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  • Manual Masturbation Giving Me Carpal Tunnel   19 weeks 6 days ago

    I think you are so enlightened to accept and embrace masturbation as much as you obviously have. You need athat and so it is important that you not allow such things to reduce your frequency and enjoyment. There are so many fine toys out there now, unlike the old days, to enable you to extend and enhance your masturbation to new heights so there is no reason to fret or slow down.

    Both a girlfriend and I, who are both such fans of Dr. Betty, have had similar problems over the years as we have increased or extended our masturbation. The thinner wand and a rabbit vibrator helped us so much and actually increased our masturbation more.

    Especially these days when we all should frankly be masturbating more, not less, a variety of vibrator is essential for any woman.

    Keep masturbating strong!


  • I Need to Practice Delaying Ejaculation. Should I Cheat or Masturbate?   19 weeks 6 days ago

    You are not alone. I totally agree about edging and also make time to masturbate regularly. But rather than just grabbing on and stroking till you cum, stroke a little, surf a little, even chat a little with a friend, then stroke a little more.  Do this over and over till your semen is just runing over and down your shaft.  Extend your stroking and mix it with a variety of other stimulation such as porn and chatting with other like-minded masturbators out there who can provide so much support and engouragement these days.

    You would be suprised how many men there are now with similar need out there masturbating any given moment in social, suportive groups, who chat with each other. Hetero men with other hetero men as well as the traditional men with women who enjoy masturbating with good conversation.

    A growing number stretch their sessions into hours a day edging so it is not just the goal of ejaculating but the journey and pleasure along the way.  When done long and often enough, it can really improve and extend your ejaculation.

    My own current boyfriend began masturbating like this years ago on my suggestion and the rewards have been great for both of us.  After about an hour of edging his cock his erection gets so tall and stiff and just starts running over with semen. From then on it's like a slow motion perpetual ejaculation for him. He sometimes regrets a full ejaculation since it all cums to and end so he liked to stretch it for hours sometimes. It has reignited his love for sexual stimulation and masturbation.

    His sexual urge and ejaculation is just so strong now and has benefited both our pleasure.  Masturbation can be so amazing when done right and with time and patience.

    Martha b

  • Am I a Lesbian or Bisexual?   19 weeks 6 days ago

    I hope you'll allow me to put in my 2 cents. Though I'm an older woman now, I'm told that's when you turn 40, I too fretted about that for years as I enjoyed relationships with many men and women. It was an artificial self-imposed pressure driving me to constantly question myself and distracted from me just relaxing and enjoying myself and my partner at the time.
    We are fortunately at a golden time in sexual history where we need not categorize ourselves as that does not add value and only restricts ourselves from our journey of self discovery we should all pursue and enjoy. 

    Like life itself, to be truely happy and satisfied, we should strive to enjoy the journey not just the destination since life itself is a journey and so the final destination aint all that appealing once we get there ;o)

    As Dr. Betty suggests, give yourself permission to date and explore as many men and women as you may find an attraction to.  Discover your pleasures and what brings you to orgasm and then focus on them, nurturing and developing your orgasm along the way. It's wonderful you are beginning your journey young. I wish I had.

    Martha B

  • The Earliest Rituals were Connected to a Woman's Monthly Bleeding   20 weeks 1 day ago

    publicly at Standing Rock, most North American Indigenous cultures are deeply rooted in following the rhythms of Mother Earth, one of them being that as women are experiencing their moon, they are literally emoting spiritual power.  For this reason if a woman is on her moon the changes their bodies feel when in the company of other women during their moon are such that it is felt by them to refrain from being near certain Aboriginal rituals or ceremonies at the time of their moon.  This is an ancestral practice, fairly universal among contemporary Native traditionals today.   

  • Can All Vaginas Handle Big Penis?   20 weeks 1 day ago

    Your Penis can grow, guys dont be put off just go and make it bigger Penis.

    OK its not an instant thing, buts it can be done for those who want to and will tell you now its a long haul, but given time a 4 can become an 8.

    Just go to, all you want to know is there, pics to look at of guys either starting or finishing there programs and reached there size, forums to read through and just chit chat in the forum called the Gym.

    Me I'm heading for 8 at the age of 69, so its not just for young guys there are guys of all ages. OK


  • Why Isn't Scarlett Johansson the "Highest Paid" Actor??   20 weeks 1 day ago

    If it work'd for the women in Aristophanes' "Lysistrata" it could for today's Hollywood starlets.  

  • My Views as Life Grows Shorter   20 weeks 1 day ago

    No one can tell it like you, Betty Anne.

  • Promoting the Women's Rights March with the Male Gender Sign   20 weeks 1 day ago

    In one sense, it can be seen as satire; yet in another sense i can see Jake E's point, as i do the same. 

