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  • Because Everyone Desires Physical Contact   26 weeks 1 day ago

    I only just now come across this when looking at the post about a 23yr old aspie female. Shows how female aspies are opposite to male aspies when it comes about getting sex. For me its about exceptance and sex is the ultimate form of this. I am now 51yrs old and never had a girlfriend and sex but plenty of agonizing heart ache like when I was at college aged 19 yrs and then in group therapy. Now its dating sites full of scammers and women who expect Mr Perfect. It make matters even worst with aspergers I now have shoulder athritis. The anti depressants cause a condition where I get reduced sensation which has gradually come on in the last 6yrs although ive been on them for nearly 20yrs. I have to keep on them because the depression will get really bad. Beening innvisible to women has added to my depression. I am in a no win situation.

  • How Do I Have a Happy Sex Life When I Get Depressed?   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Like Betty has said, Meditation is your way out and a great way to overcome depression, just google depression and meditation, and if you scroll down you see even the Mayo clinic top rates meditation for depression and a few top doctors, but your find lots of help on there.

    But for extra help just find a local group who will be pleased to help you get started, and meditation apart from starting your day with it, can be done at anytime during the day.OK

    Do hope you find the help you want for a better sex life either by yourself or with a partner.


  • Has Humping Furniture Damaged My Clitoris?   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Please take a look through this link, and your see just how womens vaginers change in size, shape and one side being so different from the other. OK

    So your ok and very lovable. OK


  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   26 weeks 2 days ago

    I really don't understand this. I have three children, and if ejaculate didn't contain viable sperm I wouldn't have. After my first two I had a vasectomy, but later when my marriage failed and I remarried, my new partner wanted a child, so I had it reversed. Later I hada vasectomy again. I take it from the fact that you had one too that we agree it is the proper way to assume responsibility. So, I think nature has got things about right, with a little surgical help.

  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   26 weeks 3 days ago

    It is a crock that that ejaculate fluid has to contain sperm. I`m a 75 year old male and I have been  shooting blanks since 1970 when I had a vascetomy.

  • Wife Feels It Takes Me Too Long to Ejaculate   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for this response. Ive been having this exact problem with my husband and reading this helping me to explain some of what i was having trouble articulating. He believes size is all that matters and puts no effort in understanding how female arousal works.  Then calls a lack of arousal and desire to eventually end something that cannot go anywhere laziness. You hit it all right on the head.[/size]

  • Desire & Arousal are Two Very Different Experiences   26 weeks 6 days ago

    Men say " a man should never waste an erection' , wel I do the same even I' m a woman. When I have desire I convert it in arousal and masturbate, no matter where I am, I'll always find a place to come

  • Kenyan Girls Refuse to "Be Cut" Choose Education Over Marriage   27 weeks 16 hours ago

    A baby boy is not "lucky" to have his foreskin sliced off, as one writer suggested. Genital mutilation, female or male, is a barbaric assault on the powerless.

  • Kenyan Girls Refuse to "Be Cut" Choose Education Over Marriage   27 weeks 1 day ago

    People all over the world have different cultural and religious practices that look odd, ridiculous or evil to others. FGM is one such practice that is almost universally condemned. As mentioned by the professional essay experts, FGM as practiced in most African cultures was a graduation into womanhood. It had nothing to do with the sexual aspect of it. Men went through the same, but are lucky because they cut the foreskin. Other world cultures hunt lions, have bar mitzvah, bat mitvah, quinceanera, sweet sixteen or hazing. The main idea being a graduation ritual into womanhood or manhood.  In Kenya there is a major effort to replace these graduation rituals with other safer practices. There are now Maasai olympics instead of lion hunting and I believe some parts of Pokot have also started some new paractices that dont involve FGM. And yeah, it is horendous but prosecution does not help either. Most have no idea there is a law against what they are doing. To help change the practice, help those that educate these communities and help to educate the girls.

  • Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop Part I   27 weeks 2 days ago

    Betty, your words are powerful with love and strength. These women give light to the beauty of being a woman. 

