you decide.... circumcised or uncircumcised?

Mon, 08/27/2007 - 13:13
Submitted by mssaigon73

here are two pictures.... One of an uncircumcised penis and one of a circumcised penis. You decided which one is more attractive.Personally for me ....I like them either way.But I like how uncircumcised men are more sensitive.


Tue, 12/08/2009 - 05:49
Seriousblack (not verified)

Perhaps it is just my uncut male way of being offended by "tinyclit's" comments. Though I did not mean to offend with the mention of God in my comment. I find it rather ironic that a person who rails again subjugation and espouses the freedom of choice would be the first in line to genetically alter the male species to her liking. Gee wasn't there a doctor from Germany back in the 1940's trying to create a super race of men too.

If you were aiming for humour in your first post you missed the mark. But then I am male :)


Mon, 12/07/2009 - 21:37
Seriousblack (not verified)

I did not mean to offend by mentioning God.

I find it amusing "tinyclit" that you rage against subjugation and cheer for your freedom of choice but in the same breath are willing to take the choice of a cut cock or uncut away from men.

I hope that your comment was born in jest and not ignorance.

Intact, absolutely. I have

Thu, 12/03/2009 - 22:57
publius (not verified)

Intact, absolutely. I have thanked my parents for not having me mutilated.

To quote newbiehere : "I also have babysat PLENTY of small boys, some cut and some uncut and I noticed that the uncircumsized ones were playing with themselves ALL THE TIME. I'm sorry, but I don't want my little boys walking around playing with their cocks all the time."

This was a reason given for introducing circumcision in the first place, & it's a very strong reason against it. Little boys play with their pricks because IT FEELS GOOD. Take away that good feeling, & they don't do it. So, just because YOU'RE squeamish about male sexuality, you want to permanently damage the men in your life? The problem is inside your head, not between men's legs — go find a therapist, please. If somebody said "I support female genital mutilation because it produces sexually docile women", would you consider that a reasonable position? What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

If that sounded harsh… it should. I had this discussion with my sister & her girlfriend, who (as you might imagine) weren't exactly well-informed, because they were talking about issues related to child-bearing & -rearing, & I consider it very important in regards to raising a healthy, sane boy (not to imply that circumcized men all have sexual dysfunctions, but nobody is ever better off in that department or any other for being mutilated, especially with the danger of further damage to the penis through infections & the like).

Circumcised or Un-Circumcised

Sun, 10/11/2009 - 09:33
Theo (not verified)

I am a gay male, curcumcised at birth, and don't mind telling here that I am passive and don't much mind which type of penis is used on me, as both are quite nice to look at. I really do like it uncircumcised but if it is, it is still a dick to me.

A Mixed Veiw

Sat, 10/03/2009 - 04:29
Forum Appreciator (not verified)

I'm circumcised, and many times I think to myself, "regrettably so". I have a mixed view of it, some things are nice, others are not. On the pros, I really love the way it looks. I had a tight circumcision and thus when I'm hard, the skin is tight. I like the way it looks, the sheen it gives off indicating my full pressure, the way the skin follows all the curves just as a woman's stockings follow her every curve, making her look really nice and sexy - I mean, imagine a woman in a skimpy dress wearing baggy stockings, that's the effect foreskin has on a penis. So my circumcision really shows me off well, shows everyone that yea I'm a solid boy and makes my above average length especially noticeable.
But then I think to myself, is the way it 'looks' or is the way it 'feels' more important? Well, to reiterate all those who have already commented on that, circumcision *does* desensitize the penis, to a pretty heavy extent. I can tell you that just from the studies I've done on my own penis - there is but a spec on the underside to which my entire orgasm relies on to be reached. This spec should not be a spec, but a large area of skin. Circumcision makes hand jobs difficult too, chafing occurs which can come close to ruining an orgasm or preventing a guy from being able to stimulate long enough to reach it. And yes it takes longer, and regrettably so in my case since I am capable of having 5 orgasms in a row, which would be plenty enough to give a woman what she needs, even if each of mine were only 3 minutes apart. 3x5=15, no? But alas it takes so long that its a tiring experience to get all 5 at once.
And really, all that is not as bad as the fact that I wasn't given the choice. That's what really enrages me to the point of if I could find the man who circumcised me, I'd disable his permanently. And you people that don't think babies can feel that, I happen to have a pretty vivid memory of it, I can give you the string of events without even reading on how it's done. Of course not to an understanding and extent that I could recall from recent events, but I know I was strapped down, unable to move, experiencing these new terrible emotions of being held against my will totally, then enduring the slow crushing process. And that's what happens, then foreskin is crushed in half first, then trimmed. Some people need a hypnosis to recall events like that, but this has been forever drilled deeply into my memory. And if you still don't believe what I say, watch one for yourself and hear the child's screams of agony, pain so terribly intense that they can hardly take the next breath. I had no say, I was a weak helpless baby, and nobody asked if I wanted to be mutilated. Sure, my dick still works, but not as good as it would if it was intact. You could cut off a baby's ear and later in life he or she could still hear, but certainly not as well as if that specially formed piece of flesh was still there. And you know what, the flesh that forms the outside of your ear is useless... except for the aiding of helping you hear better, just as the foreskin aids a man's sexual pleasure. The flesh of the ear, just like the foreskin, has a specialized purpose among it's otherwise useless presence.
And truly the worst part is that the parents are making this decision rather than the person it belongs to. If someone is going to be circumcised, it needs to be their decision. What parts are on your baby when it's born are not at your discretion to remove unless it is an obvious defect or presents a major medical issue. If this had been my decision, it would be different. If it was for a real medical problem, then that would be different too. But doing it for the sake of religious symbolism (and really, how many Christians or Jews do you see walking around with their pants down and penis out for display to identify their religion), or doing it to supposedly prevent medical problems (you can also reduce testicular cancer 50% by removing one testicle), or doing it just because it is supposedly common (hey there, rest-of-the-world, we Americans call our circumcised people the majority so all you other people need to get with it), or especially knowing you are desensitizing your child to keep them from masturbating (why don't we just cut your clitoris off, little girl, so you won't start masturbating so early), reasoning such as these, as you can see, is absurd to the point of pure ignorance.

Circumcision, if done, should be left up to the individual, or for *real* medical problems if that individual is still too young to decide. I for one would have chosen to keep my foreskin.

And for those stuck on hygiene - intact or circumcised, it is only as clean as the individual keeps it. I know if I had mine, it would be so ridiculously easy to clean it that if I didn't, you could be sure my feet, butt-crack, behind my ears, and other such areas aren't clean either. Cleanliness depends on the individual's hygiene practices, not the presence or absence of foreskin. You don't cut someone's foot off as an infant on the premise that they might not keep it clean as an adult.

Be informed, don't make life-changing decisions about your child's body before you can talk to them about it, and only follow through with what's necessary, not what the popular opinion is. Circumcision doctors make good money, by the way - and like any good salesman, he will sway you in the direction that benefits him most. Can anyone say "commissions please"?