  • At the Age of 87 I'm Still Having Orgasms   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Way to go Betty, you lead and the rest will follow you would love to see that lots of woman all enjoying mastuyrbation, the floor would get the shakes.


  • Is My Vagina Too Small?   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Hey S.
    My husband is a lil bigger than average. We've been together since 1998. I can tell you that my stuff is tight as hell. I have done cooch exercises since I was little,  since before I knew what they were. If you think about it,  you naturally do them. I have always liked the way they felt and it's a way to hold your bladder in. (Squeeze tight) lol. There is no such thing as too tight. You'll appreciate it if your still that way close to 40. Use Grape seed oil. It can be used as a lub and a massage oil. 

  • Hysterectomy Broke My Orgasm   20 weeks 2 days ago

    I had a complete hysterectomy about 5 years ago.  The VA did it for me. I was lucky enough to find a doctor that would finally take everything out. I had been in pain for so many years, but had no chance of ever having children. I have found that my clit only has sensitive spots on my left side. It takes me longer and longer to get off. Sadly there's times, I  give up on myself.  I  used to be able to get it done in less than 5, but not in the last few months.  The older I get, I have a feeling the worse it will get. Wish you luck.

  • Examples of Unbroken Hymens   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Oh laughs I have a horrible Hymen story. Its probably why I still have Issues with sex.
    ok here it goes. I was born with a THICK THICK THick cribriform hymen ( the one with 2 holes only mine were so tinny!). it was so strong I couldnt break it. I 1st found it in 6th grade. I joined the swim team and was having my period. I always used pads, however my coach gave me a tampon told me to pop it in and swim.
    it didnt work and she was so mad and said i was doing it wrong so I jammed it up there and well swam my heart out. after i went to pull it out and it was stuck and it hurt! part came out one side of the hole and the other stuck on the other side. oh what a mess it hurt so bad. i went home and showed my mom and balled for help and my mom finally pushed it up there and some how wiggled it free. but NO MY HYMEN DIDNT BREAK!
    I went on and there I was 15. and in love for the 1st time I dated my hidhschool boyfriend for 3 months and we started getting hot for eachother finally we decided it was time. we got so excited and started but it hurt and no blood. i pushed through the pain because i thought everyone else felt that way too. until finally i couldnt do it and we broke up. 
    i tried again with a new boyfriend that next year... and it hurt so i gave up and turned to masturbation. it hurt too. finally at 17 I told my mom it hurt to do anything. i couldnt even wear a tampon. she made me keep the hyen wouldnt help me by taking me to a dr until I was married... I wont lie I still had sex I was young and hormones made me think about it always so i did it.... FINALLY. 18 years old. I met a man and married him. I shared my story with him and he took me in and we had it removed by an OBGYN. i still think sex hurts sometimes but i ask myself is it just how I associate sex because of this?
    its a dailey struggle with sex and I see a physical therapist to help me be comfortable with my husband. Now as a mother I know If my child has this problem Ill help her fix it early and save her the pain. plus tampon use is inportant! Hello!

  • Promoting the Women's Rights March with the Male Gender Sign   20 weeks 2 days ago

    It could be that the staff at the express is much leaner than we think. I never pay to read Washington post articles as they're just links in the Google news page, ,and when my monthly free page limit runs out I google the headline to read it somewhere else. With fewer and fewer people paying, I think this kind of thing is gonna happen.

  • Hey Its Me (and my labia)   20 weeks 3 days ago

    I would love to see your labia. I love seeing beautiful pussy spread.  I want you to be proud of your seat of power, of pleasure. Love your cunt, girl.

  • Can All Vaginas Handle Big Penis?   20 weeks 3 days ago

    I have a girl and we have had countless intercourse. At first, she complained about her stomach after intercourse, but now, she only tells me baby "I am used to it now." Can any one tell the cause?

  • My Views as Life Grows Shorter   20 weeks 3 days ago

    Indeed Betty,

    Chapter 26 "Heart of my heart", The truest love of all"" of your memoir "Sex by Design" in the 2016 edition is the most beautiful, profound, intimate and moving part of your autobiography. That chapter is Literature. The best of all that you have written in diverse publication forms. That is to say, what I have read by you since 2006. 

    Oddly or more by intuition, I chose to begin reading your memoir with this chapter before beginning at the begin, and what an introduction it is of who you are throughout your described life story.
    I recognised the source of many of your teachings and views in the social and intimate interactions you have had, which was fun. Because through you and your memoir (and your other books), those many individuals teach me/us today.

    What does your memoir give me besides an amazing read? 

    Be true to yourself, recognise what life presents to you, take those offers of unique opportunities, be self-critical and self-forgiving, quote unquote "move along" when it's time, and act on your intuition at all times for wisdom, safety, and guidance. 

