It's summer...time to take off your panties, let your pussy breathe, and listen to the story of Betty's Split Beaver Slideshow for Femininists & Sex Machine workshop at NOW's Sexuality Conference back in '73.   Oh, and we invented the Dodson & Ross pussy cup vibrator during the podcast ;)

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Betty has looked at 1,000s and 1,000s of vulvas.  We decided to go through her sex coaching process blow by blow.  We started with genital show & tell and then got into the story of how Betty's mom had a porn pussy.  Highlights: sometimes she has to do a bit of grooming to get to the clit, dangling inner lips skip a generation, and you must claim your sex organ.  

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We began with the notion of "permission to exist outside the law" then shifted to hands-on sex coaching...the madonna/slut phenom...break up excuses...the 5 year itch...fuck buddies...and partner sex as the sacred cow.

Sponsored by Adam & Eve: go to www.adameve.com, enter "secret" and get 50% off almost any item, 3 free dvds and a mystery gift!

It started with the Ask Dr Betty questions and 2 "Dodsons".  Yes, we're workaholic party girls who know that "dog f*cking" is the 3rd most common search term on the site and that women are afraid to poo during intercourse.  But isn't that why you love us?

Drinks in hand, Betty and I sat down and covered the following:  Fred Howard and Grant we miss you, the 1st people we saw naked, both our dads had big dicks, I'm divorcing my family, anal with clit stim is our fav, and we heart Ted Nelson.

One night sharing a pipe we got the idea that "Betty" should interview "Carlin".  Sober and menstrual I beared all...even my darkest sex fantasy.

Giving up your sexual guilt and learning to accept pleasure....it all started when her mother found her diary and read all the lurid details. It set her free!

Moms need to get off too. My high school BFF Lien and I caught up on our Catholic school girl days, group sex romps, and social networking for sex.

Not everyone gets this sort of invite.  And you have to come prepared like our Eric Amaranth does with a packed case of Sliquid Organics Natural Lube, an Hitachi Magic Wand, and Betty's Barbell.

We have a new drink "The Dodson": vodka, pelligrino, and cucumber.  As we sipped our Dodsons, we read from Betty's personal journal, talked about our collaboration, and introduced the concept of running the fuck and practicing sex.  Time to jump on top and take charge.   

Maybe we're vulva obsessed but why shouldn't we be? (I did admit I'd like to tape my man masturbating so there's some phallus in there)  Thank you, Dina, for your fabulous submission to the genital art gallery. Thank you, hitachi magic wand, for entertaining Betty during our trip to St Lucia.  And thank you, Sylvie, for getting us involved with Dr Bowers.   

Living with Men, the Art of Getting Apart, and A Big Clitoris.

Just this weeks journey at Dodson and Ross. We pointed bettydodson.com to the new site, Betty started writing her new essay, and we answered one woman's question about her elongated clitoris.

We've all been there...like it or not.  Betty and I had a frank discussion about our sexcapades - the good and the bad.  It always amazes me how much we're alike except that I've had the benefit of all her hard work making sex pleasurable for women (which includes intentional motherhood).

This is the first podcast from our new website (I know but when I was writing the copy I couldn't get that Cheap Trick rif out of my mind).

Listen to Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross discuss their sexploitations as they launch dodsonandross.com

Listen as Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross answer your burning sex questions.

This weeks question: Why Do I Love Looking at Big Boobs if I'm a Straight Woman?

One of Simone's erotica pieces. "She ordered two men medium rare!"

"I hadn’t any fun yet. It was brutal, with all those hot summers tearing through the suburban backside of this state. The community pool looked like a diamond mound of holy water. Everyone flocked there, despite that chlorine smell and that nasty stench that killed off any natural water that was left."

A Memorable Lesbian Experience.

Thank you Solstice 1221 for the post that sparked it all - the Fantasy/Fiction section of the boards. There's always something about your first time....especially when it's with another woman:

The Horny Housewife, Cross Dressers, and Toby from the Office.

This is our new series ala Spike Lee's Girl 6 that explores the world of phone sex. Simone Valentino takes you through the fantasies she explores as a phone sex operator:

The Darker Side of Phone Sex.

This is a serious fantasy sequence. This caller wanted more from Simone. He wanted her to be the angry stipper and he took her there:

Betty Dodson and I headed to Cuba to meet the sexoligists at cinesex. We brought Betty's books and dvds, a ton of aspirin, and the video camera. And I never lived down the white jean shirt!