Christina came by and we recorded our most scandalous podcast to date.  We hit all the no nos: unprotected sex, how mothers make their sons into their lovers, college masturbation orgies, why the world fears female sexuality and our own cock obsessions.  And we're all getting diaphragms except Betty.

I asked Betty what would happen if all women were orgasmic - then they would know that they were ok.  Betty shared how she lost her virginity...her favorite sex game Just-Put-It-In-A-Little, and her first porn drawing in 8th grade. 

We all need to know what this means for us.  For Betty and I, it means devoting our lives to liberating female sexuality (that's alot of clit stim)


Charlie came by Betty's so we decided to talk sex work.  We agreed that an orgasm is our divinity, sometimes you just want to be filled, and we're channeling our sexual energy into our website....which means we're having sex globally.

Betty's life is her finest work of art.  When she self-published Liberating Masturbation, all she had was 15 cunt drawings.  She figured out the rest at the Castro with the help of several friends - who knew it would sell 1 million copies.  The conversation turned to talking dirty, Robocock, and the Boom Boom Room.  And the Cajun Sausage got a shout out ;)

Betty is putting the finishing touches on her sex memoir which she almost released as a novel (The Sex Diary of Elizabeth Daughterson would have been the title).  But she knew she wanted to own her sex life.  From sexual freedom to the monogamy myth, we must acknowledge and welcome choice. 

Betty's Bodysex groups were really formalized goddess worship and masturbation was the prayer.  We came up with a new tagline for the site, decided to start our own "philosophy",  and marvelled at the variation in sexual tastes.  

A year ago Betty and I interviewed Ruth Sackman.  Both Ruth and Betty were revolutionaries - Betty focused on female sexual liberation and Ruth focused on alternative treatments for cancer.  What's so interesting is how both these women started their careers in their 40s, believed that you must be "in" your body, and never bothered being licensed in their field because then they would have been regulated. 

Ruth has since left the planet but not before launching her website and releasing a documentary on her work.

Inspired by Christina's blog post, we all sat down to discuss how technology has changed our sex lives.  We live in an age where we can develop online personas that mask our true selves.  Of course, the conversation quickly turned to sex work, marriage, power dynamics, and going gay.

It all started with our "Manual Skills" shoot (the video is live Manual Skills I & Manual Skills II).  Filming the basics on how to touch your vulva with an all female crew was intoxicating...then we went right into Halloween.  Listen to all the sordid details. 

Since you loved I'm an Unapologetic Panty Sniffer, A Seductive Sniff, and Manual Control, Christina and I sat down to talk olfactophilia.  Thumbs up for men who sniff your panties before sex, kitchen f*cking, and women being able to openly receive and give pleasure.

As Betty said, "it's about my finger on my clit".  Partners only enhance your orgasm because no one knows your sex organ better than you.  But we do love their fingers and there's nothing like staying at the opening ;)  Did I mention that Betty shared her new fantasy game?

Becky Chalker (author of the Clitoral Truth) stopped by Betty's and she told us the story of how the clitoris got lost.  The Greeks knew that men and women shared similar genital anatomy...Leonardo Di Vinci drew detailed illustrations of the clitoris...it wasn't until the 18th Century that the clitoris disappeared from the textbooks.

Our clitoral system is very complete.  We get erections just like you guys ;)

Betty took on genital shame back in the 70s when she presented her vulva slideshow at the NOW Sexuality Conference (1973).  Then, she took on genital shame once again in the 90s with her online genital art gallery.  It's time to embrace our sex organ and our "pussy power".  

Betty's 80th Bday party was the event of the season.  It was "The Perveratti" at their finest: Nina Hartley, Lou Paget, Carol Queen, and Dana Dane to name a few.   Oh, and Nina Hartley bit my neck so I flashed her my cookie.  And then we came home to Phineas and Betty got jealous because he humped me :(

Here's the image: Betty in a gold trench coat, black laced-up boots, and a riding crop hailing a cab on the way to her debut art exhibition - The Love Picture show.  The inspiration was the amazing mutually-orgasmic sex she was having.  She just had to capture some of it. 

Hedonism is the philosophy that pleasure is the highest good.  The year was 1966 and the sexual revolution had begun....listen to Betty describe her first orgy, how new panties are a must, and why we fantasize about Centaurs (half man/half horse). 

In the 60's "hooking up" was called casual sex.  Betty thought that if men could have casual sex and orgasms then a woman could do the same.  Her decision to simply f*ck for fun but also have her own orgasm too, lead to her the enunciation of the feminist notion that a woman is responsible for her own orgasms.  Thank you clit stim with vaginal penetration.

We started with why gay male porn is hot and hit on sexual power dynamics, how Betty became the first feminist pornographer, and whether feminist politics and sexual pleasure can exist side-by-side.

And then we had the idea for the Women's Sex Hit Squad.  Betty says I can wear leather thigh-high boots ;)

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For 25 years, Betty Dodson ran nude masturbation workshops for women.  They were the outgrowth of group sex and feminist consciousness raising groups.  She was paid to listen to women's sex lives, view their genitals, and share their orgasms.  Having "sex with the natives" earned her a PhD in sexology.

Sponsored by Adam & Eve