Special note to the forum moderators:
Thank you for keeping this thread open and active, many people will benefit from the information contained herein. Both views have been given and continue to be given, and the serious reader will find it obvious who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't. I hope many more come by and read what's here.

I agree with you

Sun, 04/03/2011 - 23:36

I'm sorry to hear that you went through this butchery. I'm lucky that I had parents who did not go for this. In other replies on here, I mentioned that my younger brother was circumcised at about the age of 6 per advice from the family doctor in the Netherlands at the time. I remember that the procedure for him must have been very painful. I took several weeks before he walked normal again. He conplained about the glans getting irritated from rubbing agains clothing. He was not happy with the outcome at all. To me he looked mutilated.
Several years later my youngest nephew went through the same thing. I remember this little guy tell my mom, grandma they wrecked my penis.
Getting married to a Canadian wife, I brought up to subject of not being circumcised myself and once the relationship was going to lead to marriage, I asked her if she wanted me circumcised. To my relief the answer was no. Both my wife and I are Christians, so she did not see me nude untill the evening of our wedding. She had never had sex with anyone, however I was not that lucky as I was sexually abused by a strainger at the age of about 8. The incident took place at a swimming pool dressing room. The first night as a married couple was just a night of getting used to each other. As a young boy, I got in to the habbit of sleeping nude. I was very relieved when my wife did not object to this. Slowly we got more free to enjoy each other's body. My wife was very interested with the way my penis was as she had only seen some of her circumcised nephews. There is a 18 year age difference between her and her youngest sister. We both learned about each other at a slow pace.
When we were expecting our first child, my wife immediately told me that she did not want to have our child circumcised if it turned out to be a boy. We were blessed with a boy as our first born. I remember my dear mother in law asking me how she should bath our son, pointing at his penis. I told her that no special care was needed. She meant well and asked if it should not be cleaned under the foreskin. I told her that my parents did not do that to me and I was able to pee just fine. She sort of embarrased twisted my ear. Later on during supper she brought up the subject of circumcision. I did not have to say anything as my wife told her mom that we would not do this. About 10 months after the birth of our son we adopted a boy who was just 3 days old when we got him. His birth mom asked if we wanted him circumcised, and we of course told her no.
I appreciate your mention about your experience and your desire of having been left natural. I also agree that any penis is only as clean as it's owner. I at an early age was told how to clean my penis. I was not able to retract the foreskin untill I was about 4 years old. Prior to being able to do this, I was told to just clean the end of the foreskin. First being able to retract my foreskin at that age had me very proud and making sure that I cleaned it every time I had a bath or shower. Not only did I take pride in the fact that I could do this now, but I also enjoyed the way that it felt.
If adults would only leave their children's genitals intact, we would have far less problems in the world.
Having grown up in the Netherlands with the majority of males being natural, I only knew of a Jewish class mate of mine and my own brother who were circumcised. I remember only a few Dutch boys referring to them as Jew dicks. Most of the other boys did not seem to view them any different. I really don't understand the reasoning and mentality in Canada and the US. being an adult working as a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman, I had an occasion where my apprentice and I had to do some field work to get equipement up and running again. Being out in the field I just went behind our service truck to urinate. Of course my apprentice stepped over to get some tools out of the truck. Given the situation he was given a full view, once back at the shop he had to tell one of his friends that I had an anteater.
Having grown up in Europe, living in the Netherlands but having spent a lot of time in Denmark, Finnland, Sweden, and Norway, I did not see the kind of almost childish behaviour that I have seen in Canada. With a Muslim population increasing in Europe, I have heard from relatives and friends that the circumcision view is changing. It is sad that a lot of women seem to be brainwashed on the idea of the foreskin being dirty. As I have stated in other posts, how do they view their own sexual orgains? The female genitalia also has creases and internal areas that can harbor dirt and smells. With the sexual organs being partialy internal would be dirty under the same philosophy. Even without washing the penis daily, little dirt accumilates. Recently I spent a week in hospital, in a situation where I could not clean my penis daily, it did not seem to create a big problem. All male animals also have a sheet or foreskin on their penis. They don't seem to have a lot off problems, not cleaing it every day. Dogs both males and females will lick their genitals in an attempt to clean themselves. If even dogs can do this, what gives some men and women an excuse to not keep themselves clean?
As for some of the females who have made ignorant remarks, would they really end a good relationship with a male who provides their needs, when they check under the hood and find a sock on his spark plug? I have seen some several tonne women who most likely can start their own cream chease factories. Should we as males insist that girls have their genitals trimmed just based on a few fat women who don't even respect their own bodies?
I have enough pride to keep my body clean. During my recent hospital stay due to bilateral pneumonia, found the strength to clean my self up or asked the nursing staff for help in doing so. I could not handle going two days withouht washing myself.
If a natural male has a problem with a smelly penis, on can conlude that the rest of the body hygiene is lacking as well. The same goes for women who don't respect themselves enough to keep themselves clean. Just like brusing once teeth cleanliness is learned behaviour.
As for some of the women stating that they hate some of us so called "Dog Cocks", I can almost fully ensure you that once you go into alder generations of your famil tree, there is at least a few uncircumcised males in there.
For those who are not God hating feminists, one has to accept the fact that Adam the first male was uncircumcised, and so were their sons. God created men in His own immage. Adam was uncircumcised, does that mean that God is too? Jesus Christ was circumcised as He was living under the covenant made with God. This covenant stated that all Jewish males had to be circumcised.
I realize that most feminist do not exept that there is a God. Most feminist most likely wish they they had a penis. The question is still the same:"Natural or circumcised."

Re: A Mixed View

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Sat, 10/03/2009 - 17:25

I would like to foremost thank you for leaving that reply. It actually is not easy at all for a lot of men to consider whether their penis ISN'T perfect or ideal - let alone talk openly about it.

I have to agree with you about how the real problem is that it is done on individual's who cannot say no... often with absolutely unjustified reasoning.

I appreciate your comments regarding hygiene, as an intact male it continually baffles me how some fail to realize that it takes 2 seconds and 2 fingers to pull back a foreskin. And who DOESN'T touch their penis in the shower? I bet a lot of men spend most of the time in the shower "cleaning" their penis. :p Let us also not forget that smegma also develops around the labia and clitoral hood of a girl - and it takes even longer to clean those folds of skin. I think it is sexist to think a woman can clean her genitals, but a man can't pull a foreskin back in the shower.

I really cannot tell you how sad I am to hear about your memories of circumcision. Having seen videos of it on Youtube, I can't bear the thought of a human being suffering that pain even if they DON'T remember it. Studies do show that circumcised infants do remember on some level, even over a month later though.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on your discussion regarding looks. Now, if someone wanted to get circumcised themselves, as an informed adult, because they preferred how it looked, that would be their choice, and I would not stop them if they knew the risks and losses they would incur. BUT, I also think its worth mentioning that when a foreskin is pulled back, it also looks tight and "gives off its full pressure"...

