My Sexual Beginnings: ET

Sun, 07/31/2005 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

It was when I was 13 and after a Scout meeting that my sister's boy friend Quentin and I were cleaning up. He asked me if I wanted to have some fun. He told me to pull my pants down, and he did, too. Quentin was a red head, and I remember his bright red pubic hair (which today still turns me on). His cock had such a pink head and eye. I remember how large it looked. My pubic hair was just starting.

We were both uncut, and it was fun to watch Quentin stroke his cock. He let me stroke it, too. He began to masturbate me and it felt so good. I watched with fascination as Quentin began to moan while I stroked him. Suddenly some white stuff shot out of his cock.

Within moments I had the most intense orgasm as I, too, shot my first load of what Quentin told me was called cum.
Needless to say, I had discovered a new joy. For the next four years hardly a day went by that I did not masturbate four or five times a day. At school I would sometimes have to go to the boys' room and beat off I would get so horny.

What amazed me in those years was the fact that, in spite of the frequency of my jacking off, I would many times also have a wet dream. I couldn't under- stand where it all could come from.

Of course during this same time I continued to have mutual jerk off sessions with many of my other Boy Scout friends.
It was the following year that I was given my first blow job, but that's another story I'll have to write for you.

E.T., Hollywood, FL