. A Self help feminist collective called this nameless area the "urethral sponge" and described it in their book, "A New View of a Woman's Body," back in the eighties. At first I called it the backside of the clitoris. Later I discovered inside this spongy area there were small prostate-like glands. Since the female sex organ is the template for the male, we must have everything they end up with. That spongy area surrounding the urinary trackt is now referred to as the "female prostate gland."

Not all women respond to stimulation of this area that takes place by pressing a finger, penis or sex toy into the ceiling of the vagina. However, when we consider all of the external clitoris: glans, shaft, and hood, and then include the internal clitoris of the bulbs, legs and perineal sponge that are made up of erectile tissue, we can see there is much more to our sex organ beyond the precious pearl we see on the outside that many think is the whole "clitoris."

I now believe that if a sexually uninhibited woman was aroused with at least 30 minutes to an hour of whatever turned her on with the man or woman of her dreams who had the perfect sized penis or dildo, and the stars were aligned in the heavens while she had the promise of ever-lasting love along with an uninterrupted time slot with total privacy, more of us would orgasm from vaginal penetration once all of our erectile tissue was filled with blood giving us a raging external/internal hard on.

In other words, don't count on this happening consistently or at all, and if it does, just enjoy. At best this form of vaginal stimulation would be what I call "indirect clitoral stimulation." If counted the number of times I've had vaginal orgasms, it would pale alongside the ones I enjoyed through direct clitoral stimulation. No contest there!

As for "female ejaculation" we are still waiting for a scientific explanation. Women have offered an abundance of anecdotal material; it hurts, I love it, he loves it, sometimes it smells like urine, it's definitely not urine, it's my favorite orgasm, I can do this without having an orgasm, etc. Check out my essay on "The G spot Revisited" by using our search engine. Personally I believe the entire G spot dialogue demonstrates how little we know about the female sex organ. Research scientists, start your engines.

Dr. Betty