I also wanted to mention that some people don't see a circumcised penis as being more attractive. some feel that it looks.. barren. Missing something... which, of course it is, but to them it physically looks that way.. and I know some women who understand what is lost have expressed that seeing a circumcised penis, seeing the scar and lack of mobile skin reminds them of what actually HAPPENED to them, and this can make them feel sad and depressed for the loss of their men. I don't claim this to be the majority opinion, especially in America, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the view of Beauty on this topic is quite varied - some specifically find beauty in the foreskin itself, perhaps the way that I find the intricate folds and details so beautiful about a woman's labia or clitoral hood.

Thanks again for the comment. I also think the forum moderators are great for hosting this discussion.


24 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

Looks and Mobility

Wed, 10/07/2009 - 08:54
Forum Appreciator (not verified)

The comment about looks was solely my opinion. Just as some people like cars, some like trucks, and yet others like motorcycles. All do the same thing - take you from place to place - but are quite different, offer a different feel, and look different. Just as different penises offer a "different ride" to their partners - some may like circumcised and some not, some may like the looks, others not. I just put that there because all the people who have seen mine like how it looks and mention how they like the texture and how hard it looks, which would not be so visible to the degree it is now if I had much loose skin back there. I've seen a good many myself and the circumcised ones are always more defined. It does quite change the texture with foreskin retracted. But the stockings comparison was a sort of over-exaggeration for the sake of making a clearly understood point.

I would rather have my foreskin of course, but after the fact, restoration doesn't do much except add to what I already have, which isn't the same thing and would change the way it looks. Taking away foreskin, especially at birth as mine was done, can never be undone. In fact, doing it at birth is worse than doing it later in life, because of the broken physical bond between foreskin and the glans... and of course, not having any say in the matter, but the main drive being irreversible damage. I cannot grow new nerve endings or regenerate those special muscles in the ridged band that close up the end, my glans never had the chance to fully develop before having its protective and physically bonded foreskin ripped away - so for me, and for now, I leave it like it is, because it simply can't be undone. I might change my mind later, and would definitely be the first to volunteer if a real restoration method was developed, which I dearly hope someone is able to do. If you ever hear of such, by the way, please notify me - I'm sure my email is accessible in some manner around the forum.

I'd also like to say, regarding mobility of the circumcised shaft skin... I've read various things about what people had to say and would like to clear up something. Most seem to think the "immobility" is cause by simply not having enough skin. While this may be true is severely tight circumcisions, it is not the case in most instances. The shaft skin is rendered to a certain extent of immobility, but not to the point of not moving at all, or to the extent many have the idea of it being. My skin is still plenty mobile, as I do utilize that mobility quite often ;p
However there is a point of the shaft skin which is bonded, specifically, at the scar ring. Assuming a circumcised man could examine himself without getting erect, it becomes obvious when the shaft skin is pulled (specifically speaking, as I had tried in an attempt to get it to cover my glans) that there is scar tissue extending from the outer scar of the skin to the inner immobile part of the shaft itself, which would (in my case) prevent an otherwise adequate amount of remaining skin to cover the glans, since this scar tissue does not stretch and is connected about halfway back on the shaft. That, I believe, is what in many cases prevents the glans from being sheltered from clothing and such - the scarring simply prevents the skin from being able to travel far enough to enclose the glans. I have enough skin left to do that, and even some remaining muscles of the ridged band (made obvious by how, at the circumcision scar, my penis appears to always be choked a bit there during partial erection). If not for the *inner* scar tissue, I would have a covered glans even though I'm circumcised. Granted not to the extent of an intact penis, but especially when it is at it's minimum length, it would be covered. Most "immobility" that is referred to is because if this inner bit of scar tissue, tying down the otherwise free sliding skin to the shaft at whatever point the circumcision scar happens to be.
All that is just to clear up and define exactly how "mobility" is affected and seen on a circumcised penis. Mobility has not so much effect on the erect penis as it does the unaroused one (set aside some issues with sex and the "gliding action" of the foreskin, but a circumcised penis does not necessarily have immobile skin when erect). One of the most obvious give-aways of a circumcision is visibility of the glans on the unaroused penis, which would not be a problem if not for the connecting scar tissue.

I'm am uncut and I was very

Fri, 09/04/2009 - 21:46
Anonymous User (not verified)

I'm am uncut and I was very shy about letting my friends know. They all have cut
ones and I thought I would be an outcast but your comments make me feel much better. Thank you all very much

Women of America, learn to accept the foreskin...

Thu, 08/27/2009 - 01:58
Anonymous User (not verified)

It is a woman's privilege to wash the tackle of any man with whom she becomes intimate. And a woman should definitely exercise that privilege the first couple of times with an intact man. And if she has any doubts about him subsequently, she should have him detour through the bath.

Some people like the challenge of new experiences, to explore the unfamiliar. American women like that will be open minded about foreskin. Other people prefer the familiar, the tried and true. They want to order the same thing over and over in the Great Cafeteria of Life. American women like that have trouble with foreskin, because they never saw one while growing up.

When the woman I've been married to for a little over 20 years went through puberty, she went to the library of the smallest country town, and read the encyclopedia article on the male equipment. While the diagram wasn't super-explicit, it did mention foreskin. She was very puzzled, because no boy she saw pee in the back yard when she 4 or 5 looked like that. I think she learned what circ meant from her first (cut) boyfriend, I'm not sure.

While she was in college, she had a boyfriend who was born in Europe and so had all his bits. And so she discovered how the head emerges from the skin, how the loose skin makes HJ much easier, how it doesn't interfere with oral, how it makes the penis look less aggressive and threatening. She knows how to turn a foreskin into a tiny rose blossom. She's never felt that it makes much difference during vaginal, but that's probably because she's been careful with condoms. My SO had other foreign lovers after this guy. So at a time when almost all middle class USA men around her age were cut, my future wife was learning everything about the foreskin. When I entered the picture, she had zero issues with it. For her, it's simply nature's way, which we should all learn to accept.

Circumcision is a nicer way

Tue, 08/25/2009 - 13:48
Mak B (not verified)

Circumcision is a nicer way of saying MALE GENITAL MUTILATION and, in most cases, WITHOUT the mutilated persons consent!!

I was Circumcised, and I am now regrowing what was taken from me. AND it is working!! It is a slow process, but I know I will be normal again soon!

I've Had it Both Ways

Fri, 08/07/2009 - 18:50

I realize I'm probably making myself a bit of a target by jumping in on this discussion, but I have a little bit of a special perspective on this issue, having had it both ways. My parents were immigrants from Europe (where circumcision has never been a custom) and so unlike the vast majority of my peers I wasn't snipped as a newborn. I did, however, get circumcised at the age of 32, for non-medical reasons. My wife wanted to have our son circumcised because of her Jewish roots, and so I figured that if he couldn't "match" me, I could still "match" him (just to avoid any issues with sexual identification on his part).

