I just got back from a week in Copenhagen with Betty Dodson. We did 2 days of Body Sex Workshops training 13 Danish sexologists in Betty's orgasm techniques.

The women were amazing...the vulvas were exceptional...and we learned to keep something soft between you and the heavy metal when using your vibe.

And we both agreed that when stars fake it on camera that they're cheating....women want to see other women having their sexual desires met. And when we know it's fake we feel cheated and that's why most women don't like adult films (plus the lighting and wardrobe is all off).

Simone even shared her secret for having sex in the ocean.

Simone Valentino is an East Coast self-proclaimed "Sex Venturer" who hit the adult scene starring in Aveneue X and Candida Royalle's upcoming feature Afrodite Superstar (and she got the DVD cover). Simone came over to my place for dinner and my puppy, Lola, went crazy like she always does...but we talked about being in the "industry" and orgasming on film. Yes, Simone orgasmed during her scene with Mr. Marcus and they stayed after on set to hit it a second time:

There's something you should know about Caroline.

Little brothers can be such pests. Pests who need to be punished. Is it wrong to make your brother put on one of your dresses before you spank him? And what if your girlfriend takes part in his punishment? There's something you should know about Caroline:

From Sexland to the Simultaneous Orgasm.

Palagia wanted to give me the "back" stories of her One Leg Up NYC events. Palagia and her sex ambassadors putting together these events have to open themselves up to the festivities:

Little Red Riding Slut & The Superhero Make Out.

Now, you didn't think that I was going to let our interview end without asking Palagia about the hottest sexual encounters that she's witnessed - and which ones became her fantasy play. It's really all about authentic sexuality:

My Interview with Palagia I. My Interview with Palagia I.


She let me crash her pad, gave me a free copy of her new picture book (which is amazing), and poured me a glass of wine while I set up. Palagia is the ultimate greek goddess.

My Interview with Palagia IIMy Interview with Palagia II

Who knew that she had connects with Hillary Clinton and the Bloomberg administration. Sex is Power!

Relationships Don't Guarantee Orgasms.


Betty Dodson is just perfection. Her book Sex for One sold over a million copies, she's a pro-sex feminist, she sketched her first pussy at NOW's one and only sex conference, and she's planning a romantic affair for her 80th birthday

Own Your Sex Organ.

Sexual energy is our creative energy....so grab your Hitachi Magic Wand and renew your soul. And Betty and I want to reclaim the word "fuck" because we love it:

Embrace Your Clit.

Your clit is your sex organ...and we need to teach our daughters the importance of their clit to sexual pleasure. The whole g-spot thing - Betty broke it down

Push Cart Cowboys & Masturbating Nudes.

After you get past the push cart cowboys and the madonna whore complex, its a challenge to find the love of your life who's also your ideal sex partner. We have to learn to discuss our sexual compatibility with prospective partners:

My interview with Adult Maven Candida Royalle.

Back in 1984, Candida Royalle started Femme Productions with the charge of producing adult films for a female sensibility. Feminists called her a "pimp" (they called Susan a "slut") but she believed in the female market and the primal urge to view sexual imagery

My interview with Adult Maven Candida Royalle II

Candida's advice: start your day the right way with an orgasm. And she's a firm believer that sundays are for sex....although she hates night time sex:

My interview with Adult legend Tom Byron Part I.

He dropped out of college, got in his car, headed to LA and within 2 years starred in his first adult film. His list of co-stars is a who's who of the adult industry - from Traci Lord's first film to Jenna Jameson and even Candida Royalle. Tom Byron is celebrating 25 years in the business this May and, at 46, he's still performing in 3 scenes a week...a god

My interview with Tom Byron Part II

Threesomes are tricky....and not cost effective in today's adult world but when they work they work. Tom took 3 years off from performing but got back in the game to star with Lauren Phoenix. Sex is his form of expression

Becoming a Madam. My interview w/Hollywood Super Madam Jodi Babydol Gibson

I sat down at the Helmsley (after her interview with Howard Stern) and talked about Jodi's new book: Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam. Her business "selling fantasy" all started when she became a casting agent for Playboy and realized that playing match maker could be lucrative.

Because all guys love dildos.

When you're a madam, you have to play sexual therapist to the johns and sex ed teacher to the escorts. Even Playboy Playmates need an oral sex refresher course. The most interesting tid bit: sex toys are an escort's best friend:

Sex w/Pro is the Safest.

From porn stars to escorts, these women are up on their hygiene and aren't afraid to carry and insist on condoms. We can all take a lesson from their handbook

Surive, Rise & Conquer.

Nobody cares about you when you're in prison. Jodi spent 2 1/2 years in prison and missed her release date because she had fallen ill, was denied an antibiotic, and nearly died: