Could Medication for a Movement Disorder Be Blocking My Orgasms?

Fri, 06/19/2009 - 09:37
Submitted by Anonymous

I'm a 31-year-old woman, with a mild movement disorder, and do not think I've ever orgasmed. Don't think. I've read some of your literature and perhaps my occasional mild wave of release could be one...but...not sure.

When I was 8-years-old I started having parsoxysmal uncontrolled spasms. I didn't lose consciousness, but was very scared. It turns out I had the movement/ seizure disorder parosysmal dyskinesia. Since then I've been on carbamezapine which I read may inhibit orgasms. But my dose is very low and my sister takes it and doesn't have a problem. I'm not from a sexually repressed family or anything, and though I haven't had that many long-term (male) partners, I feel -- other than this -- fairly comfortable with my sexuality. I'd be very grateful for any advice you can offer.

Thanks, D

Dear D,

Paroxysmal Dyskinesia is a neurological condition characterized by sudden episodes of abnormal involuntary movements or attacks. There are various classifications and degree of symptoms. Like most medical conditions, it is a "case by case" situation. Talk to your doctor about your concerns regarding the orgasm response with your type of Paroxysmal Dyskinesia and the medication you are taking. Most doctors will not address these issues unless the patient brings it up. Don't be afraid to discuss it. Your concerns may or may not have anything to do with your medical condition. If you are embarrassed to speak out loud about it, write your questions down, have your doctor read it during your next visit and discuss the treatment options including the possibility of prescribing Viagra. Yes, women can take it too.
Case in point, I will share my story with you. Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had a lumpectomy and 7 weeks of radiation following surgery. I was then prescribed "Tamoxifen" a drug that I must take for 5 years. I had heard that two of the most common side effects are weight gain and decreased libido with vaginal dryness. I confronted my oncologist who I had a fantastic open communicative relationship with and simply stated: "Hey, doc...we gotta talk about some options here" I hadn't even started this drug yet and I was like fighting to preserve my sex life! No kidding! Not to mention that I had just survived a breast cancer scare and most people would think, Hey! Be happy you are alive right? OK, yes, I am extremely happy and thankful for my life after breast cancer, but please let's talk about options so I may as best as I can enjoy to live a full sex life too. Interestingly, I did not have as much adverse side effects as I thought I would have with Tamoxifen and today I continue to have a very active and happy sex life. My guess is that people who have a higher orgasmic response/desire can overcome many more obstacles including effects of medical challenges and prescribed medication.

So that brings me to the subject of...mind over matter. You may want to seek a sex therapist that engages in Somatic therapy techniques. A holistically oriented therapy which integrates the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. Many people with various types of medical challenges have reported incredible success. Go to: for a professional referral near you.

Remember that women experience orgasm in different ways. Some have the wavy/ripple feeling you described while others may have a slow build up of desire and pleasure concluding with a massive climax. The only way to really know yourself is to.... play with yourself. My suggestion would be to first do a self-assessment of when you are most relaxed and unlikely to have involuntary attacks. It may be in the evening after a hot bubble bath, or for perhaps, early in the morning before starting your day. Invest the time in yourself by scheduling an appointment. Select a time and place when you are most comfortable and will have privacy with no interruptions.

Play soft romantic music, light candles, have a cup of herbal tea, prepare your bed with fresh clean sheets and let the magic begin. Lightly touch and caress yourself. Lay sideways and feel the curves of your beautiful body as your fingers travel up from your thighs and dips down to your waist then further up to your stomach and your breast areas. Feel and enjoy the shapes of your breast. Touch your shoulders and parts of your neck and face. Notice which types of touch and which areas brings the most pleasure. Do not worry about trying to achieve an orgasm...first rediscover your body and take note of what feels good to you. Later you can explore genital stimulation. You may want to read Betty Dodson's books: 'Self Love and Orgasm' and 'Sex For One' for more information.

Finally, I want to introduce a product that you may find helpful that will be available this summer on my website at called Passion Mints. A high quality herbal extract product that increases sexual energy and overall wellbeing. You can order and read about it directly at Use my promotional code: "high10" and get a 10% discount!

You have done an excellent job in confronting your concerns and fears by sharing your story. Thank you! Through shared experiences we can all learn and benefit from one another.
Marylou Naccarato :)