What about sensitivity? That's the question everybody has, since the story goes that circumcision reduces it. Well, that's both true *and* false. Logically, a part of the body that's covered most of the time is going to be more sensitive than one that's constantly exposed, and truth be told the tip of my penis did become a little less sensitive from rubbing against underwear and such. However, it was more of a loss in tactile sensitivity, which is to say that the glans becomes a little less sensitive to touch, but sexual stimulation (blowjobs, intercourse, etc.) feel every bit as wonderful.  Orgasms, of course, are the same. The only real difference I've noticed is that I can last a bit longer now. 

Most women I've known have expressed a preference for the "cut version", but I certainly never got kicked out of bed when I was unsnipped. Some of my partners seemed quite fascinated by my foreskin, having never seen one before. When we were first dating, my wife Sue would study it carefully, rolling it up and down. Sometimes for laughs she would do this "stupid penis trick":  just as I was about to cum she would pull the foreskin all the way up and pinch it closed at the tip, then watch as it balooned out, catching every drop of my ejaculate. I think that was more fun for her than for me. Wink

One thing I will say is that it's much easier to give handjobs to an uncircumcised cock. A lot of guys are cut so tight they nude lubricant of some kind of jerk off properly. Fortunately, the urologist who clipped me left me a cuff of loose skin on the shaft, so I can still masterbate or get a handjob easily without it.

This is purely anecdotal, of course, but Sue and I have these friends, a mostly lesbian couple who are as close to us as family, whom we share the occasional sexual frolic with. When I asked them if they prefered me before or after they both cried, "Circumcised!" I was shocked, since they both said they liked the fact I was unsnipped. When I called them on this they replied: "We were being nice!" As for my wife, when I asked her what her preference was, she said,"A dick is a dick. Clipped tip or not, as long as it gets up, in and off I'm a happy gal!"

newbiehere doesn't like the

Fri, 08/07/2009 - 18:08
Anonymous User (not verified)

newbiehere doesn't like the Pig in a Blanket. She cannot see that a girl's first impressions of the penis can be lasting ones. If, while growing up, every penis you see on a brother, on a baby whose nappy is getting changed, is cut, it is very understandable that the first natural penis you see on a lover may strike you as ugly, sexually weird, and harbouring germs underneath. This imprinting is a form of social conditioning, and is a powerful factor in the formation of sexual expectations.

When it comes to sex, some Americans are plain vanilla, and others are sexual athletes. Worst of all are the middle class people who think they are sophisticated when in fact they are provincial. In the American world of my youth, heaps of kids had never heard of the foreskin, or thought that everyone born in a hospital was circumcised. Many women of my generation were surprised during their first affair with a foreigner they met in college.

Awareness of social conditioning, and the curiosity to move beyond it, are very much related to a person's overall sophistication. And formal education can do much to enhance this sophistication. I conjecture that middle class American women with a college degree in liberal arts tend to be more accepting of uncut lovers, as are older women because older women are more accepting of human variety.

intact men should be slow and gentle with younger American women, because they may be in need of some nontrivial hands-on sex education. A man should also be meticulously clean when presenting himself to a lover.

The Dick That Strokes Itself!

Tue, 08/04/2009 - 17:20
Dictaste (not verified)

This is the 3rd uncut memember that I have been with.
No preference really, I like both. It probably depends on the guy that it's attached to.
Currently, I have been with an uncircumcised one for 4 years now. He has a very nice looking cock. Smooth, thin clean foreskin.
This is the cock that has made me a Foreskin Fan!
Someone earlier said that foreskin makes for more work during the BJ?
What the hell? The foreskin is my go-to guy when I'm lazy during BJ or handjobs! It's the dick that strokes itself!
I completely agree with a previous comment about "as long as it's clean and hard, I'm happy".
I couldn't agree more.
As long as you bathe thoroughly and regularly, MALE or FEMALE, then your genitals shouldn't be stinky.
I do wonder about what sort of microbes, yeast, bacteria, and what other living things can live in the foreskin, but that's just because I think about the germs on everything I touch or put in my body....
but that's a whole other story.

I have been with 3 men. The

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 15:22
Anonymous User (not verified)

I have been with 3 men. The first one was circumcised, and seemed to have lost a lot of sensitivity as a result. Guy #2 was uncut, and was so sensitive he tended to be a "minute man." ;) The man I'm with now is uncut as well, and has the most beautiful penis, and it always smells nice (it helps that he's really thorough when washing himself). He's a fantastic lover, and has good stamina. Everyone I've ever met that's uncut is glad to be, and I have several circumcised friends who wish they weren't. So, everyone is entitled to their preferences. If I ever have a son, I will leave him natural.

I'm a 21-year-old woman and

Sun, 07/05/2009 - 00:24
Anonymous User (not verified)

I'm a 21-year-old woman and I've only had one sexual partner. He is intact and I love it. I am from the U.S. so I grew up thinking of circumcised as the 'norm' and so I was a little surprised to find that my partner wasn't. I wasn't at all "grossed out" as some of you have said. I can't say that I notice a difference because I've never been with a circumcised man. I can say that the claim that intact men don't last as long isn't always the case, that's all a matter of the man and how well he can control his body. My boyfriend has great stamina and great control over his body. I'd never really given the topic much thought until now, but I think that Joelface is correct. There really is no point in circumcision any more and if I have a son I will choose to leave him intact.

I love my man's penis just as it is, but I don't think that cut men should feel insecure either. To men both cut and uncut, any woman that says she's "grossed out" has problems of her own. It's all about accepting yourself either way and loving the body that you have. To women that are prejudice against men based solely on whether they're cut or uncut: how would you feel if a man took a look at your genitals and gagged or said he was too grossed out/turned off to be with you? Mortified. There's a lot more to choosing a partner than their genitals.

I think we all just need to learn to be more comfortable with our own bodies and to accept others' bodies as well. The human body is a beautiful thing no matter shape, size or color.

Sorry, this ended up being much longer than I intended.

A wonderful post! You embody sex positivity

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Sun, 07/05/2009 - 15:45


Thank-you for the mature, pro-sex response. I think its clear that an intelligent, open, loving woman (aka a woman who would make a great partner) is NOT going to judge a man based on whether he is circumcised or intact. She might have a slight aesthetic preference, or a large moral objection to the practice of it, but as you said, choosing a partner is about SO much more important things.

You are only 21, but you are wise. Thank you for writing Intact instead of uncircumcised as well. I guess you probably wouldn't want your privates to be called uncircumcised either.

