What Women Want Sexually

Betty has watched 1000s of women orgasm in her Bodysex groups and her private sessions.  I asked Betty to break down her process step-by-step.  Her words of wisdom: keep going.  Women have an infinite capacity for pleasure.

love you guys, love all the

Mon, 08/09/2010 - 13:19
jubilation (not verified)

love you guys, love all the work you do. but this kind of annoyed me

firstly you didn't differentiate between urinating and ejaculating. it's a different substance and a different thing. who cares about ejaculating a clear, sex-liquid that doesn't smell? quite right. (in fact, what's not to love!) who wants to accidentally piss all over their bed against their will? not me. that's a hassle and a piss-scented room.

and secondly, you talk about post-orgasm hypersensitivity as though it's some sort of failing.. falling into the male pattern etc.. like it happens to women who aren't in touch with their bodies.
i'd love to hear you talk about post-orgasm hypersensitivity and how women can work around it to get to that second (third fourth..) orgasm.

Great great podcast & Women are insane...

Sat, 07/24/2010 - 10:37
Palesa (not verified)

Great great podcast. My only regret is that I didn't listen to it sooner. Very good information. And even a more positive light around female ejaculation and/or peeing during arousal.

And women are fucking insane if they believe that a smart, confident, educated, sex-positive woman with a law degree or any other graduate degree, is a threat. We NEED women in higher level positions. I've recently watched a film and saw a woman bleed to death due to a (simulated) botched abortion. All due to the fact that abortion was illegal at the time. Who do we think was in charge of that piece of legislation? Definitely not a group of smart, confident, educated, sex-positive women with law degrees.

Attacking other women is not a good look on anyone. In fact I am pretty sure it will only add wrinkle to one's face. Kind of like the saying At 20 you have the face your parents gave you. At 40 you have the face you deserve.



Don't be afraid of yourself, live your individuality to the full ---
for the good of others. Don't copy others in order to buy

Help!! I struggle to reach climax...

Fri, 07/16/2010 - 19:59
Kia (not verified)

Hello ladies,

I am feeling very deprived and desperate for your help. I am in my late twenties, have a 'good' sex life - when I say good I mean when It happens, its good, I don't live with my boyfriend, so only when we do see each other obviously - although I think I have more of a sex drive than he. We've been seeing each other for 2 years, we had sex on the first date, by now we (or at least I) feel comfortable with one another. He is not a disappointment in bed (or anywhere else) I reach orgasm and he (most of the times) is very giving, I just find it hard to reach climax...I find that I get to a point when I feel its about to happen....but nothing, and now its starting to get a little embarrassing!! I have read and listened to your advice tonight for the first time and have already (not all in in night, haha) tried several things you suggest to help....I have and still do masturbate at least 2-3 times a month, I love it, but I still struggle to climax. What advice would you give to help me reach this point? Relaxing and controlling m breathing is something I heard about including softly pressing against you stomach above the pelvis just as reach orgasm - This, doesn't work!

Thank you =)