My Sexual Beginnings: Ginny

Tue, 01/01/2008 - 00:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Betty,

I have been involved in masturbation for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories were around three years of age when I bathed alone. I had a bath toy rubber mouse that had a squeaker in it. I used to remove the squeaker from the mouse and fill it full of water. Then I would force the water out against my genitals ... HEAVENLY. At age four or five, I used to play "hospital" with the neighbor girls. We used to manipulate one anothers' genitals. I'm sure my mother would have had a heart attack had she known.

When I was seven one hot summer, my cousin and I stripped in my uncle's garage and participated in mutual masturbation, taking turns pouring water out of toy teapots over one another's genitals. I did all of this on the sly. My mom and dad were pretty religious, and I figured it had to be sinful.

I thought that I had made a brand-new discovery at thirteen, when I masturbated to orgasm for the first time. When I confided to a girlfriend over the phone, I told her very seriously about my discovery and that I intended to write a book on my invention when I grew up. I told her that I would probably make a million. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed to make yet another discovery by finding a detailed description of my invention in a sex manual while babysitting for the neighbors one night.

All through my early teen years I experimented with a number of "masturbation toys"-hairbrush handles (smuggled under my nightie to bed), drawer knobs (removed in the dark and replaced before morning), parts of my brother's toys, Vick's inhalers, douche-bag and enema-bag nozzles, and whatever else I could get hold of. I either "stuffed it" or rubbed it, whatever felt good.

When my mother bought a vibrator for her "tense shoulder muscles" ... (I'll bet!) ... I managed to plead "too much homework" on a few Wednesday night Prayer Meetings, so that I could have a little private sex orgy with her vibrator, and relieve a few tensions of my own. One night I set a record of forty orgasms in thirty minutes. From then until the present, I have experimented with a number of masturbation methods, only in privacy however, when my lover is gone. She and I don't share the same philosophy on the subject, but we are working on it. So much for my history.

This is the first time I have explored my autobiography of masturbation, but I felt inspired to do so as an end to a beautiful evening of self love with your book.

Ginny J.
Phoenix, AZ

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How I started off in the sex category

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 14:47
Ellie Lennon (not verified)

It all started with porn. Watching big boobs rub against huge penises. And it inspired me to see how all of that squirting comes out. My mom bought a vibrator since her back was hurting a lot and I decided to used the nozzle with spikes and I held it against my vagina and it felt like heaven. Try it!! I had non stop flowing for an hour!
Ellie Lennon