I hope your post will open the minds of some of the previous posters, and new readers of this thread.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

to joelface

newbiehere's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 00:59

you have your opinion because you are UNCUT. if you were circumsized you might think completely different. all of our life experiences and the way that our bodies are creates our opinions. and you cannot say that someone's opinion makes them a bad person or an immature person or a superficial person. everyone has personal PREFERENCES. and i'm sorry, but i refuse to give up the right to think something grosses me out. if you HATED lima beans and they made you gag to even see them, would it be fair to say that you were immature because you didn't love lima beans and weren't open to eating lima beans? no, that's ludicrous, because it's your opinion and your right to like what you like and not like what you don't like. the post was asking opinions, and gee, my opinion is that intact penises are UGLY and every single man that i've met that IS uncut is UNCLEAN. that is what has shaped my opinion and my own personal visual preference. it isn't right or wrong, because it's MY OPINION. every single experience i HAVE had with intact penises has been NEGATIVE, which has also shaped my preference and opinion. if you were attacked and mauled by a dog when you were a kid, that shapes and affects your reaction to and your opinion of dogs whether you like it or not... it does. so, i reserve the right to think intact penises look disgusting, all that extra skin looks nasty, and "slippery, lubed" penises (words that have been used to describe intact penises on this site) kinda makes me ill to even think of. i have NO desire to be with a man that is intact and i ask flat out every single man i date whether they are cut or uncut, because i'm not going to have sex let alone put an intact penis in my mouth, so i'm not even going to bother dating them. and to the poster who said how would i feel if i were judged for what my genitalia looked like, well, duh, that's why i ASK my partner, and if they don't like it, then that's their RIGHT to not like what it looks like, and i wouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't like what i look like, so why would an intact man want to be with someone whose personal preference is someone who is cut? everyone has preferences about who they date, whether it's if they're uncircumsized or if they are TALLER THAN THEM or if they are BLONDE. i'm sorry, but every single person in this world has a PREFERENCE to who they want to be with. it's a preference and you can't flame me for my preferences.  that'd be like me flaming someone for saying, "i just dont like to date unintelligent people" and trying to say, "oh, but come on, they're a person TOO"...   or how about this joelface -- would you date a girl who was over 500 lbs?  i seriously doubt it. so any kind of reason YOU wouldn't date a girl is what i'm going to throw in your face for your comment of, " is NOT going to judge a man based on whether he is circumcised or intact."  and don't go and tell me that you WOULD date a girl over 500lbs. i don't even want to hear that. so please. we all have preferences, so back off.

You can find me at:

While I completely respect

Fri, 12/11/2009 - 21:27
Anonymous (not verified)

While I completely respect and support your right to an opinion, I think you are being unnecessarily cruel by claiming that uncircumcised penis’s are barf worthy. You claim that your dislike for an uncut penis is comparable to a child’s dislike of lima beans. There is something inherently wrong with this analogy. A man’s penis is a very personal, vital aspect of himself, and to say that he is ugly is to insult his very identity.

Disliking a man for being uncut is comparable to a man being turned off by a woman with brown nipples or one who has protruding labia minora. I don’t look like the average Caucasian American woman, and I sometimes worry that my differences will turn men off. My personal confusion and distaste for my nether regions stems from my exposure to “normal” female anatomy in books, pictures and video. In these pictures, labia are always pink, delicate, “pretty” and hairless. I don’t look like that in my natural state and for the longest time I was afraid to let anyone look at my privates for fear of turning them off. However I have grown to realize that everyone is different; women come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and they are all beautiful in they’re own way. There is no reason to believe men can’t be the same way

I am only 20 and lack sexual experience, but even I realize that security and comfort are necessary to form a relationship. If I have to worry that my partner will want to throw up when he sees my vulva I’m not going to want to become more intimate. Your post surprised me. I worried once that someone, someday, would look at my body and think “hmm that’s different…. I don’t think I want to do this”. Now I fear, someone out there may be asinine enough to think “WTF, why do you look like that! I think I’m going to be sick”. I am not hideously ugly, just young and insecure, but I don’t like knowing that people can be so closed minded.

I would not judge anyone if they were turned off by my appearance. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and they are entitled to their opinions. However, you cannot expect to comment about something so inherently linked to body image and not expect to get burned.

Very well stated

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 13:18


I really apreciate your post. There is far more about a person than just a penis alone. This said, I cannot agree with routine circumcision of a boy not being able to decide for himself.
In today's society there is no need for circumcision, most of us have a means fo cleaning ourseves on a daily basis.
Since when is there an improvement from amputating any part of the human body? Sure there are nut cases who call this form of mutilation a boy modification. The difference is that these people make the decision in their adult life. The decision is their's and no one is making it for them.
Most males with the expeption of a few males with hypospadias are born with a foreskin. The same way that we are born with only one nose, tow ears and eyes, one mouth, two hands, arms, legs, feet and so on. Should we change this because some of use feel that they are better off with one leg.
In 2000, I lost a testicle due to complications from a vasectomy, this took place about a year after the vasectomy. As much as I would have preferred that this did not take place, I opted for the vasectomy so I have the expept the results. As I have learned from an online group of men who have lost a testicle, there are many crazies out there who remove a testicle(s) on their own or have it done by some back yard butcher. Again the consequenses of this can be as serious as death. Yet thy make the decision, and not a parent or guardian. The stupid idea of having a boy look like dad is utter nonsense. While the boy is growing up his penis will be much smaller than dad's, should we perform surgery to make it larger, so that he does not feel left out?
I really apreciate your post. Right below it is a post from a lady?. who claims that she was attracted to her husband due to the fact that he is circumcised. I feel sorry for both as this lady cannot sem to reason that most of us in relationships can care less if the guy is circumcised or not. To me it has to do with the character of my spouse.
With my wife having been raised in Canada and I having been raised in the Netherlands, my wife certainly was not used to me being uncircumcised (natural.) Yet she choose me for more than just my penis. I can only wonder how serious a relationship really is when the condition of the males penis is a determining factor for being in a relationship or not. If this woman has turned down potential mates because they were natural, it makes me wonder if she would leave her husband if he required a surgery that changed his body? An example being an amputation of a leg. I hope that this ignorant woman will wake up and realize the stupidity in what she has mentioned.
As for a relationship anyhow, there would have been no chance in the world that I would ever have considered a female like her any ways. I have been happily married to my wife for the last 21 years. In this time there have been a lot of changes in my life, body that I do not have control over. With the changes having had to do with my genitals my wife has adjusted to things without complaining. One of the changes took place in March of 2008, where I ended up with a urethral catheter in place. As a result sexual activity has not been possible for the last 3 years and most likely will not change.
The female who posted the remark below would most likely have left her husband if he experienced the same problems that I have. This ladies love seems to be very supervisual.

You don't want to know, eh?

Sat, 12/12/2009 - 04:47

Anonymous wrote, "I don’t like knowing."

Then close your eyes and plug your ears because everyone has things they like and things they don't like.  That's what attraction is all about.

I would certainly not marry a man that I am not attracted to. And I'm not somehow going to become attracted to a man just because he thinks he is attractive.  He may be attractive to millions of other women, that does nothing for me.  There are plenty of fish in the sea. There's a lot of competition out there.  He can fall in love wth one of those other women.  To suggest that I must not hurt his feelings is folly.  Men face rejection from women every day.  If men are that insecure, that's their problem, not mine.  Only they can get over their own insecurities.  It's not my job to stroke their egos.  They don't need my approval.  They should be happy with themselves the way they are regardless of what that is.

