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  • what kind of porn do you like?   17 weeks 5 days ago

    I love seeing women with small breasts naked.  I love porn with menand boys sucking on small breasts with puffy nipples. 

    I also love to see a naked women bent over a table or couch so that her ass and pussy are visible. The hottest scenes have  woman in the above position getting her pussy and ass licked by another woman, and then the woman who did the licking opens the bent over pussy and holds it open while inserting a man's cock into the vagina with her other hand. It really turns me on to see a woman getting used by another couple.  

  • Almost 50 & Preorgasmic   17 weeks 6 days ago

    Hello L
    Please take Dr Betty's advice. I was angry with my body for a long time blaming it for not working when my body was not the problem my mind. Put on the soft lights, look at yourself and I will garuntee you will see something you like. If you can't bear to be totally naked the first time, do what I did and put on some underwear you like. Your body is amazing and it can make you feel amazing- just love it and it will happen. I nearly always masturbate in front of a mirror now - nothing like it.

  • Almost 50 & Preorgasmic   17 weeks 6 days ago

    Please be very, very kind to yourself. 
    I was 63 when I first had an at 65 I have full bodied...mind blowing ones!!
    But it has taken time and patience. First I saw a sex therapist and so slowly started to understand my body. So many repressions about masturbation and just sex in general...I still stuggle to relax with myself and enjoy my body.
    I have a wonderful lover who has ED and just wants to satisfy me and my arse is starting to play an important part in our love-making...thats where the mind-blowing orgasms start
    Please dont give up....I never thought I would or could orgasm...just remember they start very slowly.....just a feeling of a wave of pleasure...the earth wont move.
    You aren't sexually crippled, you are just sleeping and I hope you can awaken yourself
    Take care

  • All Women Should be Acknowledged & Supported by Feminism   17 weeks 6 days ago

     since I've been doing it since 1970. But I'm with everyone in spirit out on the street here in NY and in Washington. Yes, this president is not the people's choice but he sure is mobilizing us to speak out like never before. I thank him for that. It's looking to be an interesting time in politics. Just wait until we mach for women's equal orgasms in partner sex. That's going to get me out in the street just one more time.

  • If Men Lived in a Woman's World   17 weeks 6 days ago

    This blog talks about a movie which is based on gender issues. It is a topic with great improtance and it is one of the highly discussed topics. Buy research proposal and get more information about the topic discussed in this movie. 

  • Rape Culture Starts with School Dress Codes   17 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm not at all clear about what you mean in your comment "Everyone knows how uncontrolled teenagers can be" Are you really talking about all teenagers or just the male ones? Having two teenage daughters, I don't really recognise your description of them as uncontrolled at all but to be honest it doesn't seem to apply to the sons of my friends either. The young people I know are all perhaps a little idealistic, occasionally self-righteous, but generally respectful of themselves and others. They obviously are new to the world and keen to explore and experiment, but that's not the same as being out of control. It's a parent's job to provide a safe space for their kids to grow, not to box them in or limit them.

    When you say you want "kids to become self-consistent" what does that mean? Consistency is a trait I've worried about as a parent, rather than one to worry about in my children. I've tried to raise my girls to value themselves and the people around them, to be empathetic, to be sensitive to the people around them and robust enough to demand the same treatment from others. If anything, it's the double standards around them that infuriate them most of all, the lack of consistency in the world that they struggle to accept, especially when it comes to discrimination and double-standards. 

  • Breastfeeding in Public is Beautiful   17 weeks 6 days ago

    Fine with me that women want to breastfeed in public.  I love seeing them pull out their breasts in public places and putting the nipple into their child's mouth. I wanna look at your tits, girls, and while some women are discreet, a lot of women like showing off their titties in public. You can tell which are which, because the women who are merely feeding pick up the edge of their shirt, scoot their bra up and latch on the baby with almost no exposure. The titty exhibs pull the shirt way up or open it down the front, pull the bra all the way up so their curved breast and full nipple--usually hard--is exposed. They are slow about putting the baby on, and rarely use a cover. The exhibs look around to see who is looking at them. When they take the baby off, they let the tit hang, enormous swollen nipple exposed again while then do some bogus baby juggling, putting the baby to their opposite shoulder or handing it to the father to burp.  I've watched their nipple pucker and stiffen as it hangs in the air, because they know we are looking. Finally, they put it away, a little satisfied grin on their faces. 

    I always want to go over and whisper, "Can we see your cunt, too?".  

  • He Wants Me to Lick His Ass But Won't Eat Me Out   18 weeks 1 day ago

    I agree that this male sounds selfish by description. The fact that he wasn't willing to try and learn how to perform better makes that clear. I'm a man and I get my greatest pleasure out of being the best lover my partner has ever had....I ask questions and consistently improve on whatever needs work. I don't know about males in general not being able to deliver....I think it's a matter of character myself. My girl and I equally try to outdo each other in pleasing the other....that's how it should be. I wanted to bring up some other points of this issue concerning this guy not coming orally or from penetration. I have the experience on a few occasions where the woman kept moving around too much or out of the ideal stimulating orgasmic position. The oral could be an issue coming from technique...some men like fast...some slow, etc. But no matter what....getting your balls licked while you stroke yourself to orgasm is heavenly! Even if you have awesome penetrating and oral's just another great way to climax. He wasn't communicating so you won't know what the exact is was. These are some practical possibilities that may be helpful in the future. 

