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  • Is It Legal to Sell Used, Unwashed Panties & Ship Them in the Mail?   21 weeks 1 day ago

    Of course this is legal! Stop scaremongoring in the comments. I've started doing it and think many others should. So much so I share free advice here:

  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   21 weeks 1 day ago

    sounds like something can an app be more affective than a pill??if you miscalculate something, you are done for..that's why taking a pill is a better and secure way..
    L Martin,
    do my hw service expert

  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   21 weeks 1 day ago

    But this is something the Catholics have been doing for years its called the rythem method all by just taking your temperaiture each morning and the other thing is a calender to write it down on, when it goes up then no sex, all so easy and no posh phone needed.

    How simple.


  • As I Age, Wrinkle, Sag & Grow a Bigger Belly, I Refuse to be Invisible   21 weeks 2 days ago

         Rebekah, There is something refreshing and very erotic in what you wrote. All to often in today's society we are surrounded by such woefully manufactured views of how women should be, it is no wonder women have issues about body image. As a black male I applaud you and must state your confidence and omg that picture has me aroused to the point of dripping precum. Sorry if I am being too graphic. Needless to say I need to engage in a little fantasy and self-pleaure. 

  • Hi everybody   21 weeks 2 days ago

        To expand my erotic horizons.

  • I Sometimes Experience Bad Cramps in My Lower Tummy After Sex   21 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi Betty This is an answer, and it could be whats giving her the pains shes getting, its called a stuck orgasm, so to my answer.

    just been doing an answer on yes a stuck orgasm, doing a bit more research found this out, a stuck orgasm comes from not being relaxed, if your relaxed, it lets any orgasm or multi orgasms flow away through your body, that's why its best to just lie back and enjoy the moment.

    Does this help?


  • What Can I Say When Criticized for Casual Sex & Multiple Partners?   21 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi If its a guy doing that they would call him a stud if a women does it she tagged a slut, for me your just a studess, if it makes you happy and your enjoying your sex life than take no notice of these sick people. OK


  • Best Sign From Polish Abortion Protest   21 weeks 2 days ago

    Abortion is indeed a very contoversial issue. A lot has been written about it, and if you need a research on the topic, try reaching out to the professional writers.

  • Loving This Picture of Vicky Balch   21 weeks 3 days ago


  • Thinking of Labiaplasty for My Large Dark Labia   21 weeks 3 days ago

    Most sexually aware and sophisticated men would love a big mouthful of beautiful labia!

  • you decide.... circumcised or uncircumcised?   21 weeks 3 days ago

    I was circumcised as an adult so know the before and after. I couldn't imagine why any adult male would choose circumcision. However, I discovered that many actually choose to be circumcised. What shocked me to the core was that it appeared be mainly driven by women! Couldn't believe it...
    The reasons appeared to be three-fold.
    1. Cleanliness and appearance with foreskin
    2. Appearance of the circumcised penis
    3. How do I put this? A number of women seemed happy that the circumcision effectively reduced the penis to a human dildo. The actual removal of ALL of the sensitive bits (for examply, the frenulum, my best friend) was the whole point!. The importance of THAT, it would appear, was to actively decrease the pleasure felt, in order for the guy to last longer.
    Check for yourself. Look for "circumcision" and "tumblr". 
    Mind boggling, at least to me
    Interested to see any feedback

  • At the Age of 87 I'm Still Having Orgasms   21 weeks 4 days ago

    dear dr. dodson

    reading your articles i could experience orgasm by stimulating my own clitoris ,i am 55 and never experienced orgasm with my spouse , he comes in 3 minutes ,and doesn't use much foreplay , or oral sex. so i don't have much time to masturbate during partner sex . and i begin to masturbate or use massagor after he fells asleep . he says i am cold and many women come in only 3 minutes so for many years i felt i was sick and didn't ask for sex much .  on the other hand i have had contraceptive pills for many years. i have 3 girls and these days i feel i want more sex although i don't orgasm with him . unfortunately i can not find a dildo in my country iran .  it is not legal but i use massagor on my clit and i come in 3 minutes by clit not vaginally . could you please advise what more i can do. i have started kegel excercises as well. 