    I began reading your memoir in this New Year 2017 long-weekend and finished the 415 pages in a flash, that's how captivatingly fascinating, and also hot... it is. I took your designed Betty's Barbell (dildo/vaginal exercise) out of the sex drawer to use as a addition to your memoir... .

    Love you BAD,
    Clara from Amsterdam 

    If you need somebody for promotion purposes of your "Sex by Design" in NL, I am available to accomodate, right here. 

  • My Views as Life Grows Shorter   20 weeks 3 days ago

    Hurray Betty.

  • I Need to Practice Delaying Ejaculation. Should I Cheat or Masturbate?   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi I like Bety's way of doing it, that way its more fun. two naked body's in a warm room chuck in some wine get relaxed and enjoy what happens for both of you.

    But is more about our brain, it gets ahead of what you really want your body to do, and sorry there is noway back unless your wife uses the squeeze method to try and hold you back  and she needs good warning its on its way.

    Now one drastic way is good old stinging nettles, you just get a bunch of nettle heads, and work them round your gland and frenulum, it will go numb but dont worry in an hour it comes back, its a great feeling when that happens, and slowly if you can do it twice a week things will become better for you and your sex life.


  • I Feel Pressure But Not Pleasure   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Sounds like you need more lubrication and a vibrator couild be one answer.

    Try relaxing more during your masturbation and enjoy your body, dont focus on an orgasm focus on your sexual technique, and are you shaved as this heightens the feelings along with good lubrication.

    Last, finger nails trimmed and buffered up, and yes one last thing that may help is a small butt plug well lubricated, could give you that edge. OK


  • The Earliest Rituals were Connected to a Woman's Monthly Bleeding   20 weeks 5 days ago

    Indeed Betty Anne,

    I find nothing positive in having been uselessly menstruating for 37 years. I did not ever wanted to follow a DNA urge, and in order to fit in with what almost everbody is doing: procreating (and marriage).  

    Every month, since 21 there was the excruciating and inescapable belly pain, there were the depressive emotions, moods, the stress if it would disturb for eight years my academic exams on the day itself and the preparation for them, the danger of leaking through my cloths and been seen, the awful smell, the same stench I am still confronted with of women who do not take hygenic care of changing pads on time, the paleness in my face, the energy sucked out of me, no sports, the cancellations with an excuse, never knowing when it would began, taking precautions in case of everywhere I went, the costs, the holistic and regular medicines which did nothing, and the cultural shame I took over.

    In short, it limited me.
    Free at last being post-menstruating. It is not negative at all as we are told here in prosperous, modern Western Europe. I consciously transformed myself, which needs adjustments and courage, having exciting and new experiences and insights, into the individual I was meant to be.  

  • I Feel Pressure But Not Pleasure   20 weeks 5 days ago

    The letter from, K, comes with a very familiar point,
    "I've tried many things with no luck..."
    General words the writer uses telling of what she has tried, do not give impression of reliable information. Specially young people have very varying perceptions of what for example female masturbation means. 
    K, says: "I've read through your articles and tried absolutely everything I could".
    This is elusive, too.
    The feed-back from the forum could attend to the matter more accurately if the questions were more clear in what the writer means.

  • I Need to Practice Delaying Ejaculation. Should I Cheat or Masturbate?   20 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear J
    I would set some time for myself to edge and to learn how to come close and then stop. To edge for 1 hour or more. It gives a sense of knowing oneself and power. Then I would be a bit less close to her when she is too hot so that you can enjoy longer the time together.

  • Planned Parenthood is NOT Selling Baby Parts   20 weeks 6 days ago

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  • The Earliest Rituals were Connected to a Woman's Monthly Bleeding   20 weeks 6 days ago

    “Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons.”

    Actually menstrual syncronity is a myth but one most people still seem to believe- Ask any mother and daughter or sisters what tends to happen though in primative cultures is that a woman' cycle follows the moon (both 28 days).. In fact some women who live in cities can use a night light to mimic the natural moon light to and  try reset their cycles.

    Here is a link to an article on it

  • The Earliest Rituals were Connected to a Woman's Monthly Bleeding   20 weeks 6 days ago

    At the tiime I was an art student and we shared a large apartment on West 55th Street  It's where I had my first abortion as I knew I did NOT want to have childrem. Mlargeret Meade coined the term Post Menapausal Zest, when a woman is in her full power. I thought I should miss menstuation but I did not. I was very happy to become one of those women with post menapausal zest who was still sexually active with no need for birth control. What a joy.

    I agree NLH that the art is too pretty to represent Women's Power! Watching Carlin at close range go through pregnancy, birth and then dealing with a boy toddler has been witnessing a monumental effort and committment. Mothers are the bravest warriors of all. Being an artist is a piece of cake.
    I'll have cake please!