My Sexual Beginnings: Carl

Tue, 03/14/2000 - 00:00
Submitted by Anonymous

When I was 11, that is when I remember my first real hard on because of looking at a girls' body. I am 21 now, but I'll always remember that day.

Just like almost all other kids, it happened at the recreation center pool. I was just swimming along and watching my neighbor walk by. She was something like in her twenties probably. She was wearing a bikini, and I could just barely see a couple bristles of black hair poking out of her bikini bottoms at her crotch. Of course I was at the perfect angle. I was looking up from in the water, so her breasts poked out like two Mt. Everests, it seemed to me.

I just fell in love on the spot with the female body. I don't even remember what her face looked like, all I loved was the body. Anyway, there I was holding onto the drain gutter that surrounded the inner edge all around the pool. Pressing up against the wall of the pool, I felt a little tightening of my dick. I had hard-ons before, but they weren't really much, just a little hardness and then plop, nothing more. But this time it had sprouted boldly and was staying stiff. I didn't know what to do, so I just scanned the pool and saw no one really looking at me. I just reached down into my trunks and started jerking off on the spot, all the while looking back up at my neighbor. I think she looked down, and what she saw was what made her start walking further along down the pool. I don't know because I was just staring at her crotch. As she walked away, I watched for a little bit as her bikini bottoms wrinkled just a little bit up her ass crack.

Then all of a sudden that wonderful feeling I know today as an orgasm came and went. Well, I guess it wasn't quite as strong a feeling as I started getting a little later. I don't even remember any sperm or anything spurting out, so I guess it was just an early sexual experience. Anyway, that was the day, I changed. I now knew for certain that a woman's body was the best thing made for man. And ever since then the female body has been my temple of worship.

Carl B.