My husband is circumcised and he is happy.  He is happy with himself and he is happy with me.  He's is happy with my preferences and I am happy with his.  I chose him based on my preferences and he chose me based on his.  To have done otherwise would have been very foolish indeed.

Thank-you, Anonymous.

Joelface's picture
Fri, 12/11/2009 - 22:37

That was a very personal and powerful thing to share on these boards. Sure, it is the right of someone to hold the opinion that someone's natural, normal, healthy body is "barf worthy".. but that doesn't make it respectable. Your post helped to illustrate that.

I think that circumcision-preferences only magnify the issue, because it suggests that the only way for someone to not be "barf worthy" is to actually take action, and cut off valuable parts of their body.. parts that EVERY person is born with.

Of course, if it were just one person who held such an opinion, it would be easy to disregard them as crazy. However, in American culture.. this preference is fairly wide-spread.. mostly out of a total misunderstanding of what the foreskin is, what its purpose is, and even how it really looks.

The end result is a message being spread by these people who hold such a message.. that it is not good enough to simply be yourself.. you must be 'fixed' to be suitable for a partner.. altered, and changed to not be "disgusting" and "barf worthy" as you were born. This is a very dirty, hateful message to spread to all men.

There is nothing respectable about holding such an opinion. JUST as it would not be respectable to hold such an opinion about women's genitals.


24 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

I never said you don't have the RIGHT to like what you want.

Joelface's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 01:11

I know that my opinion is not entirely because I am intact because I know many circumcised men who have reiterated the same thing. I know many women who also agree with me. Of course our opinions are shaped by our experiences, but thats no excuse to just have ANY opinion you please.

Lima Beans is an odd comparison, but in any case, I am not suggesting you need to suddenly like intact penises. All I said was that it was not sex-positive thinking. Look at what THIS site is about. Look through the genital art gallery, and listen to Betty Dodson's message after meeting with hundreds of women. The variety and shapes of genitals is astounding, and she has to fight with these cultural ideals imposed upon women to have very specifically shaped genitals - ideals which alienate and embarass many women. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross BOTH fight against these ideals, teaching women to embrace themselves.

Your opinion that any man who doesn't undergo a form of genital mutilation is disgusting and unclean is in direct contradiction to that message. It would be similar to a man suggesting that women with longer labia were dirty and gross without having undergone labiaplasty.

Go AHEAD and like what you want, truly, but don't expect me to respect it. The main reason I posted was to point out the actual absurdity of how you came to your conclusions.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada


newbiehere's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 01:24

it's only absurd to YOU how i came to my conclusions. my opinions are formed just fine to me. and so what you're saying in your posts are that you are better than all the circumsized men b/c you're natural. well, how is that any better? i have asked every single man i've ever been with if they would have prefered to be intact and every single one of the has said "HELL NO" and all of my friends, family members, etc that i have talked to about what type of penis they prefer? well, guess what, every single one of them said CIRCUMSIZED. and these are women who have been with both. so just because you say "i know many circumsized men who reiterated thes ame thing and know many woman who also agree with me" - well, same here. doesn't prove anything except the circle of people who surround you and your life. there are different people with different opinions everywhere, and because i prefer what i prefer and have my opinions doesn't make me anti-sex or against anythign that has to do with this site or with betty. and to counter your arguement about it being similar if a man suggested women with long labia were dirty and gross, well, yeah, i'd EXPECT them to think that if every woman they'd come in contact with who had long labia WAS dirty and gross. do you actually think that every single person, man or woman, out there washes every day? or even every WEEK? let alone pays specific attention to every fold or layer of skin in their genitalia? please. that's just naive to think that. there are PLENTY of disgusting, foul, dirty nasty people out there who do NOT bathe every day, who do NOT fold back their foreskin and wash under it... i mean, hell, there's a guy on this site who said he never pulled it back his entire life til he was 14 and spent forever in the shower cleaning it out when he did... that's 14 years. that's disgusting. no, maybe noone told him he should so it wasn't his fault, but there are some LAZY LAZY people out there, men AND women, who i can guarantee you are FUNKY down below and i have PLENTY of people that *I* know that can attest to that. i don't think how i formed my preference is absurd at all. i think your not respecting my opinion is absurd.

i also take an extreme amount of offense to you insinuating that i am not an "intelligent, open, loving woman (aka a woman who would make a great partner)" just because i prefer cut men. i am extremely intelligent, extremely loving, and very passionate partner. what i prefer doesn't affect that.

You can find me at:

Don't put words in my mouth.

Joelface's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 01:35

Hygiene and circumcision is a totally different issue. If someone doesn't bathe enough, the solution is not to take a scalpel to their privates... its to wash more. Same solution with women.

The reason why I pointed out that many women and circumcised men agreed with me was to point out the falsehood of your assertion that I only felt the way I did because I was intact.

If I was with a woman who wasn't clean, I would have a problem with her hygiene, not with her labia. I wouldn't respect a man who couldn't comprehend that concept either.

I do not think I am better than anyone for being intact, and infact, I am glad that they are satisified with their current state. But, I do have a problem with people perpetuating stereotypes and myths, and with people having the procedure performed on infants despite the fact that no medical organization in the WORLD recommends the procedure to be routinely performed on infants.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

perpetuating myth

newbiehere's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 01:42

i am not perpetuating a stereotype or myth if i came to my decision on my own and if i believe it. it may be a myth that it's a necessary procedure, but it's not a myth that i personally do not LIKE intact penises.

i'm not pro or anti anything, i'm just saying what i like or don't like. i'm not sitting here with a scalpal and a smile asking for all infant boys to be brought to me. i am not in support of mutilation. i'm support of what i find aesthetically pleasing, so i'm sayin', BRING ON THE CIRCUMSIZED PENISES PLEASE! b/c that's what I LIKE.

tons of women and i mean TONS. the percentages are OUTRAGEOUS for the amount, who are getting breast implants now. i mean it is RIDICULOUSLY common. 14-16 yr old girls getting implants too... isn't that mutilation? isn't that the same thing? and yet, i see the VAST majority of both men AND women saying BRING ON THE BOOBS. and an overwhelming amount of both sexes in full on support of it. but i don't see anyone protesting breast implants. or flaming people for being pro-implants and saying that are anti-natural and anti-sex because of it.

i'm done with this arguing. it's pointless.

You can find me at:

The difference is consent.

Joelface's picture
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 01:51

I wouldn't protest a man's right to be able to choose to get circumcised for himself (though I'd find it a silly thing to do on his part). I also don't LIKE fake breasts, and would find it incredibly irresponsible of a parent to allow a 14-16 year old girl to get them.

But circumcising an infant removes sexually sensitive, functional, healthy, genital tissue including thousands and thousands of fine-touch nerve endings similar to those found in the fingertips and lips. It provides sexual functionality - the gliding mechanism, and removes protection of the glans and urethral opening. Worst of all.. it does it without the consent of the individual. They grow up without a clue as to what they are missing, and they never got a say. I don't think its okay to remove ANY healthy, functional part of a person without their informed consent. THAT is my problem.