  • Notes of a Recovering Squirter   18 weeks 1 day ago

    It appears that Betty may have some issues with men....hmmmmm. My woman squirted on her own and loves the intensity as well as when I equally stimulate her clitoris to's whatever turns the individual on....I think that's the most intelligent approach to this whole discussion.

  • When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!   18 weeks 1 day ago

    I'm a man and I've had this happen with my woman. She had never had multiple orgasms or squirted in rivers, without the assistance of digits, before me. The night before last she squeezed out a milkdud from nowhere...she had used the bathroom before we had sex. I think this can just be a normal occurrence, given  that there are no known pre-existing medical conditions. She is coming soooo intensely that her contractions sometimes hurt me! Besides...I am honored that I'm able to bring that much pleasure and intensity...makes me feel super manly! Real men don't care about a lil poop that washes off with soap and water....has anyone ever changed a diaper? For me it's more important that my girl is thoroughly satisfied....she can poop all that she wants! I love her.

  • Sexualizing the Mother Child Bond   18 weeks 1 day ago


  • Sexualizing the Mother Child Bond   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Well, some people just giggle and do nothing. Others express their attitude in comments. I have found at least 6 articles on different reviews that prove breastfeeding at the older age is really negative for the child's health and psyche.
    Some mothers create channels on Youtube to show how they feed their children and are accused of incest.

  • Rape Culture Starts with School Dress Codes   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Strongly disagree with you, jess!

  • I've Been Told I Have Nymphomaniac Disorder   18 weeks 1 day ago

    That's a strange tip. I don't believe the problem can be solved this. This piece of advice could be givenby some teenager but not a doctor. I believe the problem is much graver and you should consult a real doctor.
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  • First Orgasm at 33 with Hitachi. How Can I Orgasm with My Hands?   18 weeks 1 day ago

    I have the same issue, and didn't orgasm until I was 36. The wand changed my life. I too wanted to orgasm without a vibrator for a long time, and then I just began to accept it and really try to tap into my fantasies, being open about whatever came into my mind. I still need a vibrator, but orgasms come a lot quicker now (I'm 43 and more sexual than ever). I find that using a vibrator first is great and makes the sexual experience a lot more enjoyable. Most of all, be kind and understanding to yourself. And don't believe the hype about easy orgasms. I like to think that mine are harder to come by, but more intense.

  • Marking Martin Luther King Day   18 weeks 2 days ago

    This is beautiful Carlin. I for one accept your appology.

  • Beautiful Reproductive Drawings   18 weeks 2 days ago

    Very deep and psychological painting. For my project on Biology I will apply that painting. I have already collected all necessary material, now I will only wait to have my project arranged at That picure perfectly fits my information.

  • My Views as Life Grows Shorter   18 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks Betty for this wonderful post. Your knowledge and teaching from Carlin has been crucial in my sexual development and I am going to be eternally grateful. I'd like to thank you in person though (and buy your memoir, which I've been looking forwards to for a long time!) so please decide on the times for the next Bodysex workshops soon!!

  • Will Masturbating Face Down Ruin Partner Sex?   18 weeks 3 days ago

    An ex, once she felt comfortable in our relationship, told me she wanted to show me how she had masturbated from the time she was a little girl. On her stomach, with her hand between her legs and a finger on her clit. As she was showing me she asked (begged?) me to get on top of her and replace her hand with mine. With the thunderous orgasm that followed she felt very proud of having turned masturbation into partner sex. It didn't seem to matter how many orgasms I gave her, she frequently wanted one more in her original little girl style. It was sexy as hell, both for the show that it was and for her being willing to be the vulnerable little girl again.
    Incorporate your masturbation style into partner sex, even if it's only putting on a show for him. We all have a little exhibitionist in us, and good sex should be shared.

  • Women ARE Visually Stimulated!   18 weeks 4 days ago

    YES FINALLY YES WE ARE 100% VISUALLY STIMULATED.. SOCIETY LIES ... Yes men in visually stimulated by seeing MEN!!! many times a day...

  • Will the Hitachi Desensitize My Clit?   19 weeks 7 hours ago

    Noone ever told me how to or how not to use a vibrator. I pushed it against  my clit and had completely  loss of sensation. (I evenpulled the huud back and tried finding a feeling but i got nothing, not even pain ) It's been 4 months now and I  still trying to find answeres to if I will ever heal.
    I fear I used it to much and created scar tissue? I saw something about that on google.
    I used it almost every day prior so I  afraid the damage is permanent  and I will never have an orgasms again. I'm so frustrated with myself for doing it then finding out here that I did it all wrong. I've seen an obgyn, general  doctors, urologists aND still got nothing. I feel so hopeless.

  • Golden Globes Made Me Proud to be a Woman   19 weeks 11 hours ago

    A president-in-waiting that takes you from golden globes to golden showers in just a couple of days. Who knew evangelical America could be so open minded?

  • When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!   19 weeks 1 day ago

    I also have bowel incontinence and the dr suggested this electronic device too. I have yet to poop during a vaginal orgasm but have a few times with anal. Just when it feels so good and I'm relaxed and starting to climax, the poop comes out. Would love to know if you do get this implant and what you think. Thanks and good luck

  • I Need to Practice Delaying Ejaculation. Should I Cheat or Masturbate?   19 weeks 2 days ago

    how wonderfull that you care so much for your partner , i have looked for almost a life time for a person who would care for me like that x

  • Is It Wrong to Fantasize About My Girlfriend Being with Another Guy?   19 weeks 3 days ago

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