I'd LOVE to please a woman orally, but...

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 16:16
Submitted by LegsCrossedLover

Hello You Two…

In the interest of full disclosure, today is the first time I’ve ever seen your youtube videos or viewed your website. I’ve now been captivated for hours. You are both funny as hell, and extremely smart and informative for all. Dr. Betty could keep me laughing all night, and I hope I don’t offend when I say I’m in total lust with Carlin. What a beautiful woman whose smile alone gets me


I could go on and on with the compliments, but I’m actually writing about a subject I saw a girl asking in your forum. She couldn’t get her boyfriend to give her oral sex, and had a few interesting solutions which you pretty much told her not to

bother with. You see, I’ve got the same problem, accept I’m on the giving end of the issue.

I’m a 55 year old, never married straight male. I’ve come close a couple times, but never tied the knot. I’ve only been with approximately 10-12 women give or take, and hold on to your hat… I haven’t had sex now for over 15 years! That’s so depressing to think about, let alone admit. Even though I’m getting older, I still masturbate 4-5 times a week, but I live alone in a dumpy mobile home, and don’t have the financial resources to attract women or get into the dating


As for my past relationships, a couple were around 5 years, a couple 2-3 years, and one for 10 years. The rest were short term or one night. My main road block is lack of confidence “outside” the bedroom. Once that door closes, I’m fully confident, and have been told more than once I’m a very good & generous lover.

Here’s my problem. Out of the dozen women I’ve been with, I’ve only really been able to give oral sex to 3 of them. (and 2 of those were a challenge) There’s only one woman I was with who was SO clean and tasted so good I could do her all night if she wanted. I know “some of it” had to do with hygiene, because even her ass smelled like a bubble bath.

I would get her on hands and knees at the end of the bed, then kneel down and take my time. To put her over I would finish her off with one thumb flickering her outer clit while the first 2 fingers of my other hand were teasing her inner clit, and my tongue was buried deep in her ass. I never heard a woman scream so much. She would almost violently collapse like I sucked the life out of her. She

was an older, sophisticated English woman way out of my league. We met under the guise of me being a submissive. She said I was the best ever, and I know she was quite a woman of the world. This happened in my mid 40’s for about a year until she moved out west.

What INCREDIBLE joy it brought me to please this lovely woman. Not only did I DO IT... I did it long, I did it well, and I loved every minute of it! She gave me totally renewed hope!  Until the next one came along. Bummer!

All that said, the trouble started at a much younger age. When I was 20 I had a steadygirl whose vaginal odor was so bad it would make me gag. I know you would say “MAN UP”! The problem is… that’s exactly what I did. I forced myself to do it, and ended up vomiting. I felt so inadequate, and she felt so ashamed thinking it was her fault for forcing me to do it. We lasted another year, but in the end, I believe it had a lot to do with our break up.

I guess I wasn’t really expecting an answer. I know your knee jerk response would be to say “MAN UP”. The only solution I can think of is to shower together as foreplay making sure we’re BOTH squeaky clean, then give it another go? All I’ll say in closing is this… the first woman who joins me after 15 long years of drought is going to have every single inch of her body explored with fingers, hands, and tongue. Then I’ll start the foreplay. Now all I need is that woman! Thanks for your informative and extremely entertaining work!