Again, I'll say this another time.. GO AHEAD and like whatever you want, even though your assumptions that all intact men are dirty is obviously untrue, if thats a preference you want to live by, I am not going to try and stop you. You can also prefer men with sub-incisions too, if you want. Hopefully you just won't give your future sons tattoos and piercings and other body mods to suit your sexual preference as well.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada


Mon, 06/22/2009 - 07:11

I have to agree with Joelface. That comment was litlle insulting. I have uncut penis and i do keep it clean all the time - thats very important to me. I cant say i preffer it uncircumcised, but i dont see a reason why have it circumcised. Actually i quite like natural look of human body parts, mainly the obvious women parts, like breasts, vagina, but non-sexual parts too.  Same when it comes to cocks. I am not bisexual or gay, but i like to look at men's galleries too, sometmes it can turn me on.

good-lloking non-circumcised guys

Mon, 06/15/2009 - 22:16
Anonymous User (not verified)

Guys in circumcising communities who feel isolated because they're not circumcised and women who are unfamiliar with intact guys should visit these pages for pictures of some good-looking intact guys (with closeups, NSFW):
and these for some famous intact guys (portraits only, SFW):


Sun, 06/14/2009 - 14:42
Anonymous User (not verified)

I am a male with a circumcised penis. I love my penis but would love to have had the chance to choose. I think an uncircumcised penis is beautiful if there is not too much skin. I love the smell and taste of a clean uncut penis. If a guy is not clean I refuse to suck him, but that has only happened once, most guys I've met keep themselves clean. An uncut penis feels nice too. I guess when you get right down to it both are nice but i lean toward having fun with an uncircumcised penis.

i don't understand...

newbiehere's picture
Wed, 06/10/2009 - 19:56

OK. I have never been with an uncircumsized man, and I prefer to know if a guy I am dating is cut or uncut as soon as possible and BEFORE I have any contact with it. If a guy didn't tell me and I ended up being intimate with him and found out he was UNcut, I'd leave. I definitely wouldn't continue dating him. I think that needs to be something someone knows upfront, like if you're a transexual. I personally LOVE watching my significant other walking around nude, and I literally gag when I see a flacid uncircumsized penis. I've thrown up before too. And to make it worse, they're usually crusty and men who I've known are UNcircumsized scratch themselves a LOT MORE than men who are circumsized. I have a LOT of problems with ANY man's cleanliness  in general, just being men. Men are known as a stereotype for not being the most hygenic of the sexes... that whole wearing their underwear twice by turning inside out is a stereotype for a reason. So no thanks.

I also just don't UNDERSTAND how an uncut works during sex, hand jobs, etc. Yeah, the foreskin pulls down off the head when it's erect, but the skin IS attached to the shaft, right? So, when you're plowing away, how does that little piece that holds the whole thing onto your shaft NOT get ripped off? I just don't understand how it works. It is WAY too complicated and too many places for extra bacteria and gunk to hang out.

I also have babysat PLENTY of small boys, some cut and some uncut and I noticed that the uncircumsized ones were playing with themselves ALL THE TIME. I'm sorry, but I don't want my little boys walking around playing with their cocks all the time. Men don't seem to need any more sensititivy in my opinion either. They're plenty sensitive enough.

And aside from all of that, a CUT cock is just SO much more attractive. I don't know.... just my preference. They DO look different - yes even when erect - so I prefer a cleaner, simpler look, which is CUT.

I personally think you should feel ashamed for that comment.

Joelface's picture
Mon, 06/15/2009 - 21:18

so, your entire post is litered with absurd comments, like comparing a man with a natural penis to a transexual, and suggesting uncircumcised men scratch themselves more. It is definitely clear that you don't know what you are talking about through most of the post. You've never been with a guy with a foreskin, yet you have all kinds of ideas about what you don't like about them.

That said, you are TOTALLY free to have whatever preference you want, but don't think that judging someone based on those merits isn't completely superficial and anti-sex. Because that is EXACTLY what it is. I feel bad for anyone who would consider dating a girl with opinions similar to your own.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

Circumcised! They are so

Wed, 06/10/2009 - 13:55
stephanie (not verified)

Circumcised! They are so much cleaner and better looking. They have big pink heads that show all the time and I just want to kiss them And they feel better in sex.


starbuck's picture
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 04:15

I have an uncut cock and have never had a problem with it. Of course I have to be more particular with hygene, but then who doesn't. My gf prefers an uncut cock and she certainly likes mine, but having said that we both think it looks more attractive when erect and with the foreskin peeled back over the head as is shown in my photographs. That is the only thing I have against foreskin, it does nothing to enhance the beauty of an erect cock which is why I refuse to have mine photographed with the head covered up. I always roll it back to expose the head.

I am 20 years old and uncut

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 01:24
anonymous User (not verified)

I am 20 years old and uncut untill today i had not done much research on this subject and was very shy of my "uncutness" howewver the more i read the more i feel better about myself i am just so nervous that when the moment comes she will laugh scream and run it is something no one knows about me and after researching it im beginning not to care what anyone thinks however i would still like to hear from the ladies especially the ladies from the USA and what they think on the matter

My boyfriend has an

Sat, 05/09/2009 - 01:48
Anonymous User (not verified)

My boyfriend has an uncircumcised penis and it is very sensitive during oral sex..i feel bad sometimes cause i can get pretty rough and he says that it hurts when i first saw it i kind of got disgusted but got used to it

Any tips on giving good oral

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 17:24
Anonymous User (not verified)

Any tips on giving good oral sex to the uncircumscised man? I'm new to this

I know some say that its the

Sat, 05/02/2009 - 19:09
Anonymous User (not verified)

I know some say that its the same. And some people say its different. Today was my first time seeing an uncircumcised penis and i was totally grossed out. I dont know how it would feel good. Yes, with the condom its all the same.. well at some level. I'm saying im going to leave my guy bec of it, but I dont turned on by it and when we are getting hot and bothered i just remember it and get turned off..I guess you can get it removed?? He guess wants to do that..idk much info on that tho.

Re I know some say that it is the

Sun, 06/13/2010 - 11:08
rmprdl1964 (not verified)

You must have grown up only seeying circumcised males. All males are born with a foreskin so this is natural and normal way for a male to be. Circumcision is no different than havin any body part amputated. As long as an uncircumcised male practices good penile hygiene, this is the way that it should be.

It seems to be the norm in the US and Canada for males to get circumcised at birth. Due to that sadly most people grow up thinking that a circumcised penis is the normal way that a penis should be. For the same reason they can't seem to know what the benefits of an uncircumcised penis are.

Grow Up.

Joelface's picture
Sun, 05/03/2009 - 00:28

When men respond this way to women with average-to-larger labia, I just shake my head and think of how shallow and pathetic they are.