  • The Absence of Pleasure Leads to Systemic Violence   21 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm heartbroken to hear this Carlin. You and Betty were instrumental in setting me on a path to being content and confident with my sexuality in my late 40s for the first time in my life. Having a lifetime of self-judgement and judgement of others lifted from me has meant the world to me. I hope you're not forced to step away by the current horrible climate. All the very best from me.

  • Feminism at the Superbowl   21 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   21 weeks 5 days ago

    There are plenty of apps that help you monitor your fertility and ask you to enter your temperature each morning. The difference? Those can be downloaded for free or $3.99 max and Natural Cycles costs $80/year. What's with the annual service fee? The app runs on algorithms, just like any normal calendar or FAM app. I suspect they set the price point to what women pay for birth control.
    [= 12.8px]I'm glad it's making news so that women can become more in tune with their bodies and enjoy a hormone-free, side effect-free option, but the subscription payment structure is such a turn-off.[/]

  • I'm Wet, Trembling & Breathing Hard But No Orgasm?   21 weeks 5 days ago

    So this is very embarrassing but I'd really love to get options, suggestions, help. I am 20 and I experience what I think was a orgasm almost two or three years ago which was just I got really wet I don't really know how it felt but I just can't now and I hate it I want to so bad I don't really masterbait a lot never really I'm just not horny until I'm with my significant and it's not like he doesn't pleasure me or do what ever I want because he does and it's not like his cocks to small I get really wet everytime and enjoy it and I actually try to organism I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'll occasionally try and watch porn and try to find my self and I'll et wet and then just stop and I'll get alittle wet and when I do I just stop I'll lose any interest in it I don't know what im doing wrong it actually pissed me off. I've read a couple articles briefly like maybe it's because I'm so tiny down there like my clit and and vagina is so tight even if we just had sex like ten minutes later if we go again it's still really tight I'm not sure but if anyone has any advice itd be highly appreciated

  • When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!   21 weeks 5 days ago

    Phew I am so happy to read these other posts on this subject
    To the degree I am going to talk to my new male friend about this because I have been so embarrassed it's stopped an orgasm
    Never happened before

  • Need Help Explaining to BF How to Touch My Clitoris?   21 weeks 5 days ago

    I know it can be tricky to tell menn what to do (they are kinda thick in theirs skull sometime there). But maybe just tell him openly if he can stimuly longer on your clit, and that it would make you very happy if he did.
    If not that working, bring a vibrator and do it yourself. Guys don't always know that much about how to do these things, even the ones who have had sex for decades even. So either a person have to teach or take matters into own hands.

  • When I Orgasm, I Poop A Little!   21 weeks 5 days ago

    When my wife orgasms she would bear down, I guess it intensifies her feeling. I also notice when she orgasms during oral sex her anus pulses pretty intensely. As time went on, I found I could make her orgasms more intense when I pressed my thumb on her anus or inserted a finger in her butt during oral sex. This would make her bear down more and sometimes she would fart or start to pass a little poop(turtle head)! I know it really embarrassed her, but I could tell how this ass play was so arousing for her. One time while we were having sex, I had my finger in her vagina and I could feel through her vagina she had a big, hard turd in her rectum. I started pushing down on her back wall of her vagina. This slowly started pushing the poop out of her ass. When an inch or two passed out of her butt, she exploded in orgasm. All the while I used my thumb to resist her from passing all the poop. Afterwards she pooped. I told her if she likes that feeling of pooping during orgasm, it's okay. We just keep some towels in a dresser by the bed and lay them under her hips during sex. She is more comfortable now with her funny orgasms. She likes it so much and that I'm so understanding that she holds it in all day until we have sex. What we do know is have inter course and she's learned to control her bowels to poop just as her orgasm is starting.

  • Need Help Explaining to BF How to Touch My Clitoris?   21 weeks 6 days ago

    She's asking how to communicate how she likes her clit touched, and your advice is essentially, don't even bother; just take charge of it yourself? That doesn't seem very helpful. 

