My Sexual Beginnings: Pamela

Sun, 03/11/2007 - 00:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Betty Dodson,

I am twenty-three. I have been married and divorced once, and about to be married again. Since the age of eleven, I have been masturbating regularly and intend to continue until I'm too old to find my clit. Because you shared so much with me, I'd like to share a few of my experiences with you.

I've been a real bookworm since early childhood, so it's really no surprise that I got the idea of masturbating from reading the book Candy. I was lucky, my mother "caught me" once, and gave me a gentle talk about "those feelings" and "tension," and told me it was all right to "do it" in order to "feel relaxed." But she cautioned that doing it too often wasn't good for me. Of course, at this point, I was masturbating to orgasm two or three times a day, so when I tremulously asked her what was "too often," I was dismayed when she replied, "Not more than once a week." However, even at my tender age, I reasoned that anything that felt so damn good and caused no apparent harm couldn't be all that terrible. After a brief attempt at "cutting down," I resigned myself to indulgence. I devised several favorite methods, including using the jet of water in the bathtub, which I rationalized as "making sure I was very clean."

I was delighted to realize that many of the suggestions you mentioned were things that I had thought of over the years. At fifteen, I discovered vibrators when I found one at home and became a regular with it. And a couple of years ago, I started using a mirror to see myself masturbating. This idea sprang from a natural curiosity to see how I looked, getting aroused and having an orgasm. There was no inhibition to stand in the way.

I often use masturbation to get in touch with myself. Sometimes at work when my eyes are bugging out from typing and I feel numb and stiff, I'll go into the women's bathroom, lock myself in the furthest stall, and masturbate quickly, reaching a sharp, intense orgasm in a minute or two. I find that this jolt to my nervous system makes me feel better and more productive.

Pamela N.
Chicago, IL