And, not suprisingly, I feel the exact same disgust towards your comment. You think a man should have thousands upon thousands of nerve endings removed from his penis because you aren't used to it? Your attitude is VERY anti-sex, and I hope you will re-evaluate your perspective on this subject.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada


Mon, 05/04/2009 - 06:09
Anonymous User (not verified)

your comment has some merit, but I'd like to point out that the removal of these nerves is not necessarily anti-sex. I have been circumcised from birth, and I don't feel like my sexual pleasure or stimulation is less than that of my uncircumcised friends, according to the encounters we've discussed. Beyond that, one of my friends was uncircumcised and chose to get a circumcision at age 13 because his penis was often overly sensitive and for a few other reasons. He says that he actually began to receive more pleasure from masturbating (at that age he was not sexually active) because the slight reduction in sensitivity enabled him to last longer before reaching orgasm.

Circumcision IS Anti-Sex.

Joelface's picture
Mon, 05/04/2009 - 23:25

In my comment I was specifically reffering to HER comment as anti-sex. That said, I do feel that amputation of healthy, sexually-sensitive tissue is anti-sex as well.

Now, I am not in ANY way trying to tell you that you shouldn't enjoy your penis and sex life. You enjoy the pleasure you feel, and that should not be ignored. However, the foreskin contains high concentrations of fine-touch nerve endings similar to those found in the fingertips and lips. The rest of the penis does not provide a person with these sensations, especially not to the same degree. So, there is NO DOUBT that removing the foreskin removes sensation. The mere fact that there IS sensation in the foreskin is proof enough that that removing it removes sensation.

If a man is over-sensitive, that can be solved by simply touching it, washing it in the shower, and pulling back the foreskin frequently. A very simple and easily solved problem that doesn't require amputation of the foreskin! I know a lot of 13 year old girls who'd probably want plastic surgery done on their bodies, especially if it was because of something that made them feel different. I don't think a 13 year old is really old enough to make a good decision about something like that.

Studies have not shown that circumcision is an effective way to deal with premature ejaculation. Many men, circumcised and not, suffer from it, and its attributed not to an excess of sensation, but rather a person's state of mind, experience level, and the strength of their PC muscles. The best way to deal with premature ejaculation is to do regular kegel excercises. That way you won't lose sensation, you can still cum fast if you want, but you can also control yourself better, and last longer when you want to. That is really the ideal solution.


23 - M - Critical Relativist and Feminist (Equalist) - Canada

Both are nice

normallynude's picture
Sun, 04/26/2009 - 20:41

 I was curcumcised at birth. I wish now that I wasn't, but it was not my choice to make. In the 60's it seemed that all males were circumcised. When my son was born we chose to leave him un-cut. My sister-in-law was agast, as she thought he would be made fun of in school and ridiculed as being different. He is now  almost 20 and I asked him about being uncirmcised. He responded that nobody ever made a comment about it and he is glad that he is uncircumcised.

I don't know what the ratio is, but there are a lot more uncircumcised men in their young 20's then when I was in my yound 20's. based on my informal locer room pollLaughing

Neither uncirumcisd, cirumcisd !!!!

coldnsteelpa's picture
Mon, 04/20/2009 - 03:11

HMMMM I not circumcisd But yet my foreskin dose not cover the head of my penis! When i was about 10 years old i was interested in pulling the foreskin back, the skin was still intact to the base of the head or the rige.... Then over time i found by pulling back too far the foreskin was letting go around the rige, bit by bit over time... After that my dick looked like i was circumcised, the foreskin could be pulled back fully! And since then that's the way it stayed! Most women beleive that i am circumcised but have a hard time telling them that im not! I still have foreskin that can fully cover back over the head! but not when it's  erected, cause the skin rolls back! Now that im in the 40's i have got used to having the foreskin fully coverd. So it's good thing that im both uncircumcised and circumcised!! Best of both worlds. I never had any problems with my foreskin guess im lucky!


Same here

Fri, 12/04/2009 - 19:55
Anonymous (not verified)

I am the same way. I was not circumcised as a baby and over time, by masterbating, the skin now does not cover the head of my penis. I wondered how common this was and most girls I've been with do not believe me when I tell them I was, as I call myself, self-circumsized.

I like penis!

Sun, 04/19/2009 - 21:59
carlisleorama (not verified)

I agree with several of the other comments on here that a penis is a penis. I like 'em both ways! I have never noticed any difference in how they feel, I have not had a lover who was "more sensitive" because he was uncircumsized. I do like to play with the foreskin during oral sex, but that's no reason for me to like that better. Frankly, it's a bit of a distraction sometimes! I can go either way, it's all great.

Vive le difference

Sun, 04/19/2009 - 09:45
Tiny Clit

Whenever I see an uncircumsized cock, I think "dog cock" and it's a real turn OFF for me.  I'm not putting down uncircumsized men, just saying that they turn me off big time.  Nothing I can do about it.  Nothing they can do about it.  That's just the way it is.  Vive le difference I guess.  BTW, my guy is circumsized and I love his cock.


Wed, 04/01/2009 - 13:22
Anonymous (not verified)

Uncircumcised is a silly term - it implies that circumcised is the default. Ridiculous. Give me a natural, uncut, intact, whole penis any day over a mutilated one. Soooo much better. In fact, oddly enough with living in the U.S., my first ever sex partner was intact. I was a bit spoiled by that I suppose. I was surprised, after we broke up, at how different sex was with circumcised men. I actually thought I was pregnant (spot bleeding) when in fact it was just that the rough, keratinized, unsheathed penis of my new partner had scrapped my insides, creating small tears! Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an intact man here in the U.S. and I ended up marrying a cut one. I am currently trying to convince him to do foreskin restoration. Even that, though, would just make sex better for me and slightly better for him (he would gain back the sensitivity in his glans and not lose it and become impotent later in life) - it could never bring back the joy there is in stimulating the foreskin of the man who owns it. It is SO much different than stimulating a continuously keratinizing penis head - and it is so much better. Other's comments above are absolutely right. We MUST NOT circumcise our sons (I have a daughter, but if I do one day have a son I would NEVER have him cut) unless there is an extremely compelling medical reason to do so - end even then, only after we have had at least one second opinion!

To the guy who posted about his insecurities on being whole: . You do not have to read the whole thing: just the last section titled "Discussion" - it will tell you the results of the study. Don't worry, and laugh at any woman who rejects you for being intact. She is mistaken, and is the one missing out.


Tue, 03/31/2009 - 21:03
Anonymous User (not verified)

Here's mine:

Nothin' special but part of the growing uncut alliance...

Being a circumcised male,

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Fri, 03/27/2009 - 04:42

Being a circumcised male, as soon as I heard I wasn't as sensitive as someone who hadn't had that done, I was jealous. It also doesn't help to hear that some girls like it that much more.

That being said. I still like my penis a lot. I'm not afraid to show it, and as long as I can please a woman fully I've got no issue with it.