  • How Do I Feminize My Son?   27 weeks 3 days ago

    I understand you are trying to do what is best for your son but have you ever heard of this thing called free will, its what many people (including feminists) believe in. If your son wants to be a son then let him be until he grows up and decides otherwise, do you really post this crap about how they have better smells, can relate to girls, and have less aggression. First of all women are crazy, there have been so many murder and assault charges against women. You need to let your son decide how he wants to grow up. And another thing is there will be so much bullying if he is this way, and I'm a mature teen so I would know how it goes in school. He could be pushed to suicide event though you teach him everyday to not care what others think. Feminism means the equal rights of men and women, but in the 21st century it is wave butt hurt women who somehow believe their treated like dirt and don't get equal pay even though that is bull. The wage gap is absolutely fake, so don't say anything. Men would also gladly treat women fairly if they would actually get a construction job, but no your just complaining even though you won't actually do anything. The job of a man is to take care of the family and be the person who supports the women, and actually is the base of the operation. That has been the basis of a successful family until you feminists mess everything up and say you can do this and you need to quit everything just for my selfish dreams. So to answer your question the requirement of masculinity is still relevant. I hope and pray that you don't subject your child to this basically punishment that you have considered.

  • I Can Only Masturbate to Orgasm Face Down on My Stomach   27 weeks 3 days ago

    Lie on the floor on your stomach and have him lie on top of you and enter you from behind. Make sure he supports some of his body weight on his forearms otherwise he will be too heavy on you and you wont be able to breath. Cup your hands underneath you, with one on top of the other and apply downward pressure on your external vulva right where the base of your clit starts, and you will have your orgasm!! The pressure that you indirectly apply on this area of your clit coupled with his penis rubbing your external clit will bring you to a throbbing orgasm! I have my husband either lightly bite,or suck on my neck or I telll him to "talk to me" as i rub as its such a turn on for both of us.

  • I Can Only Masturbate to Orgasm Face Down on My Stomach   27 weeks 3 days ago

    YOU  ARE NORMAL!! I do know however the more frequently I masturbate, it does seem to take a little while longer to get off. Leave a few days inbetween and it might help. Since age 9 I have masturbated the SAME WAY that you do. Ive even pressed my clit against hard objects, like the kitchen counter, table and the desk in my office. But mainly its this way....I lie on my stomach on the floor with my hands one on top of the other, cupped over my vulva and clit. The heel of one hand is applying downward pressure against the upper area of my vulva, where the base of my clit is starting. Ive learned over the years if I flick the outside clit with a finger from my other hand at the same time as applying pressure,  it brings on an orgasm much faster than pressure alone. Try using a vibrator by just letting it stay all the way inside you as you press, and you will be in heaven! I have never been able to get off either during sex just like you. But if during real sex you do the same thing as you do when you mastrubate, you will orgasm, trust me. I did it all the time with my boyfriend now husband. He was so turned on by hearing me moan so loudly as I came, that he always cums in unison with me, or shortly thereafter. If you have a partner, teach them to lay directly on top of you as you lay on the floor with their stomach against your back. But tell them to support some of their own bodyweight on their forearms or else their weight will be too much and you cant breath!  Have them enter into your vagina from behind and enjoy feeling the penis move in and out of you. As your partner is getting you from behind, you go to work pressing on your external vulva, like I explained above. Within a few minutes your clit will be throbbing and your vaginal muscles will be contracting and the feeling is utterly amazing. As you cum, if you press on your clit  indirectly from the side through your external pussy lips, you should intesify the feeling of your throbbing clit. Let me know how it goes!!

  • When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!   27 weeks 3 days ago

    My colon specialist told me to take anti-diarrhea medication for my issue. Ive had problems for years since delivering my daughter. It help even when I only have a slight problem. I take only one pill though. I only need enough to firm my stool a bit.

  • I Can Only Masturbate to Orgasm Face Down on My Stomach   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Worried,
    Everything is perfectly normal. There is nothing you can harm by masturbation. Our anatomy is such that if nothing can happen with your own juices. You have very tight and closed cervix and juices under normal gravitational force cannot harm you in anyway.
    Happy orgasming and have fun

