Rethinking Sex...Rethinking Cancer

A year ago Betty and I interviewed Ruth Sackman.  Both Ruth and Betty were revolutionaries - Betty focused on female sexual liberation and Ruth focused on alternative treatments for cancer.  What's so interesting is how both these women started their careers in their 40s, believed that you must be "in" your body, and never bothered being licensed in their field because then they would have been regulated. 

Ruth has since left the planet but not before launching her website and releasing a documentary on her work.

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hooray for orgasms & organic food!

Sat, 12/05/2009 - 17:10
Shelley (not verified)

Hi Carlin & Betty,

I love your website and just listened to this great interview with you and Ruth Sackman--wonderful to hear the connection between what we put in our bodies and our body's health articulated here! Hooray for orgasms & organic food!

I would like to share my documentary's website with you: The film will be coming out soon--it dives deeper into what organic food means, how it's evolved and the awareness we need to create to change our food system. Good to think about what's behind labels whether they be on food or us & know how to support what we believe in... : )

Also, if you ever need extra hands on your doc production, let me know!