The barbell

Tue, 01/31/2017 - 00:35
Submitted by Old Lady

I'd like to lay naked on the floor and spread my legs so that Betty and Carlin can have a good look at my cunt. I want them to talk about it and touch it, describing their impressions and feelings and how my pussy reacts to having two women staring at it. I want them to use their fingers to open my labia majora and describe my labia minora, how long it is, and the colors of my skin.  I want Carlin to separate my labia minora and run her fingers over my pisshole. I want Betty to kiss my clit hood, and then pull it back and expose my clit. I want them to remark about how my clitty stiffens at their touch.

I want them to masturbate me, holding me open so they can see my wetness.  I want Betty to knead my breasts and suck my nipples while Carlin lavishes her tongue on my clit. I want them to talk about me, not to me, describing everything they are doing until I cum on Carlin's mouth as she sucks my clit.  After a few organms, I want Carlin to hold my vagina open while Betty slides her barbell in and out of my slippery vagina.  I want Carlin to slide her finger into my anus while Betty barbells me to another orgasm. The thought of Carlin Ross fingering my ass made me cum while typing.

Why fantasize

martiB's picture
Sat, 05/06/2017 - 19:54

I think it is healthy and positive you are fantasizing about this and willing to share.  All I can say is, why wait for the experience.  I've always considered myself straight and I have a loving, understanding husband.  But the day I finally lightened up on myself and gave myself permission to masturbate with one of my girlfriends, it became so easy for me to embrace that as a regular thing and I have never looked back.  I hope you will do the same.

Martha B