  • How Do I Have a Happy Sex Life When I Get Depressed?   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear J, You are right, research shows that nowadays people are less happy and having less sex. And yes, there are a lot of factors affecting this dynamic but let's look at depression and mood. I am not promoting a 'one size fits all' approach to depression; however, a common problem lies in our self-talk, our inner dialogue, the way we narrate our lives which ends up being self-deprecating, self-limiting, basically an endless litany of 'I'm bad'-'Yes you are'-I'm no good' etc. In other words, we put ourselves down and find ways to confirm this ultimately landing ourselves in a rut of depression and in many cases a trip to the pharmacy for meds.
    Betty offers some good advice in terms of natural ways to counter depression. Working with a therapist can be very helpful especially if the therapy is effectively dealing with the issues behind a depressed state of mind. You mention that your therapy is dealing with other topics of your life not necessarily related to your sexual health; however, my belief is that anything affecting our state of mind will have a profound impact on our sexual practice and health. Money, self-image, career, family, relationship issues can easily throw our libido out of whack. By resolving these issues we can regain emotional balance, self-love, and joy of life.
    Being thankful is a powerful means for lifting us out of a depressed state. Having lived overseas and survived through some severe disasters(dengue fever, major earthquake, violent revolution, assault) I make sure I give thanks every day for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 
    I'd like to recommend a couple of books to you with a powerful quote from each one:
    Stephen Covey-The 7 habits of highly successful people: "base your life on your decisions not your conditions"
    Jane Roberts-The Nature of Personal Reality: "your beliefs are the architects of your experiences"
    Be well,

  • How Do I Have a Happy Sex Life When I Get Depressed?   27 weeks 5 days ago

    I have chronic depression and anxiety and smoking weed does wonders to my mood. It has worked better than any other anti depressant I ever tried, and I am never going back to taking those pills ever again! But do what feels right to you.
    And as Betty said, orgasms are a great antidote for depression.

  • New BF Wants Me to Squirt   28 weeks 1 day ago

    Guys, my opinion is that you are discussing some obvious things. First of all, take into consideration that this is all biology only. It's no point liking it or hating.
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  • If Men Lived in a Woman's World   28 weeks 1 day ago

    Gender roles were created centuries ago and we all were made believe that women cannot live like men. There may be limitations to what women can do since they are not physically strong as men but that doesn’t stop them doing what they want to do. louvre museum private tours

  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   28 weeks 4 days ago

    Amen. This is my preferred method of birth control. I use a similar but free app called Kindara. It's one of the most empowering things I've ever done as a women. I know for a fact when I am and am not fertile, and when it's safe to have unprotected sex. I'm not poisoning my body with hormones but respecting my Devine femininity. I am a women, and I work with and understand my womanly fertility.

  • Hey Its Me (and my labia)   28 weeks 5 days ago

          I cannot understand how society has frowned upon the female genitalia. I tell my wife all the time her pussy is beatutiful. I love the the different shapes sizes. Yes big lips and clitorises are sexy to me. Whenever we watch an adult film my wife asks me if I like the way that person pussy looks. And my response is can you not tell by the precum dripping from me? Do not be ashamed of your pussy. Let that flower bloom. For every person that made you feel ashamed of your beauty, there are ten more that are amazed by such. I am stroking my hard chocolate dick now fantasizing about indulging from the nectar coming from your flower. The taste, the smell.............. 

  • As I Age, Wrinkle, Sag & Grow a Bigger Belly, I Refuse to be Invisible   28 weeks 5 days ago

              And no trust me all is not lost. There are still real people out there. I am a little of an exhibitionists/voyuer. If you are ever curious let me know. And I will show how well appreciated your curves are when I engage in my fantasies.

  • Is It Wrong to Fantasize About My Girlfriend Being with Another Guy?   28 weeks 5 days ago

    Well i have told my wife aboiut my fantasy of wanting to see her with another guy, what is differnt for me is that whenever i have this fantasy of her, its always with a white guy, my wife is an ebony and i just dont get turned on with the thought of her and a black guy, having said that if she were to say that, that would turn her on then my thoughts change- 
    often the thought is of an old white guy , or of a 30 somthing guy, its the thought of us doing this together which is the big turn on, we have discussed it on many occasions, but in all honesty the kinkyness in our sexlife is good , but led by my wife ,as often i go from 0-60 to quick and need her to take the lead but let me have control.

  • As I Age, Wrinkle, Sag & Grow a Bigger Belly, I Refuse to be Invisible   28 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear DarkReign, Thank you so much for your support and appreciation! I don't mind at all how my body makes you feel erotic. I have heard this more often than I thought I would and it makes me happy that people, especially men like real bodies. All is not lost!

  • What Can I Say When Criticized for Casual Sex & Multiple Partners?   28 weeks 6 days ago

    There are those like me at the opposite end of the spectrum, a male with aspergers who never gets the chance to sleep with one women let alone lots. I've decided that when my parents arent around and i'm on my own to commit suicide.