  • The Absence of Pleasure Leads to Systemic Violence   21 weeks 6 days ago

    Dearest Carlin
    I do not often comment... but i really want to tell you how sorry I am that you have to go through this. I hope you can teach the people from ASC some valuable lessons about a healthy development of sexuality. The states are really crazy with their fear of sex. I am from Switzerland and while not everything is rosy here, we defenetily are more relaxed about sex, nakedness and parenting.
    I really like to thank you for your amazing work togehter with Betty, which is still transforming my life and the life of my friends.
    Trough this site I get the feeling of knowing you, and I look at you as a very strong worrier women. Therfore I know you have the strenght and will power to protect your family!

    Lots of love and support from Switzerland!

  • I Got in My Bathtub & Turned the Facet on Full Blast, Slipped My Clit Under the Stream & Waited   22 weeks 1 day ago

    If you send your post directly to Betty Dodson (just cut and paste) into the Ask Dr Betty section, I'm sure she'd respond.

    Your partner might find it useful to try using a (waterproof) vibrator in the bath tub rather than the flow of water. Once she can orgasm with her vibrator lying in the water, she could try practicing with the vibrator lying all warm in her bed. Once she's happy with her solo orgasms in bed, she might want to think about inviting you into bed to watch and share...

  • Why Women Think They Can't Orgasm   22 weeks 2 days ago

    I am beyond words at how unbelievably happy I am I came across this post from a google search. I'm a 23 year old female, who has always felt like she couldn't have an orgasm. I was always the girl that none of the guys liked so when I was in college, I was so lonely, horny, and desparte I started sleeping with random guys just hoping one of them would know how to pleasure me. Theres been a lot of guys(something I'm not proud of, not because its wrong to have a lot of partners, but because I was doing for all the wrong reasons and wasn't being safe) and NONE of them really know/understand the kind of stimulation and expericence a girl needs. I have always blamed the internet and lack of sex ed for my generations guys not knowing what theyre doing when it comes to sex(serioulsy I can only tell a guy so many times that just because the chick in the porn videos you watch can bend that way, doesn't mean every girl can). 
    I'm rambling sorry. My point I was trying to make was, I never took the time, even when maturbating, to just enjoy the good feelings. If I start feeling really good my focus immediatetly goes to "omg am i gonna have an orgasm how?!) and I never feel like I do. I l always attributed it to the fact that I have depression and anxiety and have never learned how to just turn my brain off and relax, mixed with any medication I was taking (my dr though says the medication I'm on shouldn't have that side effect?

    It was really nice to just read this and know that I'm not alone. I take so much comformt knowing that other girls are experiencing the same things and that means theres nothing wrong with me. I always felt like I wasn't going to be good enough for the right man one day if i couldn't have an orgasm. I thought I was just differernt than everyone else. I am so happy to know i'm not alone. 

    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but I just had to express my feelings and gratitude for your post! 

  • Nudity with Strangers Makes You Happy   22 weeks 2 days ago

    It is so true if you only give it a chance. Too many women are still too self-concious and unable to give themselves permission to loosten up and explore.  However, the experience of being nude and exploring yourself in a group of non-judgemental, supportive strangers, even a small group, hs meant so much to me and I know many other women like myself.
    It breaks down all those preconceieved notions we hold that limit us from achiving the sexual and orgasmic capacity within us that is forever longing to express itself and lift us up.
    I've read that women who have allowed themselves these experiences, who are comfortable with themselves enough to be naked and masturbate with other supportive women, tend to be far more orgasmic and sexually satisfied down the road. Many actually go on to enjoy a highly orgasmic centered lifetyle and help other women toward the same.
    I, for one, am one of those women and proud of it!  Actually, nothing makes my husband more happy either than my orgasmic lifestyle either.  He's so understanding.

  • Learn a New Orgasm: How to Upgrade Your Masturbation Technique   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Wow.  I never considered prostate massage but will definately try that now.
    Yes, I've read that 3 ejaculations a week is the absolute minimum for prostate health and overall sexual health as well.  However, the average guy these days exceeds that by far but it can certainly be a challange for older men or men with health conditions to maintain a healthy ejaculatory frequency. 
    I've read that most healthy men should actually strive for more than that if they seek improvement over just sustaining themselves and most do from the combination of sex and masturbation they enjoy.
    Prostate stimulation and eStimulation can enable an average, healthy man to sustain a lifestyle of several ejaculations a day which, to be honest, we all dream of whether we admit that or not. So it's no wonder that has become more popular. I'm looking forward to it.